Sunday, January 28, 2007


We were asked to sign a petition to oppose the renaming of a street, in New York City, in honor of convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. We in Chicago actively opposed the creation of Fred Hampton Way and to date we have succeeded. We urge you to read the story of Daniel Faulkner #4699, Philadelphia P.D.,murdered on 9 DEC 81 by Mumia Abu-Jamal. This convicted killer is a celebrity among the radical left and his supporters are circulating this petition.
We, the undersigned, support the campaign to rename a street in Harlem in honor of internationally renowned political prisoner and death row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal:

-because of Mumia’s lifelong dedication to his people and to justice, and for never allowing himself to be silenced, even while on death row, and

-because of Mumia’s incredible accomplishments, including during the almost 25 years he has spent on death row: five published books and weekly brilliant commentaries exposing the lies that imperialist USA fosters, that are read and listened to by millions around the world, and

-because given the many honors he has received around the world – including honorary citizenship of Palermo, Venice, the Central District of Copenhagen, and Paris, and a street naming in Saint-Denis, and dozens of university, community, and literary awards, it is befitting that Harlem, too, honor our Brother, and

-because Mumia’s case is in its last stages in the court system and, while there is an opportunity for a new and fair trial, the State of Pennsylvania, the Fraternal Order of Police and their allies are opposing that tooth and nail and are demanding, instead, that Mumia be executed, and naming a street in honor of Mumia in Harlem would offer a serious challenge to railroading him to death.

Please take a moment to go to the online petition against Mumia St. and show your support of the memory of Danny Faulkner.


003 DIVITTORIO, Michael
010 BARNAS, Kenneth
018 RICHARDS, Edward
024 KELENYI, Robert
025 STOPPA, Kenneth
123 KLICH, Robert
124 MARINO, James
125 SADOWSKI, Kevin
140 HOFFMAN, Jeffrey
143 LEWIS, Genessa
177 DUBIEL, Robert
189 RYLE, Mike
193 DEDORE, Scott
212 FLETCHER, Christopher
376 SEUFERT, Peter
620 JARMUSZ, David
630 AUGUSTYN, George
640 JOHNSON, Eddie
640 FEGAN, Peter
702 PIGOTT, Michael

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Everyone is a buzz about The 1st Deputies knee jerk reaction to a story in the Sun-Times about coppers parking illegally.
This from the Lieutenants Association
Tows of Department Vehicles
On 19 January 2007 a fax message was sent to all units from First Deputy Starks regarding the towing of illegally parked Department Vehicles, both marked and un marked. It states that all vehicles must be parked legally and must be prepared to justify their actions should they be parked illegally. Under no circumstances are department vehicles to be parked in Handicapped spaces or on a fire hydrant. It goes on to state that The Department of Streets and Sanitation will notify Operations Command when they find a vehicle. The on duty ADS will be notified who will determine the status of the illegally parked department vehicle.

When a department vehicle is towed the operator will be held responsible for the citation, towing and other costs associated with the tow. In addition the operator of the vehicle may face disciplinary measures.

We at the Chicago Police Lieutenants Association would like to point out that there is no part of our contract that allows for the City of Chicago or Chicago Police Department to levy cash penalties against a Lieutenant. In addition no where in the General Orders is there mention of cash penalties for discipline. If the City of Chicago wishes to tow vehicles it owns that is fine with us and if they wish to levy a cash penalty perhaps they will need to go after the registered owner of the vehicle.

This not only applies to lieutenants but to all department members.
This wouldn't be the first time that the 1st Deputy Sup. and the Deputy Sup.Bureau of Patrol have had knee jerk reactions to stories in the Sun-Times or other media.
i.e. Meeks, backlogs, sending 10 PO's from 002 to 005 in violation of the contract and now this. Horrible examples of management.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Why after every police shooting we hear from the "experts" about the short comings of the involved officers? Whether it be from the blowhard in roll call or from people who rant on SCC somebody always has to critique the actions of the involved.
Anonymous said...
"Two officers fired several shots at the man, hitting him once in the shoulder". TWO OFFICERS...SEVERAL SHOTS...ONCE IN THE SHOULDER...all I can say is WOW!!! This had to be at close range if it all happen at the desk. No wonder the department is offering 100 free rounds to practice.

