Friday, June 15, 2007


Well the Mayor spouts off about what we should or shouldn't be doing and before you know it Charlie Williams is creating memos. So far this year coppers on 1st and 3rd watch have written just over 11,000 curfew citations compared to 12,900 citations written for all of last year.
"Police are gonna enforce the curfew. ... Police are gonna start cleaning the corners. Don't complain to them because, if there's a drive-by shooting, you'll complain afterwards."

The men and women of 1st and 3rd watch have done their job with less officers in patrol and yet his grandstanding at a news conference will cause Charlie Williams to spring into action and demand more.
Maybe you should give a DOC Award to the officer with the most curfews written in the level 2 DOC. Better yet how about a curfew ribbon!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Sgt. Larry Knasiak 008 on his last day with the CPD. May you live to draw 1000 checks.
God Bless you Lar !

Anonymous said...

Funny, the 007th District keeps having seatbelt missions that are cancelled due to the homicide or shooting. Why whould that be? Hmmmmmmmm. Maybe because the coppers could be actually answering calls and handling the shitheads on the street instead of writing parkers? You know they are ineffective, stop the insanity!!!


Naw, the city is blaming man power shortage on limited duty officers and rolling the numbers in with convalescent officers. Read the memo of the policy change presented to FOP in May and sent to the exempts with an effective date in June. You can find it if your interested on our blog. No telling how far they have gotten but word is some officers have already been affected, but there's no policy change, right.

Anonymous said...

To Sgt. Larry KRAZIAK---

I enjoyed our time working together in 008 and afterwards our little discussions at the gas pumps and our favorite resting spot. Sorry to see you go but I'm glad that you got what you want. Take care of yourself and the next time I see you I will accept that Miller Lite and as many as we can put away.

Sgt. Jim Taylor

Anonymous said...

I'll be a Lt. this time next week, YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

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