Thursday, December 17, 2009


Not much learned at tonights meeting. I would guess that at least 100 attended. Please use the members site for detailed info.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


01 December 2009

We are currently in the process of selecting a location for our special membership meeting on December 17th. We will post the location as soon as we have confirmed a location.

Soon we will have a "member only" section on our website which will include a forum which will be available to active sergeants; this site will also be available to retirees in the future. The "members only" section will be an area where information can be posted by the board to keep the members informed without airing our laundry to the general public. There will also be a forum for members to discuss "hot" topics or any other topics without using the Department E-mail system. We expect to have this available within the next few days.

We are cooperating fully with the ASA's Office and we will post additional information in the "members only" section of our website as information is provided to us. Thank you for being patient as we are aggressively working to gather accurate information regarding the incident which occurred on 20 November 2009.

Robert Kirchner

I applaud the CPSA for creating a members only link at the CPSA website. Neither this site nor the department email is an appropriate forum for discussing delicate union business. I will continue to highlight important dates and upcoming meetings concerning union business.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Special General Membership Meeting
17 December, 2009, at 1800 hours

On 22 November, 2009, the Board of Directors of the Chicago Police Sergeant’s Association held a special meeting to discuss recent events effecting the organization. At the meeting the board took the following action:

•The Board accepted the resignation of John Pallohusky effective immediately.
•The Board accepted the resignation of Mary O’Toole effective immediately.
•Vice President Robert Kirchner has assumed the office of President immediately.
•Sgt John Stahl from the Inspection Division, who worked as an accountant before joining the Police Department, was appointed as Treasurer.
The Board also wants to inform its members that the association is well funded, including the legal defense and PAC fund.

Contract negotiations between the organization and the city are continuing, and the union offices are open and continuing to operate.

The Board has an annual financial Report prepared but in addition has decided to have an independent audit conducted of the organization’s accounts. However, at this time, all of our financial records have been turned over to the State’s Attorney’s Office.

As further information becomes available, the Board will share this information with the members.

John Pallohusky has retained his own attorney to represent him in this matter. Attorneys who work for the organization are not defending John Pallohusky.

The Board has announced that there will be a special general membership meeting held on 17 December, 2009, at 1800 hours to review these matters.

Robert Kirchner


Dear Readers,
From time to time I go out of town with my family. This past week I went out of town with my son on a hunting trip. With that being said, I wasn't unable to create a post about news involving the CPSA, as a matter of fact I didn't even hear about it until Sunday evening. Had I been aware of this incident and access to a computer I certainly would have commented.
Thank you to those of you who understand that this is only a hobby and all other aspects of my life take priority.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


We are all aware of the stance Dick Daley has on gun control. Chicago possess some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Chicago also possess some of highest rates of murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault and armed robberies. Despite the cities prohibition on gun ownership, criminals still manage to ply their trade. Whenever a school violence incident occurs somewhere in the country Daley always manages to use the incident to further his demand for even stricter gun control.

Last week at Ft. Hood, Texas, Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, a muslim, decided to bring jihad to his fellow soldiers. Hasan was armed and entered the Soldier Readiness Center, shouted "Allahu Akbar!" and began shooting, two police officers engaged Hasan and put an end to his murder spree. 13 were dead and 30 wounded. Hasan survived his injuries.

Dick felt a need to interject his opinion on the terror incident at Ft. Hood.

If this wasn't such a dreadfully serious matter, it would almost be funny watching Democrats insist that there’s no elephant in the bathtub. Perhaps the most bizarre of these claims is that of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, who insists that the core problem behind Fort Hood is that “America loves guns.”

And the idiot keeps getting elected.

If Mayor Daley wants to argue about the inner city gang violence problem, let’s have a serious discussion about why liberal-controlled cities have become cesspools of violence, while many other parts of America have few gun control laws — and little violent crime. Pretending that the Fort Hood massacre wasn’t a terrorist attack — and more outrageously, pretending that the Fort Hood massacre is typical of civilian gun crime — is dishonest pandering to both the multicultural crowd and the rapidly shrinking gun control movement.

via PJM

Friday, November 06, 2009


On October 27th young Jared Stanker of Evergreen Park, Il was killed in Arghandab Valley, Afghanistan while serving with the 1st Battalion, 17th Infantry Regiment, 5th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, Fort Lewis, Wash.
Jared attended Brother Rice High School and was a parishioner of Queen Of Martyrs Catholic Church. An email campaign began in the neighborhood a few days ago calling on all of us to support the Stanker family by attending Jared's funeral on Saturday. I am confident that the good people of the southwest side will be there to honor Jared and show their support and gratitude to his family.

The procession rode north on Pulaski Road in front of Brother Rice High School. The quiet was only broken by the faint hum of a TV helicopter overhead.

The procession then went east on 99th Street and south on Central Park Avenue to the funeral home.

The 1,450 girls who attend Mother McAuley High School, next door to Brother Rice, also stood quietly, holding flags.

The same held true at Southwest Elementary, which Stanker attended.

There, the 335 students were dressed in red, white and blue, Principal Denise Thomas said.

Finally, at Queen of Martyrs School, the 446 students stood in silence along Central Park Avenue.

Southtown Star


Huffington Post

Thoughts and prayers to the victims of the senseless murders at Ft. Hood Texas.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


SCC has begun a campaign to reduce the amount of aldermen in Chicago from 50 to 25. This campaign is on the heels of Ald Ed Smith's call for police and firemen to take pay cuts.
See the CBS2 story in response to SCC's call.

Many interesting suggestions in the comments at SCC, i.e. term limits and special elections for aldermanic vacancies. Keep up the good work SCC and as always you can count on this site for support.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Thoughts and prayers for the tragic accidental death of Officer Eric Berger.

An off-duty veteran Chicago Police officer was killed in a rollover crash on the Kennedy Expressway early Monday on the Northwest Side.

Eric Berger, a 17-year veteran of the force assigned to the Albany Park District on the Northwest Side, was pronounced dead at 4:42 a.m., according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.


Special Pension Seminar
10 AM October 15, 2009
Academy 1300 W. Jackson (2nd Floor)
*Special Guest Speaker Jim McNamee from IPPFA (Illinois Public Pension Fund Association)
Pension trustees and staff will be giving presentations on-
• Investments
• Retiree Healthcare
• Korshak Decision
• And other pension topics
Q&A session will follow the presentations to address any questions concerning the pension.

Friday, October 02, 2009


The quick loss represents an embarrassment of international and local dimensions for a mayor who has dominated the city landscape and is used to getting what he wants.
Clout Street

Thursday, October 01, 2009


By a 92 percent vote, Chicago Police sergeants are refusing to swallow a new five-year contract that could have freezed their pay through 2012 and mandated physical fitness requirement tied to new promotions.

John Pallohusky, president of the Chicago Police Sergeants Association, said the vote counted today was 926-to-84 after the Daley administration attempted to play hardball.

In exchange for allowing sergeants to retire at age 55 with premium health benefits, the city demanded that sergeants agree to a pay freeze that would only thaw if an independent arbitrator awarded a pay raise to the Fraternal Order of Police.
Sun Times

Most captains and approximately half the lieutenants would be eligible to retire at 55 during the next three years. I would have to believe that was the driving motivation behind their vote to accept the cities ultimatum. Sergeants on the other hand had a couple hundred eligible and only 84 voted to accept. I think we are no worse off by rejecting this offer.


Complaints have come in that there was a police car at the end of the block when the Fenger incident occurred. Over at Second City Cop they are covering that allegation on a post.
As SCC points out, "And a single 10-99 unit isn't going to stop a riot, or many "mini-melees" which is what we see on the tape. All you can do is call for back up and wait for the cavalry to fly in."
The officer in Missouri is lucky bigger people and more of them didn't get at him before his back up arrived.
Thanks Fox News Network for showing what most media won't.


