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I sent this e-mail to Chuck Goudie and Alderman Beale yesterday morning. So far, no response from either one of them.

From: McMahon351
Sent: 4/10/2009 12:14:54 A.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: To: Chuck Goudie and Anthony Beale

Someone just forwarded an e-mail to me with a link to a video of an I-Team Report: A Buried Treasure - 4/02/09 - Chicago News - by Chuck Goudie. This report interviews Anthony Beale, the 9th Ward Alderman from Chicago. Its subject discusses how the rank & file of Chicago’s Police and Fire Departments get issued a clothing allowance and duty availability pay somewhere to the tune of 4 to 5 thousand dollars a year. To paraphrase Alderman Beale, he feels this is excessive and should be taken away from these public servants to save the city money. He also claims there are no other places to cut city services to save money. I watched this blatant hypocrisy is disbelief and thought to myself, “This type of rhetoric doesn’t even dignify a response.” But I’m weak, so here ya go…..

Nothing could be further from the truth. Seeing that the roughly 18,000 men and woman of the Chicago Police and Fire Departments have been working without a raise or a current contract since 2007, the old worn out excuse that “we are currently in tough economic times” doesn’t hold any water any more. The economy was doing just fine back in 2007 and the Police and Fire Departments should have been given a contract with a raise back then, just like all of the other city departments did.

Of course everyone knows that an on time contract with a raise will never be a reality in Chicago because that would prevent Mayor Daley from earning millions of dollars in interest on the Policemen and Fireman’s money, and giving him the ability to eventually bribe them into accepting sub-standard raises with reduced benefits,……..with their own back pay. As is stands now, it would be fiscally irresponsible of the city to be fair with the Police and Fire Departments by giving them a timely contract. After all, who wouldn’t like access to all that interest free money to invest at their discretion and earn dividends for several years?

So where else can we save some more money in Chicago? That shouldn’t be too hard to do. Here’s a few suggestions we could start with;

• Eliminate 50% of the “top heavy” upper echelon jobs in ALL departments city wide.
• Reduce the astronomical maintenance costs of repairs and the destruction of millions of dollars in Police and Fire vehicles with all the out of control running of these rigs. Almost every Fire Apparatus in Chicago does about 15 runs a day responding to false alarms and non life threatening incidents. Without even factoring in the fuel costs for these responses, these vehicles come with a price tag of around $500,000 each and will only last a few years because they’re too big, too heavy, and not built for this kind of abuse. It would make perfect sense to have 2 men respond in a small $25,000 SUV or pickup truck to most of these EMS calls to scope them out first, and 95% of the time they wouldn’t even have to call for additional manpower.
• Make the abusers of these city services pay for this, not the taxpayers.

Now let’s compare 2 major American cities’ and see how much money we can save on our Aldermen;
The City of Chicago is approximately 228 square miles with a population of about 2,837,000 people. If the population of all areas were equal, this would give Chicago a population density of about 12,443 people per square mile. It is broken into 50 political Wards with an Alderman in each Ward, serving about 56,740 Constituents each.
With a base salary of over $110,000 and an expense account of $73,000, that puts them at about $183,000 per year without benefits or pension expenses. Not too bad for a part time job!

New York City is approximately 305 square miles with a population in all 5 Boroughs of about 8,275,000 people. If all of their areas were equal, this would give it a population density of about 27,131 people per square mile. It is broken into 51 political districts with a City Councilman in each one, serving about 162,255 Constituents each. They are earning somewhere around $112,000 per year, and in addition to that some also receive stipends with the highest one being somewhere around $28,000.

In square miles, New York City is a little more than one third larger than the City of Chicago is, it has almost 3 times the amount of people living there with over twice the population density, yet they manage to get by just fine with only 51 City Councilmen. What? Is this true? How can this be? Let’s look at this for a minute, shall we?

Here’s the numbers;
Chicago has 50 Wards, serving 56,740 people each, for a total of 2,837,000 people.
New York City has 51, serving 162,255 people each, for a total of 8,275,005 people.
These numbers are fairly accurate and I’d encourage anyone to verify them.