1/22/2007 10:06:03 PM

The above comment was found on the SCC site in response to the shooting in 003 yesterday. This guy is giving his expert opinion based on what he read in the newspaper. Whats close range? Two feet, three feet maybe as far as five feet? Maybe the officer who fired and struck the offender was 30 feet away. The desk area in 007 or 009 would be tight quarters but its wide open in 003. Quantify "several", more than 3?. How do guys guys pass judgement when all they have is a short quote in the newspaper. Why bother sending the dicks out? We have coppers who know all the answers. The above comment was probably offered by someone who was never involved in a police shooting.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


On saturday there was a knock at my door. When I answered it I found a lady standing there with a big smile and campaign literature in hand. The lady wanted to know if I would be supporting Alderman __x__ in the up coming elections. I looked at her sternly and stated "absolutely not". The smile left her face and she thanked me and slowly walked away. I had only wished I would have explained why I wouldn't support the Alderman. Well a few hours later opportunity knocked at my door and this time it was an older gentlemen with literature in hand. The man started his pitch and I cut him off and told him that no way would I support this Alderman __x__. I explained to him that Alderman__x___ is a rubber stamp for the mayor. I told him I was a police officer and that it was a disgrace that we are forced to work without contracts for nearly 3 years at a time.
The guy nodded, walked away and moved to another neighbors house. I saw a few more front yards with the alderman's signs up later that evening. The sad thing is some of these "supporters" are policemen. We have to stop putting these $98,000 a year part-timers in a position to be a rubber stamp for an administration that has no incentive to bargain with us in good faith.

Friday, January 19, 2007


Two former U.S. Border Patrol agents surrendered yesterday to begin prison sentences for shooting a drug-smuggling suspect in the buttocks after he assaulted one of them, dumped nearly 800 pounds of marijuana along the Rio Grande and then fled into Mexico.
Read the story and you will shake your head in amazement. A drug smuggler crosses our border to sell his shit in our country and is stopped by our guys. The stop results in a pursuit and shots are eventually fired and the bad guy makes good his escape back to Mexico...end of story? No... his mother (a third party) complains of her son being shot by Border Patrol. The IG does an investigation and the Attorney General locates the shithead smuggler and offers him immunity if he would be willing to come back and testify against our guys.

Do you remember "KIKI" Camerena?
The United States government pursued a lengthy investigation of Camarena's murder: due to the difficulty of extraditing Mexican citizens, the FBI went as far as to have one suspect, Humberto Alvarez-Machain, kidnapped by bounty hunters and taken into the United States. Despite vigorous protests from the Mexican government, Alvarez was tried in United States District Court in Los Angeles, but the trial resulted in an acquittal.
The amazing thing is we had a DEA Agent tortured and murdered by Mexican drug dealers and the best we could do is kidnap some asshole that gets acquitted.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


A note from John Pallohusky regarding the posting of our current contract...

Enough said:

As soon as a copy of the current contract becomes available it will be posted. The contract was previously approved by the Chicago City Council and is in effect. There have been various corrections and adjustments since the approval of the contract that had to be made before it could be printed and posted. We are currently awaiting the corrected version from the City. I cannot and will not sign off on the contract until these adjustments are made.

John Pallohusky

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


We have been requested to discuss issues that pertain to sergeants and in particular issues that effect our contract. When it comes to salary increases, health care and retiree benefits we have very little input if any at all. The FOP and Fireman's local 2 are the two unions that negotiate for the rank and file of both departments and we work from those results. So what are the issues that we should put on the table? there are many but I would like to address one issue tonight.
Lets talk about bidding on recognized openings. The current system is a joke! In patrol every unit has roughly 27-30 sergeants (018/40 sergeants vs. 005/21). Each watch has 5 bid spots for a total of 15 and the remaining sergeants are management be they on the watch, gang/tact or neighborhood relations. Now you take 15 sergeants per district and multiply by 25 districts and you get 375 out 1268 sergeants (30%) that are bid. Granted there are plenty of sergeants in units that are on scholarship and have no problem with the status quo but they too are at the mercy of management.
Take a look at the last citywide openings and your choices are limited....midnights here and there (except 005). The new class of sergeants tentatively graduates on Feb 07 and some will be assigned to places that many with time on the job would love the opportunity to go to.
Prior to the graduation of a sergeants class the department should open up city wide all the units that are in need of sergeants. When that round of bidding is complete they can assign the new sergeants to fill the spots that have now become vacant. We are supervisors and that makes us part of management but having a little more say in where we work would be a breath of fresh air.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Its true the website is up and running!