Not official but I received word that of 1010 ballots counted 928 were against.

UPDATE: It is now official we overwhelmingly rejected that horrible ultimatum.


Michelle Malkin brings to light the corruption that is Chicago and why Obama needed to go to Copenhagen.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


John Kass hits another home run with his latest on the Olympic bid.

If you think Chicago's Olympic push is about sports, you're mistaken. Sports has nothing to do with this. It's like in the old movie, with Michael Corleone telling truths to his future wife, saying, "Now who's being naive, Kay?"

Read the whole Kass piece here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


FOP has a survey on it's site and it wants members to fill out and keep detailed accounts of denials. Click here for survey link.



Daley himself was the issue for many of the protesters.

Robert Johnson, 57, of Chicago, held a life-sized stick figure of the mayor with an orange prison jumpsuit. "I worry that the Games are going to lead to corruption on steroids," he said.

Read the whole thing at Breaking News

Fox News Channel is covering this story from different angles.
Glen Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Greta Van Susteren had the Chicago Olympic bid as stories in relation to Chicago corruption, violence in the city and Obama now going to Copenhagen.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


For the last 3 or 4 days I had an Internet problem that has been resolved.....Thank You for your patience

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Yes sir, I'm voting no. My initial reaction to the city's offer was absolutely not! Nothing that I have read here has even remotely swayed me to side with the yes vote.
Lets be honest here, the city hasn't made us an offer, they have given us an ultimatum.
They are offering a select group of members a benefit that they themselves have claimed would be a money saver for the city.
The city of Chicago and the Fraternal Order of Police have agreed on a change that will allow officers to retire five years earlier with full medical benefits--providing millions of dollars in savings to the city during the current budget crisis, officials said. July 22, 2009
However, it is incumbent upon us to accept a contract with an offer of, no raise, a fitness test to be promoted to sergeant and alcohol testing on and off duty with levels far below federal standards.
We have been without a contract for 2+ years and this is what the city deems their best offer.
A small portion of our membership would benefit from the retire at 55 and no medical cost. What about the rest of us? This is not a contractual benefit and therefore no guarantee that after 3 years it would even exist.
We have a "me too clause" with or without this contract. An arbiter may award us more than the FOP and he may not. He may agree that the fitness test is not unreasonable and may agree that it is. He may allow for random alcohol testing and he may not. He may also deem that the city has not negotiated in good faith and award us what we asked for and then again he may not.
Like most of you I have a few more than 3 years to go and I'll take my chances that arbitration and "me too" will garner us much better than what we have been offered.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


17 September 09
The ballots have been mailed out for active sergeants to cast their vote to accept or reject the City’s proposed 01 July 2007 through 30 June 2012 Contract. The ballots were mailed to each sergeant’s residence. If you do not receive your ballot within the next few days, please contact the C.P.S.A. office to have a ballot sent out to you. You may also arrange to come to the C.P.S.A. office and cast your ballot in person.

Ballots must be returned to the C.P.S.A. office by 30 September 09. The ballots will be counted on 01 October 09.

The C.P.S.A. Board is recommending that you vote NO and REJECT the City’s contract proposal.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


The below informational sessions have been scheduled to discuss this proposal and to answer any questions that our members may have after reviewing the contract proposal. Additional sessions may be added.

Session 1: 10 September 09 (Thursday)
Location: CPSA Offices – 1616 W. Pershing
Time: 1300hrs & 1900hrs

Session 2: 15 September 09 (Tuesday)
Location: CPSA Offices – 1616 W. Pershing
Time: 1000hrs, 1300hrs & 1900hrs


Densey gets visitors from home and class act treatment from the men and women in blue in the Denver area.

Densey Cole II lay paralyzed almost 1,000 miles from where he works as a Chicago cop and had a visitor -- the police chief of Denver.

"He didn't just visit me, he saluted me," Cole said of Gerald Whitman. "That's the class act he is."

Officers in and around Englewood, Colo., where Cole has been treated since July for a spinal cord injury, think he is the class act and have adopted him and his wife, giving them tickets to concerts and sports contests and lending an old police cruiser. The brotherhood was galvanized after learning Cole was hurt in a line-of-duty car crash. Authorities said he was threatened by a thief who took his police weapon as he was pinned in the wreckage.

Read the whole Chicago Tribune story here.

Friday, September 04, 2009


You (CPD Sergeants) all should have received the contract proposal via your department email or the CPSA website. Please use this post for discussion.

To the person or persons who insisted that I create a post for this, I hope this is what you are looking for.

Monday, August 31, 2009


I went over to and noticed that the Street Survival Insight writer, Dave Smith, has an article called "The Tale Of Two Videos, A Unique training Opportunity". I pointed out in my last post that the Centennial Bridge shooting would be used by various agencies for training purposes. Check out this video and then read Dave's article about both incidents.

In reviewing these videos one of our instructors remarked how this was an example similar to the movie “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” when Eli Wallach remarks after gunning down a would-be killer, “If you’re going to shoot, shoot, don’t talk!” We can apply that to all our use of force options, when it’s time to act, act! And use overwhelming force to win quickly when we are overcoming resistance. We never want to look like a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” during a physical confrontation. Winning is the only rule, and we use reasonable force overwhelmingly, which reduces risk to the subject as well as the officer.

Food for thought.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


The officer is lucky he survived this encounter.

There is much that can be learned from this video and before long it will be used by various agencies for training purposes. Jeff Chudwin will probably use it in his "Use of Force" instruction.

This is a perfect example of why you should carry off duty and why we give each other professional courtesy.

Thank God for the off-duty P.O.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


To all,

I am on Officer in Englewood, Colorado wheere Desney is hospitalized. I want EVERY brother and sister in Chicago to know that Densey and his family will be taken care of as long as he is in our "house."

Denver PD, Englewood PD, Westminster PD, The Metro Area Graffiti Task Force of Denver and the Centurion Law Enforcement Ministry are hosting a fundraiser for our brother on September 5th here in Englewood.

Please contact me at if you want to get an e-mail or message to Densey. I visit him daily and am part of the Centurion Ministry as well.

Be safe!

Ofc. Jason Pearson
Englewood Police Department
Englewood, Colorado

Friday, August 07, 2009


According to the Lieutenant's website the proposed agreement with the city is posted and you will need a username and password in order to view it. All member were sent a nusername and password via department email.

I may have missed some Lieutenants with the recent mass e-mailing. If you have not received the recent e-mails regarding the contract proposal please contact me at . I will send them right out to you.

If you have not updated your mailing information recently please go to our Membership Update section and update your information. We will be sending out ballots soon and I want to make sure we have your correct address.

Sunday, August 02, 2009


Are you a cop? Do you eat food? We need your story!

Sgt. David Haynes and local writer Christopher Garlington are looking for quotes for their upcoming book, The Beat Cop’s Guide to Chicago Eats, to be published in October, 2009.

Remember The Street and San Man’s Guide to Chicago Eats? Our book is the bigger, better, follow-up—and it’s written by a cop!

The Beat Cop’s Guide is about getting great neighborhood food, in a half hour, cheap. It’s about real Chicago food. And who knows better what’s good in any neighborhood better than the beat cop that works there every day?

So we’re reaching out to every cop we know.