Now let’s look at this a different way;
If Chicago has 50 Wards, but has to serve 162,255 people for each Ward like New York City does, they could serve 8,112,750 people. But we don’t have anywhere near that many people, do we? No we don’t! So why don’t we just eliminate 32 of these part time Aldermen and let the remaining 18 serve 162,255 people each? That would total up to 2,920,590 people, which is much more like it. And I’m sure this is doable because Chicago ’s Aldermen get a substantially higher salary than their east coast counterparts do, and I don’t know of any City Councilman in New York City that has been worked to death yet,…… you? I doubt it, but the worst that could possibly happen is our Aldermen might have to work a little closer to 40 hours a week like the rest of us.

In summary, Chicago’s Alderman are paid more than 2.5 times the salary for doing a part time job, than a Police Officer or Firefighter earns for working full time, under some of the most hazardous and deadly conditions imaginable. The truth of the matter is that we could very easily get by with 18 Aldermen, and eliminate 32 without ever missing them. Wow, that’s about 65% less Aldermen and nobody would die, nobody would be without city services, and I’ll bet that nobody would even notice. I’d like to see what would happen in Chicago if you eliminated 65% of the Police and Firemen. And at $183,000 per year, not including benefits and pension calculations, Chicago would save at least $5,856,000 annually on this simple budget cut alone. Oh look at that Alderman Beale, I found somewhere to cut some more “city services” without any negative results and don’t forget, “we ARE currently in tough economic times!”

And while I’m at it, here’s a few more facts;

While in the performance of their duty, I have never heard of any City Council member:
Saving anyone’s life
Prying anyone out of a wreck
Chasing an armed criminal down a dark alley
Working to total physical exhaustion
Running into, or on top of a burning building
Getting paralyzed
Getting 2nd and 3rd degree burns
Getting disfigured
Diving into the lake, river or lagoon at night… all seasons
Had someone die in their arms
Putting dead victims in body bags
Getting buried in a building collapse
Comfort an abused child
Catch a communicable disease
Being exposed to deadly carcinogens and other health hazards
Subjected to random drug and alcohol screening
Shot at, stabbed, spit on or assaulted
Getting killed in the line of duty

But I do know of thousands of Police and Fireman that have, and do all these things on a daily basis without hesitation, and all they’ve ever asked for is a little respect and a living wage to raise their families with. The average person couldn't, or wouldn't do these jobs effectively, and would never even consider putting themselves in harms way and risk their life for someone they don't even know, not for any amount of money.

Before anyone passes judgment on the members of the Chicago Police and Fire Departments, I’d challenge them to see if they could last one week alongside these dedicated men and women, and just stay with them, no matter what, and do what they are asked to do, in a moments notice! This challenge extends to every Citizen, Journalist, Alderman, or any other politician in the City of Chicago, including our Honorable Mayor, Richard J. Daley.

Jim McMahon
Retired Lieutenant
Chicago Fire Department


Anonymous said...


God Bless Jim McMahon
Retired Lieutenant CFD

Anonymous said...

God Bless this CFD Lt.

We need more bosses like this, we need to unite as one unstoppable force.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Jim!
Thank You Jim!!
Thank You Jim!!!
You're an outstanding spokesman on this and you've said everything most of us feel, but can't find the words as eloquently!
Well Done

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Please report this:

Driver in Sanchez trial gets DUI

A city truck driver who recently testified in the corruption trial of former Streets and Sanitation boss Al Sanchez has been arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. State Police arrested Denise Alcantar Cortez on April 2, Streets and Sanitation spokesman Matt Smith said Saturday. Details of the arrest were not immediately available. Cortez, who got her job with the city after doing political work for the Hispanic Democratic Organization, has been disciplined for five work accidents, including one that seriously injured a co-worker who later died. Cortez reported to work after her arrest, but is now on "indefinite, unpaid status," Smith said.

This HDO hack was responsible for killing a coworker and crashing five times at work. SHe testifies in the Snachez trial and all is good. Now she gets a DUI from the ISP and they are ripping on coppers? Where is the front page headlines on this?


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Hey how about posting these? I found Inbred-Jfed's teenage picture. See the resemblence?


