Thursday, January 25, 2007


Everyone is a buzz about The 1st Deputies knee jerk reaction to a story in the Sun-Times about coppers parking illegally.
This from the Lieutenants Association
Tows of Department Vehicles
On 19 January 2007 a fax message was sent to all units from First Deputy Starks regarding the towing of illegally parked Department Vehicles, both marked and un marked. It states that all vehicles must be parked legally and must be prepared to justify their actions should they be parked illegally. Under no circumstances are department vehicles to be parked in Handicapped spaces or on a fire hydrant. It goes on to state that The Department of Streets and Sanitation will notify Operations Command when they find a vehicle. The on duty ADS will be notified who will determine the status of the illegally parked department vehicle.

When a department vehicle is towed the operator will be held responsible for the citation, towing and other costs associated with the tow. In addition the operator of the vehicle may face disciplinary measures.

We at the Chicago Police Lieutenants Association would like to point out that there is no part of our contract that allows for the City of Chicago or Chicago Police Department to levy cash penalties against a Lieutenant. In addition no where in the General Orders is there mention of cash penalties for discipline. If the City of Chicago wishes to tow vehicles it owns that is fine with us and if they wish to levy a cash penalty perhaps they will need to go after the registered owner of the vehicle.

This not only applies to lieutenants but to all department members.
This wouldn't be the first time that the 1st Deputy Sup. and the Deputy Sup.Bureau of Patrol have had knee jerk reactions to stories in the Sun-Times or other media.
i.e. Meeks, backlogs, sending 10 PO's from 002 to 005 in violation of the contract and now this. Horrible examples of management.


Anonymous said...

This "edict" did not originate with Williams, or from Starks.
This came from Mayor fathead himself! The bosses are only stepping in line with what is desired from the 5th floor.
Apparently, no one is going to tell Mayor Stoopid that he made
a really, REALLY DUMB decision
over a bullshit article!! As such, since the Mayor, at least for now, will not rescind this latest gaffe, the "war" between CPD and S&S will continue. I hear that over in the 009th District, S&S workers are beginning to recieve
tickets already. It will likely spread before Daley decides (on his own, so it may take a while!)
to cancel out his own crap.

Anonymous said...

Instead of hammering S & S, working stiffs who are just following orders like you and me, stop writing parking tickets for the month of Feb. S & S were told by CPD Brass and the Mayors Office to ticket and tow squad cars. Do yo think the mayors Office cares if S & S drivers get tickets ? Don't generate any money for the city for a month and lets see what happens. We need to stick together. Don't let the city cause conflict between us, both as people and unions. Everybody got a better Contract sticking together. Don't let the City pick us apart. All this talk about getting even, The best way is to do nothing, and not play into the City's hands.

Anonymous said...

Instead of hammering S & S, working stiffs who are just following orders like you and me.


Anonymous said...

FYI, S&S tow drivers were told to "hunt" for police cars illegally parked. If they are really our frineds, they would look the other way. If they can "hunt" for violators, so can we. I take my hat off to the 9th district for leading the charge.

Schicklegroover said...

Notice that BOSSES are telling us in roll call not to retaliate against S&S? Everyone wants to talk about S$S drivers being working stiffs/victims caught in the middle. True, but tough shit. Arent't the original victims the coppers getting dinged out of their pocket for parking while doing our fucking jobs! Treating S&S drivers JUST AS WE ARE BEING TREATED is our leverage to stop this bullshit. So the S$S drivers are, unfortunately, necessary collateral damage in this battle. Not perfect but in a perfect world, this asinine, whip-cracking attempt at castrating us wouldn't have been enacted in the first place. The implementation of this horseshit policy was us being bent over, telling us not to do anything about is the "Please Sir, May I have another!"

Schicklegroover said...

This will be like the genius policy of closing lockups. They knew pretty quickly that it was a mess but had to attempt saving face by keeping the policy in place a while. In that situation, our jobs were made difficult but our PRIVATE NET WORTH was unaffected so it sucked but oh well. This situation means potential food out of my kid's mouth and therefore, out comes the SHITHAMMER! Prepare to be smitten!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
FYI, S&S tow drivers were told to "hunt" for police cars illegally parked. If they are really our frineds, they would look the other way. If they can "hunt" for violators, so can we. I take my hat off to the 9th district for leading the charge.

Thu Jan 25, 04:41:00 PM

How do you know that they were ordered?

Anonymous said...

At first I agreed, "Don't hammer the working stiffs." It has nothing to do with S$S driver's, theyare just doing their jobs...But now, from their own words, it is their job to find illegally parked cars and call O.E.M.C. and get approval for the tow....Guess what, just turned into not doing your job, but fucking policemen. I can't even count how many times I have had to wait hours for a re-lo or told they couldn't get there etc...Fuck them, hammer them if they are not legit. Not only that, call for a tow of the tow trucks that are parked illegally. They do that shit all of the time and they are not emergency vehicles even while in operation. When they are parked in a now parking zone waiting to snag a car or reading the paper, guess what, ILLEGAL. No broom or sand, ticket, no blinker, ticket...If any of these private contracted towing comapanies ever tow a squad, watch the fuck out. I have always been afraid to eer ask any of them if they have a D.L. in the first place... Wait until i TVB them and search the truck.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Those S&S workers don't HAVE to be out there hunting down squads, they have chosen to throw down the duel bring it on! And I won't wait for a "tow"
of an S&S tow truck if I need to TVB or arrest one of them. I will GLADLY drive it right into the pound MYSELF! Let them get a taste of their own medicine!!

Anonymous said...

off topic:

What does COLTS stand for?

Super Bowl


(1) Line-Thin, Blue in Color said...

Don't worry that hammering with tickets is generating revenue for the city. This won't last long if we do it right so the revenue is a drop in the bucket. Besides, maybe a lesson is taught, some of that revenue will be in our next raise. More important: make them give us our balls back. As other posters have said, this is the line in the sand. It is unfathomable what they will do to us next if we allow this and who can blame them? If we allow this, we have it coming. Though the city has made some amazingly goofball decisions in the past, this one is SO stupid it makes me suspicious. Right at contract negotiation time? I smell a rat. It is possible the newspaper exposure needed to be responded to and was used as an opportunity to see just how much shit we WILL eat and therefore how bad we can be screwed during this contract talk. Even a knucklehead like Daley had to know this was a horrible idea with the possibility of major repercussions. I mean, has anyone ever heard of a major police department having its on-duty cars towed by its OWN municipal government?

Anonymous said...

There is now a Poll up on towing at

Anonymous said...


The Asshat said...

Write them movers and do not use City violations. There is a state violation for red light and stop sign.

Anonymous said...

Dana finally found his true calling! I'll bet Cline is happy Starks is doing something like this, keeps him out of the way for a while. Cline will put an end to this after he lets Starks dig a nice hole for himself.

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