Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Does anybody in Daley's staff ever prepare him for a press conference?
When asked about the time it took for a breathalyzer to be administered to an off-duty officer accused in a fatal hit and run, Daley responded:
Asked if officer Richard Bolling got favored treatment from fellow officers after his arrest, Daley said, "I hope not. I know the [police] superintendent will be looking into that as quickly as possible."

Reminded that the delayed test showed a blood alcohol level of .79, which is just below the legal limit, Daley said, "It would raise a question, yes. . . . They will have to investigate it. Definitely."

All he had to say was that he wasn't familiar with DUI arrestee processing and referred further questions to the superintendent. But no!!!! He continues on speaking without thinking and blurts out this gem.

Asked Tuesday whether the department is doing enough to weed out problem drinkers, Daley said, "You try to. [But] alcohol is always a problem for fire and police departments in the country in general. Any people in uniform, even in the military, it's been a problem as well."

He added, "People in stress positions, many of 'em take alcohol and many take drugs. . . . Especially today [with] a whole new generation. We think it was alcohol, but many times they do take drugs. That's what happens to people. . . . It's uncalled for. But remember — we have 14,000 police officers. He's just one of the [14,000].''

This idiot just smeared the images of policemen and firemen throughout the country and the United States Armed Forces. Do everyone a favor and just shut up!!!!
By the way, since when do we have 14000 policemen? The ramblings of a moron.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Detective Larry Miller of the Evanston, IL Police Department has taken up an admirable cause.


I am an 18 year veteran Police Detective with the Evanston, IL. Police Department. On March 21st, 2009 4 Oakland California Police Officers were murdered by Lovell Mixon. Days later there were crowds in the streets of Oakland calling this murderer a hero of the community. That incredible sight prompted me to act. I put together a simple fundraiser to help raise money for the now 10 fatherless children of these fallen Officers. I am selling "Support Oakland" t-shirts on my website www.memorialshirts.org. 100% of the proceeds will be forwarded to the established trust funds for these children at the conclusion of this month. I have had great success up to this point however, I want a strong final push in these last few weeks. Could you please assist with mentioning this fundraising effort in some way? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,

Larry Miller
Evanston P.D.

You are doing God's work Larry.

Friday, May 08, 2009


The C.P.S.A. Membership has REJECTED the City’s proposed Post Retirement Medical Savings Plan (VEBA).

Number of ballots returned: 939 (72.5% )
Spoiled ballots: 7
Ineligible: 10
Ballots counted: 922
Number of votes to accept the proposed Plan: 34
Number of votes to reject the proposed Plan: 888

John Pallohusky
President - CPSA

Thank God!


I am finally back online. Tuesday morning we discovered that our internet was out and Comcast came out this morning getting us back up and running. I was able to use my Blackberry to post comments.

Friday, May 01, 2009


Via the CPSA website:
As of Tuesday 28 April 09 we have received 751 ballots. This is about 60% of those eligible to vote.

Ballots must be returned to the C.P.S.A. Office by Tuesday, 05 May 09.

Any active member who has not received their ballot or needs a replacement, please contact the CPSA Office to have a ballot sent out to you. You can also come to the C.P.S.A. Office during regular business hours (M-F) to cast your vote in person.

The C.P.S.A. Board voted 12 to 2, with one member not present to reject this Plan as presented by the City. We urged you to vote NO!



Well my site activity jumped this evening due to the apparent lock out at Second City Cop. I tend to believe that while someone was tweaking the site they accidentally limited viewership to those who are invited. I am pretty confident that they will be up and running before too long.

UPDATE: They're back!
Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.