Thursday, July 30, 2009


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On Wednesday 29 July 09 we had a contract negotiation meeting with the City. Several issues were discussed, including reducing the age from 60 to 55 for retiree health care benefits. As many of you are aware the FOP recently reached an agreement with the City over health care benefits. Previously we reported that we had made significant progress in eliminating the restrictions the City had proposed to us for lowering the age for retiree health care benefits from the current age of sixty (60) to age fifty ( 55).

After much discussion and several counter proposals the City’s final offer resulted in a memorandum of understanding for health care benefits that is contingent on ratification by the CPSA membership of the City’s complete contract proposal.

Read the whole letter at CPSA

From the Lieutenants association:
Today the City made their final contract offer to our negotiating committee. The CPLA Board will be meeting early next week to review the proposal. We will then be scheduling dates for Informational Meetings for you to attend on both the North and South side as we have done in the past. After that we will then be sending you your ballot.

The major news is we have worked out an age 55 retirement with insurance benefit. There are differences from the FOP plan. It is tied to the entire contract and not a stand alone issue. It would become effective immediately upon ratification of the proposed contract by voting members of the CPLA.

I do not have more for you at this time as I just got back from our meeting. We need to study the City's offer and we will be preparing highlights for you as well as providing more details as soon as possible.

I plan to get you complete copies of the proposal as soon as I can.

Thank you,
Bob Weisskopf
President, CPLA

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Chicago gets federal aid for police
Vice president Joe Biden and attorney general Eric Holder announced the grant awards Tuesday morning in Philadelphia.
Chicago will get more than $13 million to be used toward creating and/or preserving 50 police officer positions.
50 new coppers (if that's what they do with the money) will hardly make a dent in the existing manpower shortage that we have been experiencing for several years now.

The NYPD applied for funds for about 2,000 officers and officials hoped enough money would be awarded to hire 200. The nation's largest department has 35,600 officers, a number that will shrink in coming months because academy classes were canceled.

2000!!! Wow! And just earlier this evening I had heard a story by Rick Levanthal of Fox News state that the NYPD was down about 3000 coppers since 9/11. (sorry can't find a link).
The Justice Department decided the most worthy cities were those that faced serious budgetary problems and those that have relatively high crime rates, and determined that New York is less needy by both measures


An update on Densey Cole at MyFOXChicago.Com.
I'm glad Densey had the opportunity to tell people his story about that day.

Best wishes to Densey, his wife and the rest of his family.

I have received far to many comments that appear to be infighting between who knows who and frankly I think it's disgusting. this post is closed to any further comments.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Two Seminole County Deputies were murdered while serving a warrant.

Ezekiel Holbert, 26, was jailed on murder complaints, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Jessica Brown said.

Holbert was in his mother's home, 503 N Second St., about 3 p.m. when she called authorities, Brown said.

"She found out he was inside. He was not welcome, so she called Seminole County deputies," Brown said. "When they knocked on the door, the suspect came out, Mr. Holbert, firing a weapon."

A women walking down the street with her two children was struck by a stray bullet. The women was identified by her brother-in-law and he is angry.
Terry Bowen said he's angry about how the situation was handled.

"They jerked my little sister down the stairs and cut her arm," he said. "She couldn't walk down the steps. They don't need to get in that big of a hurry. They come to serve a warrant doing their job, and he goes and fires on them. Yeah, I understand. But, you know, they could have had the courage enough to tell everybody to stay in the house, or at least holler over here at her (Jennifer) and tell her to back up."

Shocking! His anger is directed at the police. And why shouldn't it be? Never mind that his sister-in-law was shot while walking with her two children and two police officers murdered on his block. No, he takes issue with police who rush his little sister out of the kill zone and she receives a cut on her arm as a result. Brilliant! You have a family member in the hospital, two children traumatize by seeing their mother shot and two murdered officers and the devastation brought on to their families and you're concerned about something that Bactine and a Band-Aid can fix. This is truly a police hater. Read the entire article

God Bless Deputy Sheriff Marvin Williams, Deputy Sheriff Robbie Chase Whitebird, their families and friends and the men and women of the Seminole County Sheriff's Office, Oklahoma.

LTs AND 55

Via CPLA website:


You have all heard about the FOP agreement regarding early retirement with medical coverage. We have had quite a few calls from Lieutenants requesting more information. We are meeting with the City attornies on 29 July 2009. At that time we hope to iron our a few problems that we have had with the City proposal. The plan we have been working on is similar to the FOP plan but has a few differences. We will have more information for you after our next meeting.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Via CPSA website


Our next contract meeting with the City is scheduled for 29 July 09. We will post an update after this meeting ASAP.

As noted in the current July issue of the Chevrons we have made significant progress in eliminating the restrictions the City had proposed for lowering the age for retiree health care coverage from the current age of sixty (60) down to age fifty (55). The City has agreed to withdraw their original requirement that a certain percentage of members had to agree each year to elect to retire in order to be eligible for insurance coverage. The City also agreed to expand the effective date of retirement from 01 December to 01 November, thereby allowing anyone who chooses to retire to be eligible for the COLA. The City is also willing to keep this provision in effect until such time as the next contract would be approved by providing for a successor agreement. A major concern is that this proposal is not structured with a termination date thereby making it a one time offer.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


From the FOP Grand Lodge website

Statement Of Chuck Canterbury, National President Fraternal Order Of Police In Response To President Obama's Comments On The Gates Case 07/23/2009

I am very concerned by President Obama's statement made last night in connection with the Gates matter. President Obama, in his remarks, stated that he had not been on the scene and did not know what had happened; having said that, he then characterized the arresting officer as having acted "stupidly".

