Tuesday, June 23, 2009

18th District


Sgt. James L Severin
PO Anthony N. Rizzato
On 17 July 1970, Sgt. James Severin and Officer Anthony Rizzato were cut down by sniper fire while assigned to a "Walk and Talk" program in the Cabrini Green housing development.

On Saturday 18 July 2009 at 10:am the 018 District will be hosting a memorial tribute
commemorating the anniversary of the line of duty deaths of Sgt. Severin and Officer Rizzato.

Included in the remembrance to these slain officers will be an unveiling in front of
the 018 District, of a permanent honorary street sign in their names by the surviving Severin
and Rizzato family members.

Help is needed to inform any involved present or former members, along with any
interested individuals of this memorial salute.

Please have interested individuals contact the
018 District community Policing Office (312 742-5778)
if they are attending to assist 018 in planning appropriate arrangements.

Attendees are invited to a light luncheon that will follow in the 018 District,
James L. Severin and Anthony N. Rizzato Community Room.

"All Gave Some because Some Gave all


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting!
Sgt Al 018 (retired)

NorthSide said...

About time. I'll be there.

As young Area 6 Homicide detectives, the late Paul Roppel and I were assigned to the scene. I will never forget that horrific night. Tony Rizzato and I came OTJ together and Jim Severin was liked by all.

Other now retired Area 6 Homicide detectives included Dick Morask, Tom Skelly, Ed Adorjan, Tom Tranckitello, Dick Hansen and then Sgt. Joseph DiLeonardi.

Amidst continuing sniper fire, brave 18th Dist. officers scooped them into their squads and rushed them to Henrotin Hospital.

After both were pronounced DOA, Tranckitello and I went on "automatic pilot" and stripped down the officers' blood-soaked uniforms for meticulous inventory. Their revolvers were still in their holsters.

I typed the one-sided case report for the two 18th Dist. PO that called the Ten-1 with two officers down by sniper fire near second base: John Beaumont, #14068 and John Sandifer, #14335 (Beat 1813).

Cop killers Johnny Veal and George C. Knights continue to rot in the IL DOC.

Anonymous said...

Came to work that night at 2300hrs.
in 018. Two man car with Louie Albano (RIP). Our beat encompassed Cabrini and I remember how quiet it was for a warm July nite.
Task Force was going door to door looking for the killers.
Had to transport some of Sgt. Severins personal property to either ERPS or Crime Lab, I don`t remember which.

It was a beautiful ceremony today at 018. Saw several of the old troops.

did you notice that Jody showed up wearing blue jeans. No class.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to the 18th District personnel for putting a great service together.

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.