Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The website where Philadelphia coppers, and who knows whoever else, go to rant is under fire. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Chuck Ramsey has restricted access to Domelights.com on department computers. End of story, right? Wrong! You see the Patricia Hill of the Philly PD wants to go a step further and shut the site down completely.
The Guardian Civic League yesterday asked for a court order that not only blocks the site from department computers, but that also bans police officers from posting racially offensive material - even on their own time - and forces the site's founder to remove any offensive postings.

The civic league last week sued the department, the Web site, and its founder, an active-duty police sergeant, charging that the site contains hostile, racist material.

Civic league President Rochelle Bilal said yesterday that the Web site and its content are symptomatic of a police department with longstanding race problems.

According to the Civic league's website they are the Philadelphia chapter of the National Black Police Association. Read the whole article over at Policeone.com


Anonymous said...

Outlaw free speech.

Confiscate all means of self defense.

Make government the sole source of loans, banking, insurance and health care.

Tax working Americans to buy votes from the growing army of ignorant non-working "downtrodden": & "disadvantaged."

The Democrat Nazi-Stalinist agenda is proceeding on schedule.

Too Many Dummies said...

"Patricia Hill of the Philly PD"
This isn't the same Patricia Hill (retired) of CPD?

Anonymous said...

Free speech??Censorship??Violation of the 1st Amendment??

If you dont like the sites content,dont view it and stay off the site.

Anonymous said...

The president's joke of a "press conference" last night was orchestrated. Obama never looked up when he called on someone. He had a list already written out and everyone he called on was in a line in the front row.

You may have noticed that he ignored most of the media in the room, and I have never see a press conference like this where there were so many empty chairs.

He never even knew it when the wrong guy stood up and asked him a question.

All the questions asked were written by White House staffers.

The last question went to Sweet from the Sun Times, and it was about the Harvard professor. It was designed to take everyone's attention away from the health care circus and focus it on the BIG BAD POLICE.

Folks, if there are any of you out there who do not think this guy hates the police and wants to bring anarchy to our streets, well, I guess you think Elvis is alive somewhere too.

Anonymous said...

"Free speech??Censorship??Violation of the 1st Amendment??"

No when it comes to department controled, paid for by taxpayers equipment such as computers, etc.

Private corporations do the same kind of things with their staff as well.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Channel 5, so I don't watch it. If Ramsey doesn't like Domelights.com, he doesn't have to watch it!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe anyone will be able to restrict officers from posting comments on the blogs that are racially devisive. Having said that, it's a sad commentary that cowards who do this exist within law enforcement agencies across the county. No need to wonder why vast segments of the public distrust us so much, when they have access to read the ignorant rantings of so many of our "brothers" in blue...

Anonymous said...

like was said earlier, if you find Domelights offensive, and you are aware of the possibly offensive contents, you should not enter the website. that was the site where we vented and related information to our bretheren. if your skin is that thin, maybe a change of carreer is needed. i would not want a sensitive backup. with our numbers decreasing, strong is the mindset and the demeanor that is needed.

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.