Police officers, like all Americans, rely on President Obama's leadership to guide us through an extraordinarily difficult period of change in a variety of areas: to be successful in this effort, he will need the help and support of all of us. Statements of this nature, made without the facts, do little to narrow the void of distrust that too often separates the community from the men and women who work to keep it safe.

Sergeant James Crowley and the men and women of the Cambridge Police Department have our full support as they work their way through this matter.

In the short time he has been in office, President has taken a number of steps which have been very well received by the law enforcement community, such as additional funding for law enforcement grants, rejuvenation of the COPS Program, and a strong commitment to the Public Safety Officers Benefit Program, to name just a few. The President's Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security have actively solicited our counsel on public safety issues.

I have advised the White House and the Justice Department of my disappointment with the remarks, and look forward to an appropriate resolution.


Obama says regrets remark...

Calls white policeman who arrested scholar...
THE TAPES: 911, police audio key in Cambridge case;
Officials mull release of recorded evidence...
Cop Not Ruling Out Defamation Lawsuit Against Professor...
Obama 'Regrets' The 'Obsession' Over His Comments...


Nothing on CPSA website concerning agreement between city and FOP.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The website where Philadelphia coppers, and who knows whoever else, go to rant is under fire. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Chuck Ramsey has restricted access to on department computers. End of story, right? Wrong! You see the Patricia Hill of the Philly PD wants to go a step further and shut the site down completely.
The Guardian Civic League yesterday asked for a court order that not only blocks the site from department computers, but that also bans police officers from posting racially offensive material - even on their own time - and forces the site's founder to remove any offensive postings.

The civic league last week sued the department, the Web site, and its founder, an active-duty police sergeant, charging that the site contains hostile, racist material.

Civic league President Rochelle Bilal said yesterday that the Web site and its content are symptomatic of a police department with longstanding race problems.

According to the Civic league's website they are the Philadelphia chapter of the National Black Police Association. Read the whole article over at

Monday, July 20, 2009

Via CPSA website

On 15 July 09, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Mayor Daley stated that "he'll roll the dice and ask an independent arbitrator to dictate new contracts with police officers and firefighters who must do their part to help solve the city's financial crisis."

Prior to this statement by the Mayor, the City's negotiating team never proposed seeking arbitration. In fact, as recent as a few days prior to this announcement by the Mayor we had been attempting to schedule a negotiation meeting with the City in an effort to resolve our differences. Apparently the term negotiating in "good faith" only applies to us.

As of this date we have not been formally notified that the City is seeking interest arbitration. In fact, the City has yet to present a final proposal for our consideration.

We fully understand the current economic conditions the City is challenged with, but our members deserve a fair wage increase that reflects the cost of living in the City of Chicago. The City would like the public to believe that we are being unreasonable in our demands, but there are a few things the City and news reporters do not inform the public about; for instance that our members are being compensated at 2007 salary levels and that the City wants to maintain that wage level through 2012, additionally our members have a residency requirement that prevents them from moving outside the City in an effort to seek financial relief in the form of more affordable housing, educational choices for their children and lower tax rates.

It is our intention to meet with the City in an effort to continue negotiating and attempt to resolve our differences. If the City decides not to present us with a final proposal for our membership to consider and instead demands interest arbitration then we will take the necessary steps to address the City’s position.

John Pallohusky
President - CPSA

Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Support Our Troops"

A request by our friend Jim McMahon

Who: Chicago Fire Department Local 2 Bravest Baseball Club Hosts the U.S. Military All-Stars
What: Two nights of REAL Baseball
When: Friday, July 17th & Saturday, July 18th at 7:00 P.M.
Where: Standard Bank Stadium located at 14007 S. Kenton Avenue in Crestwood, IL. (Home of the Windy City Thunderbolts).
Why: For the benefit of raising funds and awareness for U.S.A. Cares.
Tickets: Buy one, get one free for a limited time from any CFD Bravest team member by calling Dan Sheahan at (773) 255-4719 or e-mail him at
You can also contact Jim Rice at the W.C.Thunderbolts Box Office. (708) 489-2255 Ext #2011
Frills: "Filler up Friday" - One dollar draft beer on Friday night only. Fun and games between innings. Fireworks following both games. Post game party at 115 Bourbon Street.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


According to one of our readers, a Ben & Jerry's just opened up on 111th St. across from Mt.Greenwood Park. Ben & Jerry's has been known for taking on many liberal and left leaning causes, but to support cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal goes beyond advocating hippie causes like earth day. I hope all our friends in the 22nd district, and elsewhere, boycott Ben & Jerry's as called for by the National FOP. Unfortunately Ben & Jerry's is not the only individuals/organizations that support Mumia.
List of supporters

If you are unfamiliar with the story of murdered Philadelphia Police Officer Danny Faulkner and his cold blooded killer Mumia Abu-Jamal please take some time to visit
Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.