Friday, June 15, 2007

PB&PA Lt’s Promotion Exam: UPDATE 14 June 07

The Honorable Judge Bernetta D. Bush has set the following date to hear our case.

Presiding Judge: Bernetta D. Bush
Case NO. 07-CH-13182
Court Room: Richard J. Daley Center – Rm 2008
Date: Tuesday 19 June 2007
Time: 10:00 a.m.

So far we have received approximately 300 affidavits. I encouraged all of our affected members who are available, to attend this hearing.


John Pallohusky
Chicago Police Sergeants’ Association

We are making Affidavits available to anyone that is eligible to participate in the re-test. If you have not already received this Affidavit and are interested in obtaining one it is available via email as an attachment or by contacting the Chicago Police Sergeants’ Association at 773-376-7272.


Anonymous said...

More charges for cop accused of thefts

June 14, 2007

BY ERIC HERMAN Staff Reporter
Embattled Chicago Police Officer Jerome Finnigan was charged with 10 more felonies Wednesday alleging he and two other cops stole $450,000 from a man.

Finnigan, 44, already faces felony charges stemming from his alleged activities on the Chicago Police Department's elite Special Operations Section. Six other SOS officers have also been charged.

The officers are accused of breaking into homes without warrants and stealing cash and valuables. On Wednesday, Assistant State's Attorney David Navarro presented evidence of another incident that allegedly occurred on Sept. 18, 2004.

Finnigan and two other SOS officers stopped and searched a man at a gas station near Central and the Stevenson Expy., Navarro said. The three officers "coerced the victim" into giving them his home address -- and then the officers took the man's cell phone, driver's license and car keys, Navarro said.

While one officer stayed with the man, the two others went to his house in the 4900 block of South Luna in unincorporated Cook County, Navarro said.

Pleads not guilty
"Finnigan and the other officer gained entry to the victim's home without warrant or probable cause," Navarro said. Finnigan and the other officer "ransacked" the man's home, Navarro said. The officers found no drugs or contraband but did find "several plastic shopping bags holding approximately $450,000 in cash," Navarro said.
Prosecutors have documents showing the money came from the sale of land in Mexico, he said.

The officers later split the money three ways, Navarro said. Finnigan broke the man's cell phone in half and threw it into the I&M canal, he added.

Michael Ficaro, Finnigan's lawyer, said his client had received 199 commendations during his 18-year police career. Finnigan pleaded not guilty to the new charges, which include armed violence and armed robbery. Prosecutors say the SOS investigation is ongoing, and the seven accused officers are awaiting trial.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us informed. This is a lot more reliable than the "official" means of communication.

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.