Over at SCC they ran a post regarding an article in National Review Magazine written by LAPD Officer "Jack Dunphy" (alias). Most if not all of you read SCC but if you missed their post I will link the NRO article here.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


005----------2/1st Watch, 2/2nd Watch

007----------2/1st Watch

013----------1/1st Watch

014----------1/1st Watch

022----------1/1st Watch

Saturday, January 13, 2007


You have to ask yourself why. Why does the 5th district have two openings on 2nd watch? The obvious answer is that people don't want to or can't work for Capt. White.
Now you have to wonder why is it allowed to happen? The only conclusion one can come to is 35th St. doesn't care. The morale is sapped out of the 5th district and we noticed that they have at least 4 sergeants detailed in. Come on 35th St. wake up!

Friday, January 12, 2007

25,000 VISITS

Today at 5:12 pm CST we had our 25,000th visitor. A month ago we were averaging 200 visits a day and the past few weeks it has jumped to around 450 per day. We have had visits from virtually every state in country and from around the world including Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, U.K., Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Holland and Poland.


Just found this bit of news in theTRIBUNE.
The drugs are not specified, but the entry in the FBI log shows "suspect drugs and drug paraphernalia" were found in a dresser in her home. Also, in the search of Troutman's office, "a white powdery substance" in a plastic bag was found in a drawer of a desk.

No drug or gun charges have been lodged against the alderman, and authorities have not elaborated on the discovery

Too bad she is exempted from the most restrictive gun laws in the country. The alderman's attorney, Sam Adams Jr, assures us that the white powder substance is a vitamin supplement. Since when is paraphernalia required to ingest vitamins?

Thursday, January 11, 2007


We have been reading SCC and their threads concerning a blow-up by 8th District Commander James Carrol. We wanted to know what really happened from a reliable source and not from those dealing in rumours and innuendo.
We contacted a couple of P.O.s that we know and got a good idea of how things went down. According to our source D/S Charles Williams was in the district for the evening and Commander Carrol was with ADS Debra Kirby. Carrol makes it known that he doesn't want anyone checking off prior to 15 after the hour. Carrol walks in the station, early, and there are a few guys standing around the radio room waiting to turn in their equipment. Carrol then quips "didn't everyone get the memo about check off time?" Well low and behold some smart ass has to raise his hand and say "I didn't get the memo"
Supposedly this is the cause of the meltdown. Should Carrol have come down on the whole watch? A supervisor should never reprimand or correct the group when your target is just a few. Our source however, tells us the problem isn't just 2-3 guys but is a prevailing mindset on the watch. The sad thing is a sarcastic P.O. thinks his sarcasm is appropriate to use with an already irate boss. This is either a total lack of respect or maybe pure stupidity.
Since that incident rumours are now running rampant over at SCC...take this for example:Second City Cop

My source is high ranking, very reliable and trustworthy. My confidence level in this information is HIGH. REPEATING HIGH LEVEL OF CONFIDENCE.

008th District:

Friday, will bring about the following changes:

D/C launched but may receive a lateral position out of Patrol Division.

Lt. Richie Scotchbreath will be transferred to an inside position at Headquarters, placed on personal concern for an "addiction." City is very worried that if he smashes into 5 school kids with a M plate car while impaired that this blog is proof in itself that it was widely known that a problem existed and was not addressed by the City.

A certain P.O. (D.B.) will be placed back to his assigned position at 051 (Airport Law South).

Two Tactical Sgt's and a Watch Sgt. will be reassigned.

