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According to one of our readers, a Ben & Jerry's just opened up on 111th St. across from Mt.Greenwood Park. Ben & Jerry's has been known for taking on many liberal and left leaning causes, but to support cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal goes beyond advocating hippie causes like earth day. I hope all our friends in the 22nd district, and elsewhere, boycott Ben & Jerry's as called for by the National FOP. Unfortunately Ben & Jerry's is not the only individuals/organizations that support Mumia.
List of supporters

If you are unfamiliar with the story of murdered Philadelphia Police Officer Danny Faulkner and his cold blooded killer Mumia Abu-Jamal please take some time to visit


Anonymous said...

when will we see a contract update on the sgts union website? may 30th was the last....

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think Oberweis is better.

Anonymous said...

I work in 22 and this liberal, murderer backing outfit better make sure that they follow every rule, law and traffic law that's on the book. We WILL be up their asses.

Justice for Danny Faulkner.

Anonymous said...

Take a gander at the 60655 blog. You will be sickened to see how many residents of a predominantly 'police and fire' neighborhood have called this boycott stupid (in so many words). It's under the open post below Gina dwyers benefit info. Breaks my heart. No support even from our own neighbors.

Anonymous said...

How about we check the permit they don't have, and are working in there? How about I am sure they are not using city licensed contractors? How about we stay loyal to Mount Greenwood and leave our business with the Guy who was born and raised in Mount Greenwood, who takes excellent care of the Mount Greenwood Community? The Guy who gives to the block parties, benefits, and any kids that come into his shop!

Anonymous said...

SCS, why would you post the pic of the B&J cup with Obama's likeness on it? Obama has never voiced support for Mumia. I know it's hard for a lot of people to accept the fact that the face of the White House has changed, but it has, and there's no turning back.
It's best to get over it, and quit with the pointless tirades. The voters of America have spoken. Give the man a chance; he can do no worse than the idiot he replaced, and most Americans are betting he can (and will) do better.


TO: Above

The picture of the President on the Ben & Jerry's carton has nothing to do with mumia but everything to do with the liberal causes that B&J wrap themselves around. And talk about getting over it! You cant even stop bashing the previous President. Please! If you liked Jimmy Carter. then you're going to love this guy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey SCS!!!! WAY TO GO! When are we going to get over the fact that not ALL americans voted for and have to like our current president. Guess what Jul 07, 11:12 pm, some americans actually liked President G.W. Bush and for you to call him an idiot is not only ignorant, but is very disrespectful! This country would still be picking up pieces of itself if not for G.W. Bush, and we would well be on our way to speaking Arabic as well. Yes the voters have spoken, but guess further to the fact that this president will NOT be the president forever, even though you believe the face of the white house has changed. We all hope the country will do better, but the country will never change as long as we have LIBERALS like yourself in power!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish we still had GWB in the White House. I'll support Obama for being President of the our Country and the greatest country ever created by God but look at all the campaign promises Barack has broken already and the scary thing is that the seat isn't even warm yet!! Now he has Al Franken in his Congress!!!

Anonymous said...

I really think the picture of OUR President on the Ben & Jerry cup is tacky. I would expect a little more class from this website. President Obama has not stated support for Mumia. He is our hometown hero! GWB left this country a total wreak!! I still don't understand why he and his whole cabinet wasn't arrested. Our current President is doing his best to help get us out of this mess. Get over the race issue please and show a little more respect.


TO: Fri Jul 10, 10:50:00 PM


That's a good one.

For a second I actually thought you were serious.

Anonymous said...

Ben and Jerry sold their business and name a long time ago. They don't even appear on the supporter list.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I really think the picture of OUR President on the Ben & Jerry cup is tacky. I would expect a little more class from this website. ...He is our hometown hero! ... Our current President is doing his best to help get us out of this mess. Get over the race issue please and show a little more respect.

Fri Jul 10, 10:50:00 PM

I think the picture of Our president on a nun's sweatshirt in a Catholic church during mass is foolish.

I think the picture of Obama bowing to a Saudi king is foolish.

I think the picture of Obama standing with his hands folded during the pledge of allegiance is foolish.

I think the picture of Obama refusing to wear an American flag pin is foolish.

I think the picture of Obama, when he realized he might win, flip-flopping and THEN wearing the American flag pin is foolish.

I thnk the picture of Obama telling Africa that they are getting $63 billion from the U.S. taxpayers (yesterday) is foolish.

Obama is NOT a hometown hero! He is a media celebrity elected by foolish half-wits who think that putting us another $63 billion in debt will "help us get out of this mess." How exactly will that one work?

YOU get over the race issue. Black, white, yellow or brown, Obama is a joke of a president. History will look back on the Dummycrat voters of 2008 and say "Man were those people foolish!!"

Anonymous said...

10JUL, 10:58, why don't you show a little respect for a real president. Guess What, the reason for our country's plight is not Geowge Bush, it's the fault of democrats like our current president who tossed this country into the toilet! Oh, i'm sorry, it was not our current president, BECAUSE HE WAS NEVER THERE!!!!!!! Taking the tax-payer's money for doing NOTHING!! Next time you look in the mirror, and take a great look, you will see the face of a LIBRIAL who has lost touch with reality!

Anonymous said...

"Guess What, the reason for our country's plight is not Geowge Bush,"

No- deregulation starting under Reagan and continued by Clinton- rolling back the regulations/protections that served this country well for decades after the First Depression. GW just accelerated it by getting into a war with Iraq and SPENDING, SPENDING, SPENDING huge amounts of money on the war in Iraq instead of using those resources find Bin Laden in Afghanistan-BIN LADEN who really ordered the attack on this country-not Saddam Hussien. GW also cleverly made the cash for funding the Iraq war not part of the national budget but rather as special spending bills.

Google I.O.U.S.A. or check it out on youtube- educate yourself as to what really happened.

Real Republicans like Dwight Eisenhower or Barry Goldwater would be appalled as GW's nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Heard a rumor that the city- instead of meeting the demands of the sergeant's union' lawsuit on the last screwed up test- is planning to throw out this lts test and offer a new one in 2011.

Any truth to it?

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