Friday, September 29, 2006

Sheriff: Suspect Shot Dead

LAKELAND - The suspect in the killing of one Polk County deputy sheriff and wounding of another died with his hand on a pistol - believed to be a .45-caliber snatched from the fallen officer.
Sheriff Grady Judd said. the suspect was shot numerous times by SWAT team members who found him hiding in a hollowed-out area under a fallen oak tree.
When officers commanded him to show his hands, he only showed one hand and the officers opened fire, Judd said. After the shooting ended, officers found a pistol in the suspect’s hand believed to be that of slain K-9 Deputy Matt Williams.
“God will be the judge and jury this time,” Judd said.

God Bless Deputy Williams and his family. Job well done Sheriff!


Anonymous said...

Thank God that bastard will never harm another officer again....taxpayers have been spared an enormous burden as well.
Those kinds of incidents should all end that way!

Anonymous said...

Good riddance, bastard.

Anonymous said...

You can bet your ass his momma is gonna trot out the picture of him smiling, wearing a baseball uniform or some other sh*t.... Then, tearfully head on down to the local Courthouse and file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Let's hope the Florida police department involved doesn't cave in like ours and pay this shitbird's family a nickel!

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