Sunday, June 07, 2009


Tribune columnist John Kass points out the insane facts that both Shawn Gaston and Kevin Walker were on the streets able to kill Police Office Alex Valadez.

Who can say whether Gaston and his alleged accomplice, Kevin Walker, are guilty? They'll have a trial.

And the defense will try to show that they couldn't possibly have known Valadez was a cop when the trigger was pulled.

But the repeat allegations of violations of probation aren't debatable. And FOP President Mark Donahue has written a letter to Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans, asking why Gaston and Walker were not in jail, but on the street. (Walker was on probation after pleading guilty to aggravated attempted armed robbery.)

If the people of this city only knew what takes place in these so called hallowed halls of justice.

Read the whole John Kass article here.


Grammar Gal said...

SCS, as we well know, the courts of Chicago are just as corrupt as the City Council and the Mayor.

Everyone is looking to US Attorney Pat Fitzgerald to 'right the wrongs'.

Who's zoomin' who, when judges let known criminals back out on our streets? I want, and demand from Mayor Dick'em Daley, a "SAFE" city, not a sanctuary city.

Ultimately, it is we, us, who allowed these savages back on the streets. We approved judges, we voted for the mayor, the president.

Do I feel safe, here, in the 24th? Not necessarily, and not at night. I have heard here, in my 2 and a half years, shots fired in the middle of the night, and at times, constant sirens of the CPD, which I can distinguish from those of private ambulances.

BTW, I am the daughter of a now-deceased Milwaukee detective who was a past-president of St. Jude's League there. Oh, and weren't those the days, when I felt special and safe, because my Dad was a copper? But, SCS, times change. Humanity has changed, hasn't it (or the lack thereof)?

In my very humble opinion, I feel the CPD MUST march again, MUST protest against what Mayor Dick'em Daley has done, and is doing, to the City of Chicago--in regard to the safety of its citizens.

Dick'em Daley--may his time come--soon. He has done more to decrease your CPD's morale in the last five years than I can possibly articulate.

I am so in sympathy upon the death of your brother, Officer Valadez. Keep faith with you--all who are police. Please.

We, the citizens of Chicago, need you, badly.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Simply put, Judges and States Attorneys have no interest in our community or our safety.They are all looking to their future. All attorneys want easy convictions to log for their resume for judgeship or private practice and judges are looking to their retirement. if you think that a attorney really has your best interest, you are a fool. they only have your best interest when it is in their best interest.

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.