Monday, July 20, 2009

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On 15 July 09, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Mayor Daley stated that "he'll roll the dice and ask an independent arbitrator to dictate new contracts with police officers and firefighters who must do their part to help solve the city's financial crisis."

Prior to this statement by the Mayor, the City's negotiating team never proposed seeking arbitration. In fact, as recent as a few days prior to this announcement by the Mayor we had been attempting to schedule a negotiation meeting with the City in an effort to resolve our differences. Apparently the term negotiating in "good faith" only applies to us.

As of this date we have not been formally notified that the City is seeking interest arbitration. In fact, the City has yet to present a final proposal for our consideration.

We fully understand the current economic conditions the City is challenged with, but our members deserve a fair wage increase that reflects the cost of living in the City of Chicago. The City would like the public to believe that we are being unreasonable in our demands, but there are a few things the City and news reporters do not inform the public about; for instance that our members are being compensated at 2007 salary levels and that the City wants to maintain that wage level through 2012, additionally our members have a residency requirement that prevents them from moving outside the City in an effort to seek financial relief in the form of more affordable housing, educational choices for their children and lower tax rates.

It is our intention to meet with the City in an effort to continue negotiating and attempt to resolve our differences. If the City decides not to present us with a final proposal for our membership to consider and instead demands interest arbitration then we will take the necessary steps to address the City’s position.

John Pallohusky
President - CPSA


Anonymous said...

************KUDOS*******************CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK-YOU!!!!

To the caller who asked Andy Shaw of the Better Government Association to define what "merit", is in relation to promotions on the Chicago Police & Fire Departments.

Andy Shaw was the guest host on WLS 890AM this morning, filling in for Don & Roma. This caller called in at 8:15AM and asked very poignant and focused questions. Andy Shaw attempted to initially weasel out of it, stating,"that merit is the law".

The caller asked, "why there is no definitive definition of "merit"?

Andy Shaw asked for an email detailing the problem with merit on the CPD and CFD.

Everyone, please take a minute and drop a brief and courteous email to the Better Government Association, c/o Andy Shaw.


Better Government Association
11 East Adams Street, Suite 608
Chicago, IL 60603
Phone: (312) 427-8330
Fax: (312) 386-9203

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what does the sgts union get 55 and out signed off on? Soon?

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What about the me too clause with the retiree health care? or did the CPSA get a better deal?

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What about the age 55 deal for us ? ? ? ?

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It's not Andy Shaw's job to define "merit," it's WEISel's!!
Andy Shaw is NOT a member or a leader of the CPD!

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.