Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Jefferson Tap acquittal.


Anonymous said...

Thank God justice has been served.
I hope the Sgt and officers pursue a suit for malicious prosecution. I'm tired of these political hacks in the ASA's office.

Anonymous said...

Police officers protest Daley nephew pension investment deal


The Shields brothers are going to take Daley out, their hatred is contagious.

They have power like no other and are not afraid of any politicians.

Danny and Mike Shields are my heroes.

Anonymous said...

Good News!

Rumor is rapidly circulating that Danny Shields is going to run for FOP President. Dan and Mike keep their word and are taking Daley out, as Dan promised.

Lets support Danny Shields in his bid for FOP President. I bet Dan gets us a contract with more than a 16% cost of living raise. Dan is against residency too and Dan is not a clout heavy hack.

Anonymous said...

Why,oh why? Fox News are a bunch of police haters but people please stop drinking to excess.

Cop Accused of Pointing
Gun at Cabbie Over Fare

4/27/09 - “It was very intimidating there's nothing like staring down the barrel of a gun,” says Chicago cab driver Karl Clermont.

Clermont has been driving a taxi for four years and he says not until last week did a customer pull a gun on him over a fare dispute. He says that customer was a drunken Chicago police officer.

“I was utterly disgusted. I mean as far as I’m concerned, he's not a cop. He's an illiterate derelict.”

In a sworn statement to the Independent Police Review Authority, Clermont describes how he picked up the man outside the Crescendo Nightclub and drove him to Armitage and Damen. The man, he says, then walked away, ignoring the $8 fare. When Clermont asked to be paid, the man responded, "I don't owe you ****'." Clermont responded by threatening to call the police.

“That's when he became enraged, pulled into his right hand pocket, and drew the weapon at me, pointed it at me directly, and said, you know what, you choose,” says Clermont.

Clermont told Fox Chicago News the man challenged him to get out of the cab and see what would happen, but he let him walk away and saw him pass out, face down on the street. That’s when Clermont called 9-1-1, and after the police arrived.

“He came to me and told me in the car, this guy is an off duty Chicago cop. What do you want to do about this? Just collect your fare or do you want to make a report? I said I want to make a report. I said I just want to make a report. He threatened my life,” explains Clermont.
Clermont drove to the 14th District to file a complaint. He claims he was "treated like a criminal" and was asked twice, "Is this something you want to pursue?"

If confirmed, this incident raises new questions about cops drinking.

Off-duty officer Joe Frugoli was just charged with aggravated DUI in a crash that killed two. At that time, Superintendent Jody Weis said the rules were clear, “We actually have a rule that says an officer cannot be intoxicated while they're on or off duty.”


Anonymous said...

WELL at least he took a CAB!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to say that ass hole Superintendent resigned!

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.