Send us your best story about being a cop and eating lunch in Chicago. Stories like this:

making an arrest while you waited on fries at a hot dog joint
a story about how food you bought from a walk-up chicken shack helped you get information that led to an arrest
how a particular sub sandwich from this one café is what keeps you going on midnights
the best place to eat lunch on your beat
what foods are best in a squad car--and what foods really, really don’t belong there
hazards of eating in uniform
(we’re not kidding on this one) cops and donuts
where to get the best ribs in Chicago
anything you think makes a good story involving cops and lunch and food

The book is currently in rewrites and due to go into production after August 7. So we need these stories pronto. We’re not looking for Hemmingway here—we’ll clean up your story. We’re pros. Don’t worry. Just email your stories to Sgt. David Haynes at or myself (address below). If we put your story in the Beat Cop’s Guide, you’ll get invited to the super cool VIP book release party (a bucket of Miller Lite and hot dogs on Dave’s deck), and a signed copy of the book. Plus, you’ll be famous. Probably get calls from Hollywood. Johnny Depp will play you in the movie (male and female officers). You know, the usual.

We’re on deadline! Send it now!


Christopher P. Garlington
Creative Writer Pro
6105 N. Mason Chicago, IL 60646
(773) 792–1220 [h] (773) 480–0121 [c]
Online. On paper. On time.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Go to for a listing of locations


On Wednesday 29 July 09 we had a contract negotiation meeting with the City. Several issues were discussed, including reducing the age from 60 to 55 for retiree health care benefits. As many of you are aware the FOP recently reached an agreement with the City over health care benefits. Previously we reported that we had made significant progress in eliminating the restrictions the City had proposed to us for lowering the age for retiree health care benefits from the current age of sixty (60) to age fifty ( 55).

After much discussion and several counter proposals the City’s final offer resulted in a memorandum of understanding for health care benefits that is contingent on ratification by the CPSA membership of the City’s complete contract proposal.

Read the whole letter at CPSA

From the Lieutenants association:
Today the City made their final contract offer to our negotiating committee. The CPLA Board will be meeting early next week to review the proposal. We will then be scheduling dates for Informational Meetings for you to attend on both the North and South side as we have done in the past. After that we will then be sending you your ballot.

The major news is we have worked out an age 55 retirement with insurance benefit. There are differences from the FOP plan. It is tied to the entire contract and not a stand alone issue. It would become effective immediately upon ratification of the proposed contract by voting members of the CPLA.

I do not have more for you at this time as I just got back from our meeting. We need to study the City's offer and we will be preparing highlights for you as well as providing more details as soon as possible.

I plan to get you complete copies of the proposal as soon as I can.

Thank you,
Bob Weisskopf
President, CPLA

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Chicago gets federal aid for police
Vice president Joe Biden and attorney general Eric Holder announced the grant awards Tuesday morning in Philadelphia.
Chicago will get more than $13 million to be used toward creating and/or preserving 50 police officer positions.
50 new coppers (if that's what they do with the money) will hardly make a dent in the existing manpower shortage that we have been experiencing for several years now.

The NYPD applied for funds for about 2,000 officers and officials hoped enough money would be awarded to hire 200. The nation's largest department has 35,600 officers, a number that will shrink in coming months because academy classes were canceled.

2000!!! Wow! And just earlier this evening I had heard a story by Rick Levanthal of Fox News state that the NYPD was down about 3000 coppers since 9/11. (sorry can't find a link).
The Justice Department decided the most worthy cities were those that faced serious budgetary problems and those that have relatively high crime rates, and determined that New York is less needy by both measures


An update on Densey Cole at MyFOXChicago.Com.
I'm glad Densey had the opportunity to tell people his story about that day.

Best wishes to Densey, his wife and the rest of his family.

I have received far to many comments that appear to be infighting between who knows who and frankly I think it's disgusting. this post is closed to any further comments.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Two Seminole County Deputies were murdered while serving a warrant.

Ezekiel Holbert, 26, was jailed on murder complaints, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Jessica Brown said.

Holbert was in his mother's home, 503 N Second St., about 3 p.m. when she called authorities, Brown said.

"She found out he was inside. He was not welcome, so she called Seminole County deputies," Brown said. "When they knocked on the door, the suspect came out, Mr. Holbert, firing a weapon."

A women walking down the street with her two children was struck by a stray bullet. The women was identified by her brother-in-law and he is angry.
Terry Bowen said he's angry about how the situation was handled.

"They jerked my little sister down the stairs and cut her arm," he said. "She couldn't walk down the steps. They don't need to get in that big of a hurry. They come to serve a warrant doing their job, and he goes and fires on them. Yeah, I understand. But, you know, they could have had the courage enough to tell everybody to stay in the house, or at least holler over here at her (Jennifer) and tell her to back up."

Shocking! His anger is directed at the police. And why shouldn't it be? Never mind that his sister-in-law was shot while walking with her two children and two police officers murdered on his block. No, he takes issue with police who rush his little sister out of the kill zone and she receives a cut on her arm as a result. Brilliant! You have a family member in the hospital, two children traumatize by seeing their mother shot and two murdered officers and the devastation brought on to their families and you're concerned about something that Bactine and a Band-Aid can fix. This is truly a police hater. Read the entire article

God Bless Deputy Sheriff Marvin Williams, Deputy Sheriff Robbie Chase Whitebird, their families and friends and the men and women of the Seminole County Sheriff's Office, Oklahoma.

LTs AND 55

Via CPLA website:


You have all heard about the FOP agreement regarding early retirement with medical coverage. We have had quite a few calls from Lieutenants requesting more information. We are meeting with the City attornies on 29 July 2009. At that time we hope to iron our a few problems that we have had with the City proposal. The plan we have been working on is similar to the FOP plan but has a few differences. We will have more information for you after our next meeting.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Via CPSA website


Our next contract meeting with the City is scheduled for 29 July 09. We will post an update after this meeting ASAP.

As noted in the current July issue of the Chevrons we have made significant progress in eliminating the restrictions the City had proposed for lowering the age for retiree health care coverage from the current age of sixty (60) down to age fifty (55). The City has agreed to withdraw their original requirement that a certain percentage of members had to agree each year to elect to retire in order to be eligible for insurance coverage. The City also agreed to expand the effective date of retirement from 01 December to 01 November, thereby allowing anyone who chooses to retire to be eligible for the COLA. The City is also willing to keep this provision in effect until such time as the next contract would be approved by providing for a successor agreement. A major concern is that this proposal is not structured with a termination date thereby making it a one time offer.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


From the FOP Grand Lodge website

Statement Of Chuck Canterbury, National President Fraternal Order Of Police In Response To President Obama's Comments On The Gates Case 07/23/2009

I am very concerned by President Obama's statement made last night in connection with the Gates matter. President Obama, in his remarks, stated that he had not been on the scene and did not know what had happened; having said that, he then characterized the arresting officer as having acted "stupidly".

Police officers, like all Americans, rely on President Obama's leadership to guide us through an extraordinarily difficult period of change in a variety of areas: to be successful in this effort, he will need the help and support of all of us. Statements of this nature, made without the facts, do little to narrow the void of distrust that too often separates the community from the men and women who work to keep it safe.

Sergeant James Crowley and the men and women of the Cambridge Police Department have our full support as they work their way through this matter.

In the short time he has been in office, President has taken a number of steps which have been very well received by the law enforcement community, such as additional funding for law enforcement grants, rejuvenation of the COPS Program, and a strong commitment to the Public Safety Officers Benefit Program, to name just a few. The President's Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security have actively solicited our counsel on public safety issues.

I have advised the White House and the Justice Department of my disappointment with the remarks, and look forward to an appropriate resolution.


Obama says regrets remark...

Calls white policeman who arrested scholar...
THE TAPES: 911, police audio key in Cambridge case;
Officials mull release of recorded evidence...
Cop Not Ruling Out Defamation Lawsuit Against Professor...
Obama 'Regrets' The 'Obsession' Over His Comments...


