Friday, June 29, 2007


Chicago police shot and wounded a person on the city's Far South Side early today.

The shooting occured shortly after midnight in the 11400 block of South Stewart Avenue, in the city's Roseland neighborhood, Officer Hector Alfaro said. He had no immediate details on the circumstances of the shooting or the condition of the patient.

Hope all is well with those involved.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Texas death row inmate,Patrick Knight, did not manage to come through on his promise to tell a joke during his last statement.
Randall County Sheriff Joel Richardson, who watched Knight die, said the joke plan seemed to be a ploy by Knight to draw attention to himself.

"Despite all the hype about his joke, it turns out he's not much of a comedian," he said. "He's simply an executed cold-blooded killer."

And this one from Oklahoma
In Oklahoma, authorities executed a terminally ill man who, according to his lawyer, has been told by doctors he likely would die of cancer within six months anyway. Death penalty opponents have called the execution of two-time killer Jimmy Dale Bland pointless, while prosecutors have said Bland's health was no reason to show him mercy.

Gotta love Southern justice!


Lt’s Promotion Exam: UPDATE 26 June 07
We are, along with our attorneys still evaluating what options are available to us to address several unresolved issues. Prior to the re-test on 23 June 07 our attorneys did inform the Court Appointed Federal Overseer of our concerns regarding this examination process.

We have been informed that 415 applicants participated in the re-test conducted on Saturday 23 June 2007.

Several of our members who participated in the re-test conducted on Saturday 23 June 2007 have expressed concerns about equipment malfunctions, technical problems and procedural problems while taking the test.

Any sergeant who believes they have an issue that needs to be addressed is encouraged to once again, do the following:
Prepare a DETAILED To / From Report stating what the problem was. Vague or general issues cannot be evaluated properly.

Forward TWO (2) copies to:
Lt. Lyle Myers
Personnel Division – Unit 123
Once received, Lt. Myers will forward one copy to the Human Resource Division. The second copy will be date and time stamped and returned to the initiating sergeant for their record.
PLEASE do not delay in submitting your To / From Report.
In addition, please forward a copy to the C.P.S.A.


Inter-Dept Mail:
Unit 545

U.S. Mail:
1616 W. Pershing Rd.
Chicago, Il 60609


John Pallohusky
Chicago Police Sergeants’ Association

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lt’s Promotion Exam: UPDATE 22 June 07; 1215hrs.

The Illinois Appellate Court has DECLINED our appeal to issue an injunction against the City enjoining the City from administering the retest of the oral assessment portion of the promotional examination scheduled for 23 June 2007.


John Pallohusky
Chicago Police Sergeants’ Association

Friday, June 22, 2007


Douglas County's Chief Deputy Tommy Martin was shot twice, according to Emery. Deputy Martin was shot in the face and torso and is in stable but critical condition at Carle Foundation Hospital. Douglas County Sheriff Charlie McGrew said Deputy Martin came out of his first surgery late this afternoon and a second one will follow. He is still in critial but stable condition, McGrew said.

Our thoughts and prayers go out Chief Deputy Tommy Martin.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


In 2003 the city began installing red-light cameras at intersections that had high incidences of traffic accidents. Originally 10 cameras where installed and as of last month 39 exist city wide. There are plans to have 70 cameras operating by years end. There is no doubt these cameras generate enormous amounts of revenue,$19.8 mil in 06, but the primary purpose is to save lives. Or is it?
"We believe that the red-light cameras have been very effective in changing dangerous driver behavior for the better," said Kevin Smith, a spokesman for the Office of Emergency Management and Communications. "We believe they encourage people to drive more safely."

Kevin Smith over at OEMC may truly believe what he is saying, but the aldermen see revenue and nothing is going to get in the way of that. It seems that Cobra has developed a warning device to alert a driver when he is approaching an intersection equipped with a red-light camera. This would appear to have the same effect as the goal stated by Kevin over at OEMC. And that goal is a safer intersection.
Joe Blow has one of these devises in his car and he approaches 55th and Western, "beep-beep-beep" Joe slows down on the yellow and comes to a complete stop on the red. Is this a problem? Damn right it is! If Joe wasn't warned he may have run the light a little late and got himself a nice $90 ticket in the mail.
Ald. Edward Burke (14th) announced Thursday that he will seek to ban the new technology.

And Burke threw off any pretense that the cameras' primary purpose is to reduce the number of traffic accidents at dangerous spots where motorists run reds.

Funny thing is none of us were naive enough to really believe it was about safety, but the intentions of Burke and Co shows their true motives.$$$$$$
Read the whole story in the Tribune

Lt’s Promotion Exam: UPDATE 21 June 07; 1830hrs.

