Saturday, July 25, 2009


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Our next contract meeting with the City is scheduled for 29 July 09. We will post an update after this meeting ASAP.

As noted in the current July issue of the Chevrons we have made significant progress in eliminating the restrictions the City had proposed for lowering the age for retiree health care coverage from the current age of sixty (60) down to age fifty (55). The City has agreed to withdraw their original requirement that a certain percentage of members had to agree each year to elect to retire in order to be eligible for insurance coverage. The City also agreed to expand the effective date of retirement from 01 December to 01 November, thereby allowing anyone who chooses to retire to be eligible for the COLA. The City is also willing to keep this provision in effect until such time as the next contract would be approved by providing for a successor agreement. A major concern is that this proposal is not structured with a termination date thereby making it a one time offer.


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From BLOG 501:

As a result, although CPD may request that a new exam be developed, the final decision lies with DHR and OBM as to when the exam is actually held. It takes about 9 months to develop each promotional examination. CPD has, in fact, asked DHR to include sergeant and lieutenant examination development and administration in the 2010 budget.

Does this mean there is a new lt exam coming up? Wait until the public hears that daley spent 6 million dollars to hire 40 lts!

What a joke!

Anonymous said...

no money for pay raises
sounds like the wrong people scored in the top 100
nothing changes , same thing happened in 1995
good luck to the hair gels

Anonymous said...

vote no
take it to arbitration
it's over 2 years without a contract
no more merit promotions

Anonymous said...

"vote no
take it to arbitration"

And then we lose the 55 and out with paid medical care-obviously Norma Rae, you don't care about other cops- just taking a "stand". You don't even have a copy of the contract yet and you are advocating voting no.

Goof-fortunately, people will make up their own minds about this.

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.