Now we know why he's not thinking straight - extra chromosome?

Anonymous said...

he got my vote, either 19th ward alderMAN or mayoral timber hoooraay

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Anonymous said...

Well said, Jim. Let's see if you ever get a response. I doubt it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lt. Well said. We know every day we go to work, there is a chance we won't return. That isn't something Goudie or Beale care to respond to. It's not newsworthy enough.

Anonymous said...


Hey how about posting these? I found Inbred-Jfed's teenage picture. See the resemblence?


Now we know why he's not thinking straight - extra chromosome?

Now that's funny!

Can you crop the faces and then post the pictures side by side and start a separate thread?

Too funny!

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Anonymous said...
Damn shame, I like the guy, but he was saved at least once that I know of, by a very well respected "great guy" that should have kicked him in the ass for it. Some kind of consequence then might have prevented this now.

REAL NICE! The "great guy" who was a street deputy at the time Frugoli hit the squad car in 2008 was recently promoted by JFED.
Boy JFED really knows how to pick them huh? ie. Cuello? Brown? Now this "great guy"?

Anonymous said...

For those that don't know Jim he has build many additions on home. I met him while he was working on my neighbors home. Seem to be a veryh nice man and from what I could tell did pretty good work.

He was also involved in a very bad motorcycle accident which I believe left him a parapelegic. I have not heard how his recovery went but believe he was forced to retire.

I am glad to see he his using his time constructively. Hit the nail omn the head (very little contruction humor).

God bless and I hope you are recovering well from that accident several years ago.

Here is just a small example was to why Police and Fire should stick together.

Anonymous said...

Jim McMahon , have you considered a grass roots run for Mayor in the next election. You'd have alot of preceint workers . thanks for the letter of support. I couldn't agree with you more.

Anonymous said...

Semper FI brother i have been a fireman for four years if cpd and cfd ever joined forces lookout.

Anonymous said...

What an eye opener....To bad liberals are blind idiots!

Pogue Mahon Richie! said...

W-o-W is RighT!

I'm a so-called "Liberal" Cop but PROUD to have had the PRIVILEGE to READ Lieutenant McMahon's POWERFUL RESPONSE to the CROOK(s) that run this town (be they corrupt Pols or hobbit-like talking heads!)

Excelsior, SIR! Way to turn the HOSE on them! UNITED WE STAND!! We ARE all BLUE!!!

Whatever your ideological leanings, there's only one chance to get rid of the bums... RECALL, RECALL, RECALL... RICHIE!! (and that goes for Beale, Goudie, and the F.L.O.P. while we're at it!)

Anonymous said...

Drug testing for aldercreatures sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Semper FI brother i have been a fireman for four years if cpd and cfd ever joined forces lookout.

Why we dont join forces is beyond me. I always block traffic for CFD. They have saved my ass a few times on the job and transported me to the hospital as well! We are bretheren no matter what!!

If we would unite we would be

Anonymous said...

Hey Lieu...Run for Mayor...You have my vote!

Anonymous said...

its a nice thought, unfortunately we are living in the rein of the great barrack, he puts rich against poor in the united socialist state of america. granted we are not rich but we are people who are receiving steady paychecks and more importantly uniform and availability pay, ie "BONUSES," in the eyes of elected officials of our great socialist state. so what the aldermen are going to do is put on their own miniature dog and pony show that barney frank did in his committee, propoganda machine, to get the public outraged against us and our famalies so they have reason to break contracts with us. ladies and gentlemen we are in a new socialist, facist, communist world that the United States of America has faught against for 238 years, it began with the election of "CHANGE" in november, so you can thank all those undecided who fell for the "MESSAGE" of the fascist the Great Barrack Obama. Remember Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini we very well liked as well when they stated. please remember when you vote in 2010 there is a way out, pack congress with republicans if for no other reason than they can unseat nancy pelosi as speaker of the house.

Anonymous said...

Department of Homeland Security Report and the hatred of Napolitano:

I just read the DHS report. I'd urge anyone who wants to comment on it credibly to do so, as well. Speaking as someone with over 30 years of federal law enforcement experience, I have to say that it's an appalling report that profiles vast number of individuals--veterans, gun owners, those who oppose illegal immigration, and others--as likely recruits, willing to engage in terrorism against the United States.

