Sunday, January 28, 2007


We were asked to sign a petition to oppose the renaming of a street, in New York City, in honor of convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. We in Chicago actively opposed the creation of Fred Hampton Way and to date we have succeeded. We urge you to read the story of Daniel Faulkner #4699, Philadelphia P.D.,murdered on 9 DEC 81 by Mumia Abu-Jamal. This convicted killer is a celebrity among the radical left and his supporters are circulating this petition.
We, the undersigned, support the campaign to rename a street in Harlem in honor of internationally renowned political prisoner and death row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal:

-because of Mumia’s lifelong dedication to his people and to justice, and for never allowing himself to be silenced, even while on death row, and

-because of Mumia’s incredible accomplishments, including during the almost 25 years he has spent on death row: five published books and weekly brilliant commentaries exposing the lies that imperialist USA fosters, that are read and listened to by millions around the world, and

-because given the many honors he has received around the world – including honorary citizenship of Palermo, Venice, the Central District of Copenhagen, and Paris, and a street naming in Saint-Denis, and dozens of university, community, and literary awards, it is befitting that Harlem, too, honor our Brother, and

-because Mumia’s case is in its last stages in the court system and, while there is an opportunity for a new and fair trial, the State of Pennsylvania, the Fraternal Order of Police and their allies are opposing that tooth and nail and are demanding, instead, that Mumia be executed, and naming a street in honor of Mumia in Harlem would offer a serious challenge to railroading him to death.

Please take a moment to go to the online petition against Mumia St. and show your support of the memory of Danny Faulkner.


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15 February 2007 (Thursday) @ 1800hrs.
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Anonymous said...

It rotates south and north every other year. Get over yourself Beverly.

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Anyone know of an order coming out soon for the BEARS game?
Tact/Gang detailed??

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Beverly is turning bad and fast. Beverly, might be time to move.


Was told by someone that had attended the sergeant's in service training today that Williams stated he is not changing start times for gang/tact on sunday.

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Hey SCS how about the list of where the new Sgts. are going?

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I'll second that about Beverly, beautiful homes, if only you could build a moat around it and have a few draw-bridges to keep all your new neighbors out. Western ave. looks like King drive now, sad.....

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SCD passed away at 0843hrs today. Can we have a moment of silence for Secondcitydick?

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beverly is getting brutal as are almost all places on the far south side. name one neighborhood that is getting better that far south. beverly, mt. greenwood (dropping much slower than beverly), and the east side and hegewisch are all neighborhoods with coppers living in them that are getting an influx of criminals and gangbangers, if not living there, then just passing through. i would not let my wife walk to her car alone on western avenue right now.

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