Sunday, August 02, 2009


Are you a cop? Do you eat food? We need your story!

Sgt. David Haynes and local writer Christopher Garlington are looking for quotes for their upcoming book, The Beat Cop’s Guide to Chicago Eats, to be published in October, 2009.

Remember The Street and San Man’s Guide to Chicago Eats? Our book is the bigger, better, follow-up—and it’s written by a cop!

The Beat Cop’s Guide is about getting great neighborhood food, in a half hour, cheap. It’s about real Chicago food. And who knows better what’s good in any neighborhood better than the beat cop that works there every day?

So we’re reaching out to every cop we know.

Send us your best story about being a cop and eating lunch in Chicago. Stories like this:

making an arrest while you waited on fries at a hot dog joint
a story about how food you bought from a walk-up chicken shack helped you get information that led to an arrest
how a particular sub sandwich from this one café is what keeps you going on midnights
the best place to eat lunch on your beat
what foods are best in a squad car--and what foods really, really don’t belong there
hazards of eating in uniform
(we’re not kidding on this one) cops and donuts
where to get the best ribs in Chicago
anything you think makes a good story involving cops and lunch and food

The book is currently in rewrites and due to go into production after August 7. So we need these stories pronto. We’re not looking for Hemmingway here—we’ll clean up your story. We’re pros. Don’t worry. Just email your stories to Sgt. David Haynes at or myself (address below). If we put your story in the Beat Cop’s Guide, you’ll get invited to the super cool VIP book release party (a bucket of Miller Lite and hot dogs on Dave’s deck), and a signed copy of the book. Plus, you’ll be famous. Probably get calls from Hollywood. Johnny Depp will play you in the movie (male and female officers). You know, the usual.

We’re on deadline! Send it now!


Christopher P. Garlington
Creative Writer Pro
6105 N. Mason Chicago, IL 60646
(773) 792–1220 [h] (773) 480–0121 [c]
Online. On paper. On time.


Mr. SouthSide said...

Years ago, I was working a side job downtown (I should have known better than trying to protect the clueless from the beast). I was sitting at one of those cutsie little outdoor sidewalk tables when there is a loud crash next to me.

A kid in a Walgreen's uniform is tackling Joe as Joe is running away. Using my great tactical knowledge, I figure out who the bad guy is and handcuff Joe. It turns out that he tried to rob the Walgreens store with a fake gun, which did not fool the kid.

I hold onto him until the real po-leece from 001 take him. I return to my table to finish my sandwich. Cute little north side girl next to me has this horrified look on her face. "How can you eat after all that?". Simple reply:

"I'm still hungry!"

Anonymous said...

Why give away your favorite eating spots? Other cops will come and burn them out. Especially those strike force guys, they show up with about six cars and a sgt.

Anonymous said...

maybe donate a portion to the Memorial Foundation as a thanks for the contributions you receive from us.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Dogs at Grand and Pulaski likes any cops but those from 025. Or there's Central Gyros at 3127 N. Central. That's an old cop eatery.

Anonymous said...

Good old North and Harlem has a whole strip of eateries just a little west of Harlem on North Ave.

Anonymous said...

Dino and Nicks at 2041 N. Pulaski has a great variety of food at a good price.

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