Friday, June 15, 2007


The above headline is how it should have been written but instead it reads like this,
Man shot dead by Chicago police
The Tribune not only creates an inflammatory headline but contributes to the ignorance of the average reader as to options available to policemen.
Two Deering District officers responded at about 4:45 p.m. to their home on the 4500 block of South Wood Street and saw the man holding a pipe and a cleaver, police said Deputy Chief Michael Shields. The officers told the man to drop his weapons, and when he didn't, they sprayed him with chemical spray, he said.

The man then lunged at the officers with the weapons, causing both to shoot him, Shields said.

and then the questioning of the officers judgement is called by the "offenders" girlfriend.

"They didn't have to shoot him as much as they did," she said. "They could have found some other way to disarm him."

and the split second required to find that "other way" is never brought up by the Tribune only the babbling of the dead mans girlfriend.


Anonymous said...

Another great headline from the Tribune "Man slain by police". Another dude who attacked two officers. xGive me a break.

Anonymous said...

"They could have found another way to disarm him." Did you you fucking ungrateful cunt? No, you called us. Why? If you could have disarmed him, then you should have. Sorry to dishearten you idiot liberals. It is not our job to get hurt or killed in the line of duty. We take that risk, but we are afforded common sense (unless your star is gold) and training that teaches us to get out of harms way, but to try to help. I WILL not intentionally die for you and leave my family fatherless. Get that in your head. I take that risk every day I put on this uniform and everyday I step into a squad car. I risk my life and my families future, but my job is to protect myself, my family, and the pubic. In that order. If you don't like it, make us expemt from lawsuits like prosecutors. Until that time, FUCK OFF. You get more service than you deserve as it is. If you don't want us to kill your "HOmey, Friend, Spouse" who has a weapon, DON'T CALL." Trust me when I tell you, very few officers want to kill anybody. I can't say nobody, because just like the rest of society, we have some sick twigs on this department. We get sued everytime. NO matter what. If we shoot someone we always get sued. Nobody wants that. Ot is a last resort and only a last resort. We would rather be sued than dead. Think about it. If you don't like it, deal with it yourself.
Sick of this bullshhit!

Anonymous said...

The press is not our friend. They could give a shit about us or anyone else except to sell their rag of a newspaper.

Anonymous said...

"find another way to disarm him"???????

Next time you give up your honey pot to another loser, sweetheart. Handle you dumb shit yourself and leave us out of it!!!

Anonymous said...

Next time you give up your honey pot to another loser...

I was there, that was one big-ass honeypot.
When I looked at the dead offender in the alley, I could have sworn his mouth had a half smile on it.

2 P/O's did an excellent job out there, and most important, they went home without any injuries..

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.