Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lt’s Promotion Exam: UPDATE 21 June 07; 1830hrs.

Our Attorneys have presented our case to the Illinois Appellate Court. We have requested that the Appellate Court issue an injunction against the City enjoining the City from administering the retest of the oral assessment portion of the promotional examination scheduled for 23 June 2007. We are awaiting the decision.

As soon as the Court rules we will post the decision.


John Pallohusky
Chicago Police Sergeants’ Association


Anonymous said...

Just want to make a quick comment her, and for the record I’m a Sergeant.

Relating to the Lieutenant’s test…
I think the Union is only addressing this half-way. They aren't fighting for new questions to be administered!!!

I took the test and had no technical difficulties. On the day of the test though, I did hear several complaints about some simple things like the tape recorder malfunctioning and a laptop shutting down and needing to be rebooted. I really don’t care that there are several candidates that need to be retested. I think they did the right thing by asking for anyone who had TECHNICAL problems to come forward and put it on record. I also think in the spirit of fairness, those who did come forward and have documented cases of technical problems (You know the proctors will have it documented too), should have an opportunity to take an oral portion again. However, I think that a NEW oral portion should be created (At the cost of the testing company) and re administered to the “51” who had problems. Giving the same question is an outrage! Yes, everyone has the opportunity to take it again, but, 1) Why should I have to and 2) Why is everyone getting a second chance, even though they didn’t have a documented technical issue. The answer to #1 - In order to compete with those who now have the answers, #2 - Well, I guess therein rests the opportunity for scandal, and the fuel for the conspiracy theorists. The only fair process would be to retest the “51” with a new oral and let the other grades stand. I don’t know what mine is, I’m sure someone does, but I did what I did on the day of the test. So did everyone else! Hold the grades until the “51” are tested and graded and promote the winners (And the 30% of course).

Back each other up and use the resources we have available. Apply the right resources and we’ll win, just use the power of the pen and be able to justify whatever you do. We can lawfully do much more that we ever do, and it’s ok, just justify it! Never let anyone ride on a job alone- your presence means more than you think.

Anonymous said...

Well? any ruling yet?

Anonymous said...

Well? Any ruling as to the injunction against the re-test?

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