Not only is the report incredibly useless to anyone in law enforcement, it is clearly aimed at demonizing those whose political viewpoints may differ from the current administration's. It is not worthy of being deemed a legitimate piece of law enforcement work. Rather, it is a clumsy, heavy-handed manifesto, aimed at bolstering what Ms. Napolitano may view as the Administration's political agenda.

It's bad--really bad--when politics drive law enforcement. Napolitano should resign.

This is very scary stuff people.,0,3699087.story

Anonymous said...

Sorry SCS - Off Topic..



The ballots have been mailed out for active sergeants to cast their vote either for or against implementing the City’s proposed Post Retirement Health Savings Plan. The ballots were mailed to each sergeant’s residence. If you do not receive your ballot within the next few days, please contact the CPSA Office to have a ballot sent out to you.

Ballots must be returned to the C.P.S.A. Office by 05 May 09. The ballots will be counted on 06 May 09 @ 1100hrs.

This Plan has nothing to do with our current ongoing contract negotiations, but rather is an attempt by the City to fulfill a contractual obligation that they have pending from our last contract to implement a Post Retirement Medical Savings Plan. Unfortunately, the C.P.S.A. did not have input in designing this Plan and was not allowed to be involved in the selection of the vendor.

The C.P.S.A. Board voted 12 to 2, with one member not present to reject this Plan as presented by the City.

We urged you to vote NO!

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Anonymous said...


How about a NEW post on VEBA?????

It's important for everyone to mail there ballot back with a NO VOTE!!!

Anonymous said...

Time for an update Sarge!

Hope you were on an extended furlough and you have come back refreshed!!

Anonymous said...

VEBA post?


Hello? Anyone there?


Is anyone alive?


Jim McMahon said...

This was written by Sharon Salustro and sent to me from a member of the CPD. This will undoubtedly affect the CFD as well as all the other departments in the City of Chicago too. NOW is the time to go to battle with the City on this, not after it's gone.

Subject: Health Insurance information for CPD retiree’s/soon to be retiree’s/active members

Hi Everyone:

The FOP monthly meeting was held April 21st with Mike Shields from the Pension Board as the “Guest Speaker.”

Mike Shields and the other Board Members working on behalf of all Retiree’s are asking for our attendance at the next Pension Board meeting.

According to Mike, the Board members that are “Daley Appointees” are getting nervous because they are now realizing that some of the Retiree’s and Active members are paying attention and taking an active interest in how and where they are spending our Pension Fund money as well as how it’s being invested, and how much has been lost. Not to mention the Fund money that the “Daley Appointees” gave to Veniecko, Daley’s nephew, so that he could use it to build housing for the Olympic Village.

The other thing that was mentioned was that the City has said that they are ceasing to pay for all (Retiree & Active) members Health Insurance effective in 2013. So that means that any Retiree who receives “Paid for” health care starting at age 60, if you are not 65 by the year 2013, you will no longer have health insurance unless you pay 100% for it.

Think about how this will affect you if you or your spouse have a pre-existing condition and the City drops the insurance, you probably won’t be able to get insurance coverage anywhere and you’ll just have to hope that you stay healthy until Medicare kicks in at age 65.

Anyway gang, Mike Shields and Company are asking that the Retiree’s and Active members flood the meeting to hear first hand what is going on and to let the Pension Board know that we are vigilantly watching so they cannot spending OUR money at their whims and we are a force to be reckoned with.

Mike said that a very nice lunch will be served afterwards to all that attend.

This meeting will be held this coming Wednesday, April 29th and starts promptly at 9:00 AM on the 16th Floor at 221 N. LaSalle Street in Chicago.

To anyone who thinks this doesn’t affect them, just remember what the Rev. Martin Niemoller from Germany wrote about the Nazi’s in 1945.

“First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a socialist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out - because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me - and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

Jim McMahon
Retired Lieutenant
Chicago Fire Department


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Are you ok? Long time no posting..

Anonymous said...

please send to the mayor!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

scab lt

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.