But this may not be good news for the 8th District. The new D/C may have been "told" to do whatever he/she has to in order to correct the problems on third watch and to "closely supervisor the 3rd watch". Meaning their complaining of a "yelling", publicly and when they were in the "wrong" may cause many to wish they would have kept their mouths shut.

Good Luck To All and Good Night

The above writer seems to confirm what we heard about 3rd watch. we aren't passing judgement but relating what we heard. Be careful what you ask for just might get it.
The other rumour we tried tackling over there was the one that stated that no tact or gang car was to be west of Pulaski. As our guys relate to us its pretty hard to be west of Pulaski when all you do is bullshit edge missions and activity related to the DOC. That being said our guys said no way was any order or directive given to deny them working west of Pulaski. In fact they told us that there are a couple of cars that work exclusively west of Pulaski(of their own accord)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


The new class of sergeants are to graduate on 31 Jan 07 (so we hear)
Anyone in the know please confirm or correct.

Monday, January 08, 2007


Ald. Arenda Troutman (20th) was arrested today on bribery charges. We have linked to the affidavit and it appears Ms. Troutman accepted bribes to make zoning changes for a private development.
Ms. Troutman is no stranger to trouble when it concerns the FBI. In 2004 she was linked with, Black Disciple, Donnell "Scandalous" Jehan.
According to law-enforcement sources, Troutman had been seen with Jehan and he was observed driving her luxury SUV.

Troutman also came under fire after two envelopes addressed to her from the Chicago Police Department were found by FBI agents in Jehan's home.

Troutman has refused to confirm a personal relationship with Jehan, saying only that she knew him as a businessman who owned a construction company.

Jehan is listed on the FBI's Most Wanted List for Chicago. There are also allegations that her family's trucking firm earned money from the "hired truck" scandal. One wonders if she has anything worthwhile to offer the feds?

Sunday, January 07, 2007


I was reading some of the remarks we received and some that SCC has received about the lieutenants test, no big surprise! The thing that struck me was will the results of part two be released before the results for part two of the sergeants test? Rumour has it that there may another class created off the 2002 list. Five years for a list is a long time but also keep in mind they have only made approximately 360 off that list.


A reader asked if we would disable word verification and we obliged. Comment moderation will still be use.

Friday, January 05, 2007


Good luck to all those taking part two of the Lt's exam on Saturday.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Read Mary Mitchell in todays SUNTIMES
This idiot (Mary Mitchell) doesn't get it does she?
Ms. Rivera you bore the children of a drug dealer and you question the City for keeping a bad cop on its payroll.
You went to the public trough because your babies daddy is in the joint and he can't provide through his illegal means anymore.
Mary obviously doesn't know he difference between compensatory and punitive damages and the indemnification by the City.
Now the City wants its legal cost paid by Ms. Rivera for losing in Federal Court and Mary thinks this is bad precedence. After all, according to Mary, the City pays out millions for brutallity cases every year. Well Mary that was bad precedence.
The City needs to invest in fighting these bullshit cases. The cost would be high in the begining but when the settlements become few and far between lawyers will not be willing to take the gamble of a loss.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


In the last thread someone mentioned "get rid of those baseball caps".
I couldn't agree more.

You have to admit in the last 7-8 years the uniform changes that have occured are a bit surprising.

The gym shoe.......probably nice for inside people. Don't have to shine them.

Sweater ........................I know guys who never wear a jacket anymore.
I'm not a stickler but the vest cover over the
sweater? whats that about?

Turtleneck/dickie........keeps the neck warm.

Cargo Pants...............One of the best changes.

Baseball cap...............along with the new star it gives a look of "heyseed"

Coolmax shirts.............comfortable

Go ahead give your opinion.......maybe suggest some changes for the future.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Updated photo "Sun-Times"
Two of our finest saved the life of a baby and the babies mother in a fire at the 6000 block of north Kenmore.
See the video at ABC7- News

Monday, January 01, 2007


Well over the weekend it appears most if not all the sergeants received their calenders.
We have posted the upcoming general meetings for both CPSA and FOP.
Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.