Tuesday, June 02, 2009


A You Tube link was sent to Second City Cop and this site depicting a nauseating crew of animals in Englewood talking about shooting the police. SCC posted it and it reminded me of a video I saw earlier this year from the garden spot of the city.

Brilliant, the idiot shows his face and then covers up after picking up an AK47.
These are the pieces of shit we face day in and day out. The citizens have to be educated in what we are up against.

Please be safe out there and back each other up.


Grammar Gal said...

I am appalled, and disgusted by this video, shot on the Southside of what has long been called, "THE CITY THAT WORKS", "THE CITY WITH BIG SHOULDERS".

What we have today is "THE CITY RUN BY A LITTLE DICK".

My heart and prayers are with the family of Officer Valadez.

Where is the Mayor's heart? And does he even pray anymore?

How can he not give police officers a proper contract and raise?


Anonymous said...

Superintendent Jody Weis live on the Roe Conn Show, WLS 890 AM at 1600hrs today.

Call in and let our voices be heard about the manpower crisis, no contract, unfair disciplinary system and lack of training and equipment.

Anonymous said...


In relation to the murder of Officer Valadez, you have not highlighted how strapped up these two dogs were. They had a long barrel carbine and two pistols.

This could have ended much worse than it did. These two dogs were strapped up bigtime and could have engaged multiple coppers and killed many more.

Thank God that things didn't end even worse for us.

We need more coppers on the bricks NOW before more of us are murdered.

Anonymous said...

5th Ward Alderman Leslie Hairston sounded pretty damn good to this Caucasian, ethnic voter. It is time that the City Council begins to represent their constituents and not be a rubber stamp for the bilking of our pockets.

You were right on the money today questioning these hokey public asset sales.


Could you do a post encouraging all readers to contact this alderman and encourage her to continue onward and to support fair and equitable contracts for the CPD and CFD???

5th Ward Alderman: Leslie Hairston. • Ward Office: 2325 E. 71st Street. Chicago, IL 60649. • Ward Phone: 773-324-5555. • E-Mail: lhairston@cityofchicago.org

The people of Chicago are sick of it, we need CHANGE.

Anonymous said...

If any of you think you're going to get "fair and equitable" out of Hairston, think again! Leslie was doing what she does oh so well, posturing for the cameras!

Leslie could give a rats ass about what goes on in the CPD; the only thing she's concerned about is that EB doesn't toss another woman half her age in her face! Who do you think managed to get downtown B promoted all the way up to Chief of OCD? Do you think he got that because of his charm? Check the dried saliva in EBs shorts, it will lead back to her office on E 71st st!

Time To Swear Out A Search Warrant said...

Did any of you "leaders" scribble down the temp plate on the back of that Chevy at the end of the video and pass it on in roll call in 007 for officer safety reasons? I didn't think so. That's a BIG part of what's wrong with this department...you "trained observers" didn't even notice that.

Oh, by the way, I got the information and it has been disseminated.

Anonymous said...

David Hoffman for Mayor in 2011!!

Anonymous said...


The asshole with the AK is LEWIS, Cornell, IR # 1347743. Resides at either 410 E. 43rd Street or 1238 W. 74th St. Was pinched 13 May 09 for UUW by 007 Tact. As I suggested in my earlier post, I simply paused the video, ran the temp plate and got his name. A quick Data Warehouse search confirmed dummy's identity...right down to the MOB tattoo on his neck. Did you guys get this info that I forwarded to 007? If not, please pass this on now. Thanks and besafe out there.

And thank God for stupid savages.

Anonymous said...

At least these guys carry a better weapon than that M4 rifle. An AK always hits harder and needs a lot less care than an AR.

Anonymous said...

Wow. How many "N" bombs did that over educated gentleman drop?

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.