Our Attorneys have presented our case to the Illinois Appellate Court. We have requested that the Appellate Court issue an injunction against the City enjoining the City from administering the retest of the oral assessment portion of the promotional examination scheduled for 23 June 2007. We are awaiting the decision.

As soon as the Court rules we will post the decision.


John Pallohusky
Chicago Police Sergeants’ Association

Lt’s Promotion Exam: UPDATE 19 June 07

On Tuesday 19 June 07 our case was before the Honorable Judge Bernetta D. Bush in Cook County Circuit Court – Chancery Division. Case NO. 07-CH-13182.

Judge Bush ruled in favor of the City. Judge Bush refused to allow our attorneys to conduct a preliminary hearing and produce evidence to support our case. The Judge basically ruled that the City could do whatever they want when it comes to the promotional and examination process.

At the time of the hearing we presented to the Court 347 Affidavits signed by our affected members.

In court the City’s Attorneys stated the following:

51 of the original tests had technical problems.
None of the tests had been scored.
The City’s Attorneys stated this is a fair process. Additionally, there is the 30% meritorious process available to every eligible candidate.
Our Attorneys are in the process of requesting an emergency hearing in the Illinois Appellate Court Division. The purpose of this is to block the scheduled re-test on 23 June 2007.

Once again, I would urge all of our members to contact their respective elected officials and express their concerns regarding the promotional and examination process. This is the only way to effect change.

I want to thank all of our members who were able to attend today’s hearing in support of our case.


John Pallohusky
Chicago Police Sergeants’ Association

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Today you wake up and are the new Superintendent. You have to make 5 changes that you believe will improve the Department. What would you change?
Oh and politics need not be considered!

My Apologies.....The last set of comments sent in were accidentally deleted. If you would be so kind to resubmit them I would appreciate it.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Well the Mayor spouts off about what we should or shouldn't be doing and before you know it Charlie Williams is creating memos. So far this year coppers on 1st and 3rd watch have written just over 11,000 curfew citations compared to 12,900 citations written for all of last year.
"Police are gonna enforce the curfew. ... Police are gonna start cleaning the corners. Don't complain to them because, if there's a drive-by shooting, you'll complain afterwards."

The men and women of 1st and 3rd watch have done their job with less officers in patrol and yet his grandstanding at a news conference will cause Charlie Williams to spring into action and demand more.
Maybe you should give a DOC Award to the officer with the most curfews written in the level 2 DOC. Better yet how about a curfew ribbon!


Sorry "kids" but I will no longer publish your North Side vs. South Side war of words.


The above headline is how it should have been written but instead it reads like this,
Man shot dead by Chicago police
The Tribune not only creates an inflammatory headline but contributes to the ignorance of the average reader as to options available to policemen.
Two Deering District officers responded at about 4:45 p.m. to their home on the 4500 block of South Wood Street and saw the man holding a pipe and a cleaver, police said Deputy Chief Michael Shields. The officers told the man to drop his weapons, and when he didn't, they sprayed him with chemical spray, he said.

The man then lunged at the officers with the weapons, causing both to shoot him, Shields said.

and then the questioning of the officers judgement is called by the "offenders" girlfriend.

"They didn't have to shoot him as much as they did," she said. "They could have found some other way to disarm him."

and the split second required to find that "other way" is never brought up by the Tribune only the babbling of the dead mans girlfriend.

Council delays vote on police standards reform

Rookie aldermen lead challenge to mayor's plan
Four aldermen -- Bob Fioretti (2nd), Pat Dowell (3rd), Howard Brookins (21st) and Joe Moore (49th) -- used a parliamentary maneuver to delay consideration of the ordinance.

The new structure would take OPS out of the Police Department and make it a separate city department with subpoena power and a chief administrator who reports directly to the mayor. Fioretti questioned how independent the agency would be if it's still under the mayor's thumb.

Daley reacted angrily, "Who should it be -- the pope? I'm the mayor. . . . Schools are my responsibility. Why can't police be my responsibility?"

Talk about a no win situation!

PB&PA Lt’s Promotion Exam: UPDATE 14 June 07

The Honorable Judge Bernetta D. Bush has set the following date to hear our case.

Presiding Judge: Bernetta D. Bush
Case NO. 07-CH-13182
Court Room: Richard J. Daley Center – Rm 2008
Date: Tuesday 19 June 2007
Time: 10:00 a.m.

So far we have received approximately 300 affidavits. I encouraged all of our affected members who are available, to attend this hearing.