Nothing on CPSA website concerning agreement between city and FOP.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The website where Philadelphia coppers, and who knows whoever else, go to rant is under fire. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Chuck Ramsey has restricted access to on department computers. End of story, right? Wrong! You see the Patricia Hill of the Philly PD wants to go a step further and shut the site down completely.
The Guardian Civic League yesterday asked for a court order that not only blocks the site from department computers, but that also bans police officers from posting racially offensive material - even on their own time - and forces the site's founder to remove any offensive postings.

The civic league last week sued the department, the Web site, and its founder, an active-duty police sergeant, charging that the site contains hostile, racist material.

Civic league President Rochelle Bilal said yesterday that the Web site and its content are symptomatic of a police department with longstanding race problems.

According to the Civic league's website they are the Philadelphia chapter of the National Black Police Association. Read the whole article over at

Monday, July 20, 2009

Via CPSA website

On 15 July 09, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Mayor Daley stated that "he'll roll the dice and ask an independent arbitrator to dictate new contracts with police officers and firefighters who must do their part to help solve the city's financial crisis."

Prior to this statement by the Mayor, the City's negotiating team never proposed seeking arbitration. In fact, as recent as a few days prior to this announcement by the Mayor we had been attempting to schedule a negotiation meeting with the City in an effort to resolve our differences. Apparently the term negotiating in "good faith" only applies to us.

As of this date we have not been formally notified that the City is seeking interest arbitration. In fact, the City has yet to present a final proposal for our consideration.

We fully understand the current economic conditions the City is challenged with, but our members deserve a fair wage increase that reflects the cost of living in the City of Chicago. The City would like the public to believe that we are being unreasonable in our demands, but there are a few things the City and news reporters do not inform the public about; for instance that our members are being compensated at 2007 salary levels and that the City wants to maintain that wage level through 2012, additionally our members have a residency requirement that prevents them from moving outside the City in an effort to seek financial relief in the form of more affordable housing, educational choices for their children and lower tax rates.

It is our intention to meet with the City in an effort to continue negotiating and attempt to resolve our differences. If the City decides not to present us with a final proposal for our membership to consider and instead demands interest arbitration then we will take the necessary steps to address the City’s position.

John Pallohusky
President - CPSA

Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Support Our Troops"

A request by our friend Jim McMahon

Who: Chicago Fire Department Local 2 Bravest Baseball Club Hosts the U.S. Military All-Stars
What: Two nights of REAL Baseball
When: Friday, July 17th & Saturday, July 18th at 7:00 P.M.
Where: Standard Bank Stadium located at 14007 S. Kenton Avenue in Crestwood, IL. (Home of the Windy City Thunderbolts).
Why: For the benefit of raising funds and awareness for U.S.A. Cares.
Tickets: Buy one, get one free for a limited time from any CFD Bravest team member by calling Dan Sheahan at (773) 255-4719 or e-mail him at
You can also contact Jim Rice at the W.C.Thunderbolts Box Office. (708) 489-2255 Ext #2011
Frills: "Filler up Friday" - One dollar draft beer on Friday night only. Fun and games between innings. Fireworks following both games. Post game party at 115 Bourbon Street.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


According to one of our readers, a Ben & Jerry's just opened up on 111th St. across from Mt.Greenwood Park. Ben & Jerry's has been known for taking on many liberal and left leaning causes, but to support cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal goes beyond advocating hippie causes like earth day. I hope all our friends in the 22nd district, and elsewhere, boycott Ben & Jerry's as called for by the National FOP. Unfortunately Ben & Jerry's is not the only individuals/organizations that support Mumia.
List of supporters

If you are unfamiliar with the story of murdered Philadelphia Police Officer Danny Faulkner and his cold blooded killer Mumia Abu-Jamal please take some time to visit

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It appears that the last post by Second City Cop was yesterday 22 JUNE in the morning and the last comment was taken just prior to 5:00pm the same day.

In the meantime I will try and contact them and relay any info.

18th District


Sgt. James L Severin
PO Anthony N. Rizzato
On 17 July 1970, Sgt. James Severin and Officer Anthony Rizzato were cut down by sniper fire while assigned to a "Walk and Talk" program in the Cabrini Green housing development.

On Saturday 18 July 2009 at 10:am the 018 District will be hosting a memorial tribute
commemorating the anniversary of the line of duty deaths of Sgt. Severin and Officer Rizzato.

Included in the remembrance to these slain officers will be an unveiling in front of
the 018 District, of a permanent honorary street sign in their names by the surviving Severin
and Rizzato family members.

Help is needed to inform any involved present or former members, along with any
interested individuals of this memorial salute.

Please have interested individuals contact the
018 District community Policing Office (312 742-5778)
if they are attending to assist 018 in planning appropriate arrangements.

Attendees are invited to a light luncheon that will follow in the 018 District,
James L. Severin and Anthony N. Rizzato Community Room.

"All Gave Some because Some Gave all

Friday, June 19, 2009


Brigadier General Michael Walsh had the unfortunate duty of going before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee chaired by Barbara Boxer. I refuse to refer to her as Senator because bitch would be more appropriate.

What's Babs problem? Is it her utter contempt for the US Military? Or is it that "Ma'am" is too gender specific for her? Either way, Babs could use a dose of humility along with some manners. You see, the General has over 30 years of service to this country and deserves every bit of respect from her that she thinks she deserves from him. It is customary in the US Military to refer to all senior officers or civilian officials as "sir or ma'am". However, the General graciously complied with her demand that he refer to her as senator even though his referring to her as ma'am showed respect for her office. Come on Babs, even the Queen of England is referred to as "Your Majesty" or "Ma'am".
Barbara Boxer needs to get over herself and stop being a bitch.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Retirement of Deputy Chief Patrick J. McNulty

39 years of service to the day.
A boss who truly did have your back.
You will be missed.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I would like to share this email and picture that I received from a fellow sergeant.

Dear SCS,
I am a sergeant from an outside unit that worked the 7th district Monday night. I decided to travel up Hermitage on the 6000 block when I spotted a makeshift memorial at the edge of a vacant lot. I exited my vehicle to take a picture and to take a moment to reflect. I saw an erected wooden cross with 6-01-2009 written in black marker and a picture of murdered Police Officer Alex Valadez cut out from a newspaper and duct taped to the top. Flowers and various stuffed animals lay around the cross. As I returned to my car an older women came out of her house and wished me a good evening.
You have to remember that even in a place like Englewood there are people that appreciate what we do, its too bad that it takes the tragic murder of a young Police Officer for us to see it.

Thanks for the email sarge.

Sunday, June 07, 2009


Tribune columnist John Kass points out the insane facts that both Shawn Gaston and Kevin Walker were on the streets able to kill Police Office Alex Valadez.

Who can say whether Gaston and his alleged accomplice, Kevin Walker, are guilty? They'll have a trial.

And the defense will try to show that they couldn't possibly have known Valadez was a cop when the trigger was pulled.

But the repeat allegations of violations of probation aren't debatable. And FOP President Mark Donahue has written a letter to Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans, asking why Gaston and Walker were not in jail, but on the street. (Walker was on probation after pleading guilty to aggravated attempted armed robbery.)

If the people of this city only knew what takes place in these so called hallowed halls of justice.

Read the whole John Kass article here.

Friday, June 05, 2009


From FOP Lodge 7


Lodge President Mark Donahue issued the following letter to Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans of Circuit Court of Cook County. Shawn Gaston and Kevin Walker have both been charged with the murder of Chicago Police Officer Alejandro Valadez. The letter requests an explanation as to why these convicted violent criminals were released into society.
Letter to Chief Judge Evans

A letter is a nice start but we need more action.
What is Evans going to say? He has no control over these judges.
Start having press conferences, out these judges, educate the public.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Visitation: Friday, June 5, 2009 1500 to 2100 hours
St. Jude at 1900 hours
Blake and Lamb Funeral Home
103rd & Cicero
Oak Lawn, IL

Catholic Mass: Saturday, June 6, 2009 1000 hours
St. Bede the Venerable
83rd & Kostner
Chicago, IL

Interrment: Private


A You Tube link was sent to Second City Cop and this site depicting a nauseating crew of animals in Englewood talking about shooting the police. SCC posted it and it reminded me of a video I saw earlier this year from the garden spot of the city.

