Saturday, November 14, 2009


We are all aware of the stance Dick Daley has on gun control. Chicago possess some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Chicago also possess some of highest rates of murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault and armed robberies. Despite the cities prohibition on gun ownership, criminals still manage to ply their trade. Whenever a school violence incident occurs somewhere in the country Daley always manages to use the incident to further his demand for even stricter gun control.

Last week at Ft. Hood, Texas, Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, a muslim, decided to bring jihad to his fellow soldiers. Hasan was armed and entered the Soldier Readiness Center, shouted "Allahu Akbar!" and began shooting, two police officers engaged Hasan and put an end to his murder spree. 13 were dead and 30 wounded. Hasan survived his injuries.

Dick felt a need to interject his opinion on the terror incident at Ft. Hood.

If this wasn't such a dreadfully serious matter, it would almost be funny watching Democrats insist that there’s no elephant in the bathtub. Perhaps the most bizarre of these claims is that of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, who insists that the core problem behind Fort Hood is that “America loves guns.”

And the idiot keeps getting elected.

If Mayor Daley wants to argue about the inner city gang violence problem, let’s have a serious discussion about why liberal-controlled cities have become cesspools of violence, while many other parts of America have few gun control laws — and little violent crime. Pretending that the Fort Hood massacre wasn’t a terrorist attack — and more outrageously, pretending that the Fort Hood massacre is typical of civilian gun crime — is dishonest pandering to both the multicultural crowd and the rapidly shrinking gun control movement.

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Anonymous said...

Im embarrased to say i live here what a jagoff

Anonymous said...

mr mayor if every soldier at fort hood was allowed to carry a weapon that terrorist wouldn't have got off more than 1 or 2 shots and we wouldn't be wasting medical care on him right now
citizens of chicago need concealed carry rights because we do not have a body guard detail for ourselves and families like yourself and aldercreatures
wake up citizens of chicago
follow obams slogan change we can believe in means anyone that runs against the machine
short 2000 police officers everyday hire and fire the medical roll abusers

Older School said...

Mayor Daley needs to get his head out of his ass. Was he not paying attention to the recent US Supreme court case that ruled the 2nd amendment stands? Citizens have the right to have a working weapon in their home for the purpose of self protection.
We all see how well the guns laws worked in Washington DC. The Murder Capital of the US had 20 years of urban blight for a reason.
Statistics prove that when law abiding citizens can defend themselves, crime rates drop.
The criminal element will always find a gun.
Hizzoner insulted the state of Texas and every soldier in the US with that moronic statement.
He really should put blame where blame is due...the military for ignoring all the warning signs, the feds for tip-toeing through the field of political correctness, and the psychotic moron that did it!
There's probably more, but it sure as hell ain't the gun laws!

Anonymous said...

Mayor Daley, if guns are so evil why is it that you have armed bodyguards with you 24/7? You should lead by example and not need the bodyguards--not need the police 24/7 at your mommas house

Anonymous said...

No wonder he was humiliated and laughed at on the international stage in Copenhagen.

Anonymous said...

I guess his close confidante and "front man" Michal Scott was exempted from the gun rules.

If he had a gun before yesterday, that is.

Anonymous said...

It's the second ammendent, you know, right after the first one. They thought it was important for the government to fear the people, not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic blog, instead of bringing up the new schedule for topic so Sgts. know how it effects them, u keep up on Daley's nonsensical ramblings......

Anonymous said...

No mention of GUN CONTROL in relation to Da Mayor's confidant Michael Scott.

The weapon that killed Michael was one of those UNREGISTERED, ILLEGAL GUNS.

Further proof that GUN CONTROL is only for the servant peasants and not the rulers. I betcha Michael Scott packed on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

You better check your wallet, sounds like J. P. has been dipping his beak into your money?

Anonymous said...

Head of the sgts union gets arrested for stealing our money and no posting?

Did you get arrested with him?

Anonymous said... may want to update the site......

Anonymous said...

All you dumb ass,stupid people should be glad Chicago have the gun laws that we do. When one of you jerks become a victim to a gun or you child is shot with a gun, then you will see the use of such laws. FUCKING JERKS!

Anonymous said...

Do yourself a favor and shut this thing down.....Nov 22 and not a word...useless, a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Do your research and consider supporting some officers who are running for office in 2010.

Brock Merck, a Green Party candidate for Commissioner of the 9th District of Cook County

John Garrido, Republican Party candidate for President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners.

Michael Carroll, 46th Ward Alderman.

Anonymous said...

Trace the guns back to the one who illegally transfered the weapon to city resident. Punish this person.

AREA 4 said...



Anonymous said...

From the Sergeants Website:

On 22 November, 2009, the Board of Directors of the Chicago Police Sergeant’s Association held a special meeting to discuss recent events effecting the organization. At the meeting the board took the following action:

* The Board accepted the resignation of John Pallohusky effective immediately.
* The Board accepted the resignation of Mary O’Toole effective immediately.
* Vice President Robert Kirchner has assumed the office of President immediately.
* Sgt John Stahl from the Inspection Division, who worked as an accountant before joining the Police Department, was appointed as Treasurer.

The Board also wants to inform its members that the association is well funded, including the legal defense and PAC fund.

Contract negotiations between the organization and the city are continuing, and the union offices are open and continuing to operate.

The Board has an annual financial Report prepared but in addition has decided to have an independent audit conducted of the organization’s accounts. However, at this time, all of our financial records have been turned over to the State’s Attorney’s Office.

As further information becomes available, the Board will share this information with the members.

John Pallohusky has retained his own attorney to represent him in this matter. Attorneys who work for the organization are not defending John Pallohusky.

The Board has announced that there will be a special general membership meeting held on 17 December, 2009, at 1800 hours to review these matters.

Robert Kirchner


Area 4,
You are correct, the blog is a hobby as well as other things in my life. I just got back from a hunting trip with my son and only just this hour found out about the developments with the union.
My family is number 1.

Anonymous said...

The union is financially sound.
The legal defense fund is well funded.
The PAC is well funded.
Our former president stole 600 grand.

Aren't we paying too much in dues?

Anonymous said...

Hope you got a Big Buck Sgt. What would the Mayor say if he knew that you were teaching your son about guns & hunting . I say that if he's well taught by you he will end up be a better person knowing how to handle weapons . The Mayor will call him a gun toter monster .
I taught my two boys over 35 years ago about guns and neither one has ever shot anybody .

Anonymous said...

All you dumb ass,stupid people should be glad Chicago have the gun laws that we do. When one of you jerks become a victim to a gun or you child is shot with a gun, then you will see the use of such laws. FUCKING JERKS!

Sorry but our gun laws here in Chicago only hurt honest citizens, and robs them of their right to defend themselves! 99.9 % of crime victims are shot by criminals who carry guns ILLEGALLY! they don't care about the law because they don't follow it anyway! Nobody has ever been a victim of an inanimate object, they fall victim to criminals who illegally use these objects. Get your head out of your ass already will ya....

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.