Thursday, July 30, 2009


On Wednesday 29 July 09 we had a contract negotiation meeting with the City. Several issues were discussed, including reducing the age from 60 to 55 for retiree health care benefits. As many of you are aware the FOP recently reached an agreement with the City over health care benefits. Previously we reported that we had made significant progress in eliminating the restrictions the City had proposed to us for lowering the age for retiree health care benefits from the current age of sixty (60) to age fifty ( 55).

After much discussion and several counter proposals the City’s final offer resulted in a memorandum of understanding for health care benefits that is contingent on ratification by the CPSA membership of the City’s complete contract proposal.

Read the whole letter at CPSA

From the Lieutenants association:
Today the City made their final contract offer to our negotiating committee. The CPLA Board will be meeting early next week to review the proposal. We will then be scheduling dates for Informational Meetings for you to attend on both the North and South side as we have done in the past. After that we will then be sending you your ballot.

The major news is we have worked out an age 55 retirement with insurance benefit. There are differences from the FOP plan. It is tied to the entire contract and not a stand alone issue. It would become effective immediately upon ratification of the proposed contract by voting members of the CPLA.

I do not have more for you at this time as I just got back from our meeting. We need to study the City's offer and we will be preparing highlights for you as well as providing more details as soon as possible.

I plan to get you complete copies of the proposal as soon as I can.

Thank you,
Bob Weisskopf
President, CPLA


Anonymous said...

supervisors quarterly checks will be pensionable in new contract

Anonymous said...

ot rumor is captains will be assigned to areas to approve arrest reports
lieutenants will run district roll calls and field operations

pilot programs in 5 and 20 prove districts can operate with a desk sgt. in charge of station and field lt. on the street to handle crime scenes , monitor vehicle pursuits etc.

Anonymous said...

both of you should keep dreaming!

Anonymous said...

lieutenant's board came out against accepting their contract? Anyone know the details?

Anonymous said...

Weird- why do the sgts and lts sites always take forever to update with current information!

Promises, promises!

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt be approving any changes to disciplinary procedures (ie: that "random alcohol testing") and recording of OPS & IAD statements that will come back to fuck you over in the long run.

Anonymous said...

"ie: that "random alcohol testing") "

They have the power to order you to blow anyway-what's the differenct. You shouldn't be coming to work drunk anyway.

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