Brilliant, the idiot shows his face and then covers up after picking up an AK47.
These are the pieces of shit we face day in and day out. The citizens have to be educated in what we are up against.

Please be safe out there and back each other up.

Monday, June 01, 2009


On 1 JUNE 2009 at approximately 0030hrs, Alex Valadez was shot in the head while responding to a call of shots fired. Alex was transported by CFD to Stroger Hospital where at 1440hrs he succumbed to his wounds. At the age of 27 Alex was on the job for 3 years and was assigned to the 7th District. I understand that Alex had both a brother and sister who were both on the job.
My thoughts and prayers go out to the Valadez family and to the men and women of the 7th District.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Does anybody in Daley's staff ever prepare him for a press conference?
When asked about the time it took for a breathalyzer to be administered to an off-duty officer accused in a fatal hit and run, Daley responded:
Asked if officer Richard Bolling got favored treatment from fellow officers after his arrest, Daley said, "I hope not. I know the [police] superintendent will be looking into that as quickly as possible."

Reminded that the delayed test showed a blood alcohol level of .79, which is just below the legal limit, Daley said, "It would raise a question, yes. . . . They will have to investigate it. Definitely."

All he had to say was that he wasn't familiar with DUI arrestee processing and referred further questions to the superintendent. But no!!!! He continues on speaking without thinking and blurts out this gem.

Asked Tuesday whether the department is doing enough to weed out problem drinkers, Daley said, "You try to. [But] alcohol is always a problem for fire and police departments in the country in general. Any people in uniform, even in the military, it's been a problem as well."

He added, "People in stress positions, many of 'em take alcohol and many take drugs. . . . Especially today [with] a whole new generation. We think it was alcohol, but many times they do take drugs. That's what happens to people. . . . It's uncalled for. But remember — we have 14,000 police officers. He's just one of the [14,000].''

This idiot just smeared the images of policemen and firemen throughout the country and the United States Armed Forces. Do everyone a favor and just shut up!!!!
By the way, since when do we have 14000 policemen? The ramblings of a moron.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Detective Larry Miller of the Evanston, IL Police Department has taken up an admirable cause.


I am an 18 year veteran Police Detective with the Evanston, IL. Police Department. On March 21st, 2009 4 Oakland California Police Officers were murdered by Lovell Mixon. Days later there were crowds in the streets of Oakland calling this murderer a hero of the community. That incredible sight prompted me to act. I put together a simple fundraiser to help raise money for the now 10 fatherless children of these fallen Officers. I am selling "Support Oakland" t-shirts on my website 100% of the proceeds will be forwarded to the established trust funds for these children at the conclusion of this month. I have had great success up to this point however, I want a strong final push in these last few weeks. Could you please assist with mentioning this fundraising effort in some way? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,

Larry Miller
Evanston P.D.

You are doing God's work Larry.

Friday, May 08, 2009


The C.P.S.A. Membership has REJECTED the City’s proposed Post Retirement Medical Savings Plan (VEBA).

Number of ballots returned: 939 (72.5% )
Spoiled ballots: 7
Ineligible: 10
Ballots counted: 922
Number of votes to accept the proposed Plan: 34
Number of votes to reject the proposed Plan: 888

John Pallohusky
President - CPSA

Thank God!


I am finally back online. Tuesday morning we discovered that our internet was out and Comcast came out this morning getting us back up and running. I was able to use my Blackberry to post comments.

Friday, May 01, 2009


Via the CPSA website:
As of Tuesday 28 April 09 we have received 751 ballots. This is about 60% of those eligible to vote.

Ballots must be returned to the C.P.S.A. Office by Tuesday, 05 May 09.

Any active member who has not received their ballot or needs a replacement, please contact the CPSA Office to have a ballot sent out to you. You can also come to the C.P.S.A. Office during regular business hours (M-F) to cast your vote in person.

The C.P.S.A. Board voted 12 to 2, with one member not present to reject this Plan as presented by the City. We urged you to vote NO!



Well my site activity jumped this evening due to the apparent lock out at Second City Cop. I tend to believe that while someone was tweaking the site they accidentally limited viewership to those who are invited. I am pretty confident that they will be up and running before too long.

UPDATE: They're back!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Via the Tribune

Police officers protest Daley nephew pension investment deal
Dozens of Chicago police officers jammed a pension fund board meeting this morning to question a deal with a real estate investment firm involving Mayor Richard Daley's nephew.

In the past few months we have had a vote of no confidence for the Superintendent, a huge informational protest march at City Hall, a larger than normal turnout at the last FOP general meeting and now a packed meeting at the pension board. What has been the driving force for all this activism within the rank and file? Mayor Richard M. Daley!
The members of this department have a Superintendent that was brought in for image purposes by a Mayor that holds this department in contempt. The members of this department have been without a contract for nearly two years. The perception of impropriety exist when our grossly under funded pension monies are invested in a firm with ties to the Mayor's nephew.

In recent months, some Chicago police officers have been speaking out against the Daley administration to protest their continued lack of a new contract.

The Tribune writer is just touching the tip of the iceberg. The animosities that most members of this department feel toward the Mayor have been around long before I got on the job and they go deeper than just the lack of a contract.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009


Well it has been over two weeks since my last post. I seem to have hit a wall and can not come up anything to post about. I am more than willing to post on subjects that are suggested by the readers. One reader has suggested VEBA as a topic but I felt I covered it in a previous post.
Bear with me and thanks for your continued support.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I sent this e-mail to Chuck Goudie and Alderman Beale yesterday morning. So far, no response from either one of them.

From: McMahon351
Sent: 4/10/2009 12:14:54 A.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: To: Chuck Goudie and Anthony Beale

Someone just forwarded an e-mail to me with a link to a video of an I-Team Report: A Buried Treasure - 4/02/09 - Chicago News - by Chuck Goudie. This report interviews Anthony Beale, the 9th Ward Alderman from Chicago. Its subject discusses how the rank & file of Chicago’s Police and Fire Departments get issued a clothing allowance and duty availability pay somewhere to the tune of 4 to 5 thousand dollars a year. To paraphrase Alderman Beale, he feels this is excessive and should be taken away from these public servants to save the city money. He also claims there are no other places to cut city services to save money. I watched this blatant hypocrisy is disbelief and thought to myself, “This type of rhetoric doesn’t even dignify a response.” But I’m weak, so here ya go…..

Nothing could be further from the truth. Seeing that the roughly 18,000 men and woman of the Chicago Police and Fire Departments have been working without a raise or a current contract since 2007, the old worn out excuse that “we are currently in tough economic times” doesn’t hold any water any more. The economy was doing just fine back in 2007 and the Police and Fire Departments should have been given a contract with a raise back then, just like all of the other city departments did.

Of course everyone knows that an on time contract with a raise will never be a reality in Chicago because that would prevent Mayor Daley from earning millions of dollars in interest on the Policemen and Fireman’s money, and giving him the ability to eventually bribe them into accepting sub-standard raises with reduced benefits,……..with their own back pay. As is stands now, it would be fiscally irresponsible of the city to be fair with the Police and Fire Departments by giving them a timely contract. After all, who wouldn’t like access to all that interest free money to invest at their discretion and earn dividends for several years?