John Pallohusky
Chicago Police Sergeants’ Association

We are making Affidavits available to anyone that is eligible to participate in the re-test. If you have not already received this Affidavit and are interested in obtaining one it is available via email as an attachment or by contacting the Chicago Police Sergeants’ Association at 773-376-7272.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Lt’s Promotion Exam: UPDATE 10 June 07
There is apparently a rumor circulating that our lawsuit was dismissed in court last Monday 04 June 07. THIS IS NOT TRUE. In fact, last week our attorneys amended our original complaint. Our case is still pending in the Cook County Circuit Court – Chancery Division before the Honorable Judge Bernetta D. Bush.

We are making Affidavits available to anyone that is eligible to participate in the re-test. If you have not already received this Affidavit and are interested in obtaining one it is available via email as an attachment or by contacting the Chicago Police Sergeants’ Association at 773-376-7272.

Once again, as soon as a hearing date is set we will post it. If there are any questions, please contact the C.P.S.A. via email or directly M-F from 0830 to 1600hrs.


John Pallohusky
Chicago Police Sergeants’ Association

Monday, June 11, 2007

Good Job

Chicago Cop Rescues Woman From Lake Michigan

CHICAGO, Ill. (STNG) -- A woman is in critical condition Sunday morning after she was saved by a Chicago police officer Saturday night when she took a plunge into Lake Michigan during an apparent suicide attempt near Burnham Park on the near South Side.

The Prairie (21st) District bike officer was on a routine patrol near the 31st Street beach pier when someone approached him reporting that they saw a woman jump into Lake Michigan, according to Prairie District Lt. Kathleen Scanlan.

The 27-year-old woman jumped into the water, at 3100 S. Lake Shore Dr., saying she was going to kill herself about 10:30 p.m. Saturday, police News Affairs Officer Amina Greer said.

The bike officer jumped into the freezing water and with the help of other Prairie district officers and a detective was able to rescue the unconscious woman from the water, Scanlan said.

The woman was taken to Mercy Hospital and Medical Center in critical condition, Greer said. The bike officer, who has been a Chicago police officer for 10 years, was also taken to an area hospital for treatment of hypothermia and bumps and bruises he suffered pulling the woman out of the water, Scanlan said.

He was released from the hospital and sent home by 2:30 a.m., the lieutenant said.

Friday, June 08, 2007


Earlier in the day Mark Donahue appeared on CLTV NEWS and discussed the impending expiration of the contract. The news story focused on a proposed 24% pay increase implemented over 4 years. Donahue pointed out that the department has a tough time attracting qualified candidates and money being the key issue. Also mentioned was a $3000.00 a year city of Chicago cost adjustment.
Of course the money issues are the only ones that the media would find of interest. However, I went over to the FOP Lodge 7 site and found a link to the contract proposal summary to find out what was also being put out there.
Key things the lodge is proposing:
(aside from money and discipline)
FTO's to D2A
FTO's to get 45 minutes
All 25 districts to be training districts
10 hour days for rapids on 2nd & 3rd watch
6 on 3 off for all others except administrative (not 2080 hours folks)
16% meritorious for Detective promotions
Test site north of Madison and test site south of Madison
Test graded and results same day as test
working day furloughs
Me too clause with Fire Department and Supervisors
and more at the FOP site..........

Monday, June 04, 2007

Lt’s Promotion Exam: UPDATE 04 June 07

Our case is scheduled to be heard before the Honorable Judge Bush in the Chancery Division of Cook County Circuit Court. Once a date is set by Judge Bush to hear the case we will post it.

I urge any of our affected members, who have not yet done so to contact the Chicago Police Sergeants’ Association A.S.A.P. at 773-376-7272 for details concerning this lawsuit.


John Pallohusky
Chicago Police Sergeants’ Association

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Clout helped build flawed luxury homes
City missed defects in Bridgeport Village plans

By Laurie Cohen and Todd Lighty:
Clout at ground floor
Early on, the development appeared to be stalled.

The partners were no lightweights: John Kinsella, a longtime Daley supporter and former chief executive of the advertising agency Leo Burnett; Sidney Diamond, a novelty candymaker; and Snitzer, a real estate developer.

Still, they didn't have the City Hall access they needed. Ald. James Balcer (11th), whose blessing was required for the project to proceed, had refused for a year to even discuss it, according to Snitzer's suit.

Court documents now show that the project's dealings with the city began to click after Kinsella brought in as an adviser Timothy Degnan, an 11th Warder and former top aide to the mayor, to steer the project through official channels. Degnan's business associate, Thomas DiPiazza, was hired as a consultant, to be paid up to $1.3 million..........
Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.