So where else can we save some more money in Chicago? That shouldn’t be too hard to do. Here’s a few suggestions we could start with;

• Eliminate 50% of the “top heavy” upper echelon jobs in ALL departments city wide.
• Reduce the astronomical maintenance costs of repairs and the destruction of millions of dollars in Police and Fire vehicles with all the out of control running of these rigs. Almost every Fire Apparatus in Chicago does about 15 runs a day responding to false alarms and non life threatening incidents. Without even factoring in the fuel costs for these responses, these vehicles come with a price tag of around $500,000 each and will only last a few years because they’re too big, too heavy, and not built for this kind of abuse. It would make perfect sense to have 2 men respond in a small $25,000 SUV or pickup truck to most of these EMS calls to scope them out first, and 95% of the time they wouldn’t even have to call for additional manpower.
• Make the abusers of these city services pay for this, not the taxpayers.

Now let’s compare 2 major American cities’ and see how much money we can save on our Aldermen;
The City of Chicago is approximately 228 square miles with a population of about 2,837,000 people. If the population of all areas were equal, this would give Chicago a population density of about 12,443 people per square mile. It is broken into 50 political Wards with an Alderman in each Ward, serving about 56,740 Constituents each.
With a base salary of over $110,000 and an expense account of $73,000, that puts them at about $183,000 per year without benefits or pension expenses. Not too bad for a part time job!

New York City is approximately 305 square miles with a population in all 5 Boroughs of about 8,275,000 people. If all of their areas were equal, this would give it a population density of about 27,131 people per square mile. It is broken into 51 political districts with a City Councilman in each one, serving about 162,255 Constituents each. They are earning somewhere around $112,000 per year, and in addition to that some also receive stipends with the highest one being somewhere around $28,000.

In square miles, New York City is a little more than one third larger than the City of Chicago is, it has almost 3 times the amount of people living there with over twice the population density, yet they manage to get by just fine with only 51 City Councilmen. What? Is this true? How can this be? Let’s look at this for a minute, shall we?

Here’s the numbers;
Chicago has 50 Wards, serving 56,740 people each, for a total of 2,837,000 people.
New York City has 51, serving 162,255 people each, for a total of 8,275,005 people.
These numbers are fairly accurate and I’d encourage anyone to verify them.

Now let’s look at this a different way;
If Chicago has 50 Wards, but has to serve 162,255 people for each Ward like New York City does, they could serve 8,112,750 people. But we don’t have anywhere near that many people, do we? No we don’t! So why don’t we just eliminate 32 of these part time Aldermen and let the remaining 18 serve 162,255 people each? That would total up to 2,920,590 people, which is much more like it. And I’m sure this is doable because Chicago ’s Aldermen get a substantially higher salary than their east coast counterparts do, and I don’t know of any City Councilman in New York City that has been worked to death yet,…… you? I doubt it, but the worst that could possibly happen is our Aldermen might have to work a little closer to 40 hours a week like the rest of us.

In summary, Chicago’s Alderman are paid more than 2.5 times the salary for doing a part time job, than a Police Officer or Firefighter earns for working full time, under some of the most hazardous and deadly conditions imaginable. The truth of the matter is that we could very easily get by with 18 Aldermen, and eliminate 32 without ever missing them. Wow, that’s about 65% less Aldermen and nobody would die, nobody would be without city services, and I’ll bet that nobody would even notice. I’d like to see what would happen in Chicago if you eliminated 65% of the Police and Firemen. And at $183,000 per year, not including benefits and pension calculations, Chicago would save at least $5,856,000 annually on this simple budget cut alone. Oh look at that Alderman Beale, I found somewhere to cut some more “city services” without any negative results and don’t forget, “we ARE currently in tough economic times!”

And while I’m at it, here’s a few more facts;

While in the performance of their duty, I have never heard of any City Council member:
Saving anyone’s life
Prying anyone out of a wreck
Chasing an armed criminal down a dark alley
Working to total physical exhaustion
Running into, or on top of a burning building
Getting paralyzed
Getting 2nd and 3rd degree burns
Getting disfigured
Diving into the lake, river or lagoon at night… all seasons
Had someone die in their arms
Putting dead victims in body bags
Getting buried in a building collapse
Comfort an abused child
Catch a communicable disease
Being exposed to deadly carcinogens and other health hazards
Subjected to random drug and alcohol screening
Shot at, stabbed, spit on or assaulted
Getting killed in the line of duty

But I do know of thousands of Police and Fireman that have, and do all these things on a daily basis without hesitation, and all they’ve ever asked for is a little respect and a living wage to raise their families with. The average person couldn't, or wouldn't do these jobs effectively, and would never even consider putting themselves in harms way and risk their life for someone they don't even know, not for any amount of money.

Before anyone passes judgment on the members of the Chicago Police and Fire Departments, I’d challenge them to see if they could last one week alongside these dedicated men and women, and just stay with them, no matter what, and do what they are asked to do, in a moments notice! This challenge extends to every Citizen, Journalist, Alderman, or any other politician in the City of Chicago, including our Honorable Mayor, Richard J. Daley.

Jim McMahon
Retired Lieutenant
Chicago Fire Department

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I received this link from a reader via email.
Please feel free to send me links that you feel would be of interest.
Email me at

Vote Rosanna Pulido for Congress on April 7th!

A message from Rosanna:

This special election presents a window of opportunity to send a conservative voice to Washington — someone who will fight for the families and freedoms that are currently under attack. But I am just a regular citizen. I don’t have the support or financial backing of a huge, corrupt party behind me — that’s why I need people like YOU behind me.

And because this is such a rare opportunity, it’s crucial that we all exercise our right and responsibility to make our voices heard. April 7th is right around the corner. I encourage you to participate fully in this election, and to remind your family and friends in the 5th District to do so as well.

Friday, April 03, 2009


Good news from the Lieutenants Association
This morning the VEBA ratifications ballots were counted. 240 ballots for ratification were sent out to our member Lieutenants. 179 eligible Lieutenants ballots were returned and counted. The totals are 39 votes to ratify the VEBA Plan and 140 votes not to ratify the VEBA Plan. The Plan is not ratified.


The men and women of FOP Lodge 7 had an outstanding show of unity today. I know for a fact that plenty of sergeants were on hand despite the decision of the CPSA board.
Early on my greatest fear was that turnout would be low and that the city and the superintendent would view this as their victory. I based this fear on my past experiences as an active member of Lodge 7. There were many events that membership was encouraged to attend but the end results were little to be desired. Today was a different day and many factors influenced its success, the arrogance of the mayor, a vote of no confidence in our superintendent, the logistics of the FOP and the advocacy of Secondcitycop. Also Chuck Goudie pissed off a lot of people with his "coincidence in timing" hit piece. All the mentioned factors created the perfect storm. Will this get the city to move forward on contract negotiations? I couldn't say but you would have to hope that a handful of aldermen whose constituents made up that crowd was paying attention.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Our Board at the CPSA decided that it wasn't in our best interst to follow the lead of the lieutenants and captains and support the men and women of FOP Lodge 7.

Due to our ongoing contract negotiations, the Executive Board of the CPSA has voted not to participate in the upcoming “informational picketing”. The CPSA Executive Board fully understands the frustrations that have prompted the other police unions to take this action, but at this time we believe the interests of the members of the Chicago Police Sergeants’ Association are best served by the ongoing negotiation process.

John Pallohusky
Chicago Police Sergeants' Association

Secondcitycop wrote a blistering post
My response as sent to the comment section:

How right you are! I am saddened and disappointed in the decision taken by the CPSA to not take a stand in support of the men and women of the FOP. It is not only the lack of support of a brother union but these folks are our friends, neighbors and in many cases our family members.
I was pleased to see that the Lieutenants and Captains stepped up and showed their support for this cause. Despite my bargaining units decision I have and always will support the men and women of the FOP and I am certain that most if not all sergeants (non-board members) do. See you all at City Hall.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


"The taxpayers have been very, very good to public employees….Your neighbor-he or she is out of a job. Their son and daughter graduated from college [and] cannot get a job…This is a very tough economic time and public employees have to understand that. This is the real world."

Get something straight Mr. Mayor, it is not the taxpayer that the rank and file has a problem with. No sir! It is you! How are your neighbors and friends doing Mr. Mayor? I know some of them are in prison but what about the others?

Like Walsh Construction?

As for the $12.3 million, $5.5 million of it will be used to replace concrete pavement on Runway 10/28. The remaining $6.7 million will pay to widen and relocate Taxiway M, which runs parallel to O’Hare’s busiest runway.

The project is shovel ready because it’s already been bid. The lowest responsive bidder was Walsh Construction, a politically-connected company with two generations of ties to the Daley family.

Walsh was chosen earlier this month to build the third and final runway in Phase One of the O’Hare expansion project. That $79 million contract brought Walsh’s share of the O’Hare expansion gravy train totalled nine contracts valued at $372.6 million.

The taxpayers, that would be us, have provided the revenue so that the city is able to build new police stations and buy new police cars. The replacement of an aged fleet is not done as a favor to the police officer but has economic justification. The maintenance of an aged fleet far out weighs the cost of purchasing new vehicles. The building of new police and fire stations is done in most cases to replace 80 and 90 year old buildings. Maintenance and operation cost of these museums cripple the budget. And since we need to replace these buildings I'm sure a well connected or two construction companies lands a lucrative contract. Now why don't you get real?


In case you have not seen this email. I'll leave out the name of the sender.


I urge you to not vote for VEBA. The City is the only one making out on this health plan, in my opinion. It is the City's way of getting out from paying for a health plan when you retire. The plan will be funded by you and those that follow you. There is no guarantee that the hours that you are required to contribute to the plan will not go up from 40hrs. to an even higher percentage later. There is no guarantee that the pay percentage, 1.5%, that you are required to contribute will not go up - remember that our present health benefits started under a $1 and look what it is now. There is no guarantee that the plan fee paid to Nationwide will not go up also.

The Lts. and Capts. are already voting on this measure. Please read the attached files. Two Lts. offer some valid points that does not make this plan by the City a good deal for them (Lts. and Capts.) or us (Sgts.) as all three ranks would be bound by the same agreement, if agreed to. I made notes in the margin of one document as to what I thought; you may or may not agree. Remember it is not the majority of participants in each rank that determine if each rank will participate in the plan, but a majority of those voting. If you don't vote, you have no say. I repeat, if you don't vote, you have no say.

In my opinion there are other points to consider: The plan is based on the hours set forth as written now and the number of participants. What if the City decides to cut back on the number of participants in each rank? Will that mean that the rest of the participants will have to make up the difference with higher contributions, due to either attrition or not filling vacancies? This of course is not addressed. And just what is the City's contribution during the life of the health plan on a monthly, quarterly, yearly basis or on a participant's involvement? Does the City make a blanket contribution or a contribution based on the salary level of the participants? Remember also that you will need 40hrs. now in the bank to pay for this plan on a yearly basis. If you are one of those sergeants that has very few hours on the books because you may take off for a variety of reasons, you will be forced to burn Baby Furlough Days and Personal Days to take off till that 40hrs. is contributed. Why has the City unilaterally decided who will administer this plan and not allow the participants have input as to what entity should administer the plan? Why hasn't the City offered the Capts., Lts., and Sgts. the opportunity to seek other similar plans that are on the market? If you like dealing with BC/BS or HMO, how much more fun will it be dealing with Nationwide and the IRS? This health plan proposal was left over from the previous contract. Why did it take the City so long to bring it up again and why is the City in a rush to get it finalized?

Please take the time to read the attachments and ask questions to make an informed decision should you be asked to vote on this proposal.

I feel compelled to give my opinion on this one. The negatives, as I see them, are more glaring than the positives.
I am a person who holds hundreds of hours in comp time as opposed to a person who holds thousands of hours. Some may view this as a higher initial cost to the person with thousands of hours and others may view it as a bigger opportunity to save. Each and every one of us would be impacted differently.
keep in mind that there are no guarantees that your contribution of comp time and or payroll deduction will not increase.
The city does not contribute one penny but decides who manages your money.
If you die and have no qualified dependants ( you are divorced/widowed and children are grown} your money will be placed in the fund. No beneficiary can be named.
There is nothing voluntary about this plan, once in, there is no way out.
Thanks but no thanks.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Sgt. Ervin Romans, Sgt. Daniel Sakai, Sgt. Mark Dunakin and Police Officer John Hege.

Friday, March 27, 2009


FOP Lodge 7 to picket city hall Thursday 2 APR 09 when IOC members arrive to visit the city. Transportation will be provided. Click link for more info.

Transportation will be made available for all members who wish to attend this rally. All buses are scheduled to leave the listed locations on Thursday, April 2, 2009 at 9:30 am.

006th District 016th District - Habetler Bowl
008th District Area 3
022nd District Area 4
Area 5

Chicago Police officers will picket City Hall during International Olympic Committee visit

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Michael J. Lazzaro

Via Sun-Times

Pension funds may not cooperate on subpoena

At their last meeting, trustees for the police fund voiced opposition to the subpoena. They're meeting again today. An attorney for another city pension fund has contacted Inspector General David Hoffman's office to say its trustees also plan to refuse his subpoena, according to sources who would not identify that fund.

Many officers and detectives are outraged by the investment, which they view as a political favor to Daley's family. Officer Mike Shields was recently elected as a trustee on a platform criticizing the deal.

At the last trustees' meeting, he supported cooperating with Hoffman, pointing out that the pension is funded with officers' salaries and taxpayer money. But fellow trustees strongly disagreed, sources said.

Care to explain Sgt. Lazzaro? I would love to give you the opportunity to explain why you feel that the investigation by Hoffman should be stonewalled. Why does the trustee for the patrolmen, Mike Shields, have no fear in opening up the books to the IG?

UPDATE: In the comment section Sgt. Mike Lazzaro gave his explanation as to why he did not believe Hoffman had any legal standing in subpoenaing the funds records.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


From the PB&PA site

Proposed Post Retirement Medical Savings Plan
The City of Chicago has proposed a VEBA (Voluntary Employee Benefit Association) Plan for all Active Sergeants, henceforth, referred to as the "Plan". The purpose of this Plan is to provide members an opportunity to pre-fund the costs of their health care during retirement. This proposed Plan is exactly the same plan that has been presented to the Captain's and Lieutenant's for their consideration.

In order for this Plan to be implemented it will require the approval of the active membership. Each active sergeant will have the opportunity to cast their vote to either approve or reject the Plan. Ballots will be mailed to each member's residence. THIS IS AN EXTREMELY IMPORTANT ISSUE AND YOUR VOTE IS VERY IMPORTANT. This Plan will either be approved or rejected based on the majority of votes cast from the ballots that are returned. This Plan, if approved will make it mandatory that all active sergeants participate. IF APPROVED, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO OPT OUT OF THIS PLAN. This Plan has financial requirements and each active sergeant needs to evaluate how it will affect them and their families.

Please review the attached files carefully so that you will be able to make an informed decision. If you are not able to download the documents or would prefer a hard copy, please contact any elected representative of the Chicago Police Sergeants' Association. You can also contact the C.P.S.A. at 773-376-7272 and request a copy.

I have outlined some key points of this proposed Plan. Please refer to the attached documents for more detailed information.

The City's Benefits Committee has selected Nationwide Retirement Solutions as the vendor to provide recordkeeping, investment, claim payment and related services to the VEBA.

The City will not be making an employer contribution at this time.

The proposed Plan is entirely funded by the employee.

Contributions go in on a tax-free basis and are disbursed for qualifying expenditures on a tax-free basis.

If the Plan is accepted, participation is mandatory. In other words, everyone is required to be in the plan year after year.

The proposed Plan has three major components.
A mandatory payroll deduction equal to 1.5% of the employee's annual base salary will be deducted on a pre-tax basis each pay period.
Beginning 01 January 2010 each employee will contribute an amount equal to the value of the first forty (40) hours of accumulated non-FLSA compensatory time that the employee earned during the prior calendar year at the employee's hourly rate at the end of the prior calendar year. Additional restrictions apply. Please refer to attached PDF titled "Final Second Amended Memorandum of Understanding", Section 5 (ii).
The hourly equivalent of ten percent (10%) of the employee's accumulated non-FLSA compensatory time as of 31 December 2008 shall be frozen and moved into the VEBA account in two equal amounts. This is a one time provision at the time the Plan is implemented. Additional restrictions apply. Please refer to attached PDF titled "Final Second Amended Memorandum of Understanding", Section 5 (iii).

Upon the member's termination of employment or retirement, the member may use his/her account assets to pay for qualified health care expenses incurred by the member or his/her dependents. If a member dies without legal dependents, the assets in the account will be treated as investment earnings that shall be allocated to the accounts of all other participants in a non-discriminatory manner. You cannot designate a beneficiary under the Plan. The City will provide all members with the option of purchasing additional group term life insurance separate from the Plan on an employee-pay-all basis. This term life insurance will be provided through Prudential Life Insurance Company.
In the upcoming weeks we will hold informational sessions at the C.P.S.A Office located at 1616 W. Pershing Road. The times of these sessions will be staggered with morning, afternoon and early evening hours so as to provide an opportunity for any member to obtain answers to questions they may have. I will post the dates and times of these sessions on this site as soon as they are scheduled. I will also post a notification when the ballots are mailed out.Once again, please take the time to evaluate this proposed Plan and how it will impact your financial future.


John Pallohusky
President - CPSA

Please read the above info carefully and make an informed decision.


A press release from the
For Immediate Release 25Mar2009

For confirmation contact Mary Beth Sheehan (773-393-8687)


Let this release serve as notice that the South Side Irish St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee is not planning to stage a parade in its present form in March of 2010.

This decision was not arrived at lightly. For 31 years, this parade was a staple of the Beverly/Morgan Park and Mt. Greenwood communities – a celebration of faith, family and heritage that was cherished by thousands. Founded in 1979 by the Hendry and Coakley families, it was intended to instill in this community an appreciation for the Irish heritage that so many of its residents share.

This parade was an eagerly anticipated annual event which celebrated families, many of whom have created decades long traditions that we hope will endure. But what began as a neighborhood parade is now an event of international proportions. More than 300,000 people typically flock to the Beverly area each year, and the sheer volume has become more than the neighborhood can reasonably accommodate. With these numbers comes a collection of issues that strain both the host community and those individuals charged with effectively managing the crowds. Additionally, the amount of resources required to launch the event has become overwhelming to the community.

The Committee would like to thank the tens of thousands of parade faithful who supported this event for more than 30 years. The multigenerational families who turned out along Western Avenue each year, along with the fine organizations featured in the Line of March, were the essence of what made this parade so special. We would also like to thank the Chicago Police Department for the effort they put into managing the ever-growing crowd while working to maintain the dignity of the event.

While we regret the need to alter such a fine tradition, the Committee feels that suspending the South Side Irish Parade in its present form is the just and responsible thing to do. It is our hope, however, that this will not mean an end to the neighborhood’s annual celebration. The Committee will work to create a series of alternate events that will return us to what the parade’s founders had in mind – a neighborhood-friendly celebration of Irish heritage. Please look for news of our plans later this year.

Thank you for your support,

The South Side Irish St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee

Common sense has finally prevailed. A commenter on the previous post had a hard time with those who felt the need to rid the south side of this parade. He referred to an opposing commenter as a "pud" and anyone who didn't want to attend as one less asswipe that he had to worry about. According to your logic the whole committee must all be puds and we as a community have several thousand asswipes we don't have to worry about anymore.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Chicago Olympic Bid Slips To Last Place

CHICAGO (CBS) ― Hopes and preparations for the 2016 Olympics have been dominating public discourse and city planning for more than two years, but now, the latest ranking of the four finalist cities for the games shows Chicago has now slipped into last place.

And then this...
Tokyo Continues to Lead Tight Race:'s BidIndex
Chicago recorded the only BidIndex decline since the last update in November allowing Madrid to leapfrog ahead into third. Both are very close to the leaders and remain important factors in the race. Madrid scored 58.73 (up 0.10) while Chicago tallied 58.37 (down 0.41).

“This is an exceptional race. For 2016, BidIndex hasn’t revealed any clear division between the candidates. It seems that all four bids are equally qualified to come in first – as well as last place in the voting”, explained Producer Robert Livingstone.

For the previous 2012 Summer Games bid, BidIndex scores clearly illustrated a division between the frontrunners London and Paris (London beat Paris on the final ballot) and also-rans New York and Moscow (both eliminated on early ballots) – reflecting reality.

While hundreds of factors are combined to determine a city’s BidIndex, Chicago’s recent decline could be blamed in part on record-high estimates for sponsorships, especially during the current economic crisis when sports sponsorships are on the decline. This combined with the fact that Chicago is the only candidate without 100% public government guarantees, might make the city a tough choice for the cautious.

Additionally, the recent reshuffling of United States Olympic Committee leadership might leave an IOC member or two feeling alienated in a campaign where personal relationships are extremely powerful. It’s likely that ballots will be won or lost on margins of just one or two votes.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Read Mark Donahue's press release concerning "No Confidence" vote on Jody Weis. FOP PDF

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


A heads up from a reader for those who intend on attending this years parade.

Sunday is the Southside Irish Parade. Oak Lawn and the Ill State Police will have a DUI checkpoint on 111th st between Pulaski and Cicero. The surrounding Suburbs (Evergreen Park, Alsip, Blue Island, and Oak Lawn will have will have approximately 50 to 70 Ill State Police working DUI enforcement in the area. I can not give exact numbers because I don't want this coming back to me. As we know many Officers and their families go to this event and indulge in a "POP" or two. People need to keep in mind that with the new changes in DUI laws, a refusal to blow is an automatic one year suspension. For the Police that means no-pay status for that year. This info is not being given out to help anyone who decides to drink and drive avoid a DUI, but rather to hopefully avoid a big mess for themselves, their family and the department. Please leave the car at home and avoid being headline news monday.

I have no way of confirming this but if the end results are less drunk drivers then BRAVO!

Last year I made it no secret that I have finally had enough of seeing drunks pissing on lawns, girls squatting in alleys and 16 year olds toting coolers of beer as if this was "their" right of passage. Granted the east side of Western is suppose to be for families, however the sights and smells of the west side of Western can still overwhelm. This parade was created years ago by local kids riding their bikes through the neighborhood and over the years it has degenerated to a public display of bad drunken behavior. 20 years ago this didn't bother me but then again I didn't have small children. No, this Irishmen and his children will not be partaking in this years festivities along Western Avenue.

I hope that all of you that do attend have a wonderful time and please be responsible.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Mayor Richard Daley and his wife went to Singapore in 2006 on a private jet furnished by a student loan charity that provided funding for Maggie Daley's employer at the time.

According to CBS News, the Daleys were frequent passengers aboard the jet that belonged to EduCap, a Washington-based, not-for-profit loan group.

Federal tax records show that EduCap donates millions of dollars a year to the Academy of Achievement, a non-profit group that paid Maggie Daley $100,000 in 2006 and $50,000 in 2007. Tribune

That reminds me, I just received my Board Of Ethics 2009 Statement Of Financial Interest form in the mail. Go figure.
Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.