Monday, November 23, 2009


Special General Membership Meeting
17 December, 2009, at 1800 hours

On 22 November, 2009, the Board of Directors of the Chicago Police Sergeant’s Association held a special meeting to discuss recent events effecting the organization. At the meeting the board took the following action:

•The Board accepted the resignation of John Pallohusky effective immediately.
•The Board accepted the resignation of Mary O’Toole effective immediately.
•Vice President Robert Kirchner has assumed the office of President immediately.
•Sgt John Stahl from the Inspection Division, who worked as an accountant before joining the Police Department, was appointed as Treasurer.
The Board also wants to inform its members that the association is well funded, including the legal defense and PAC fund.

Contract negotiations between the organization and the city are continuing, and the union offices are open and continuing to operate.

The Board has an annual financial Report prepared but in addition has decided to have an independent audit conducted of the organization’s accounts. However, at this time, all of our financial records have been turned over to the State’s Attorney’s Office.

As further information becomes available, the Board will share this information with the members.

John Pallohusky has retained his own attorney to represent him in this matter. Attorneys who work for the organization are not defending John Pallohusky.

The Board has announced that there will be a special general membership meeting held on 17 December, 2009, at 1800 hours to review these matters.

Robert Kirchner


Anonymous said...

Attorney Robert Kuzas, who is representing Pallohusky, on Friday denied his client's wrongdoing. "I don't believe he misappropriated one penny of the union's money," he said.

This was in the Tribune, on CLTV and Channel 9. Last I heard Kuzas does work on behalf of the CPSA. Heck, he represented me at IAD not to long ago for some job related nonsense. He did a good job.


So what's with this statement on the associations website, "The attorneys who work for the association are not representing John Pallohusky."

Anonymous said...

What happened with his bond hearing?

not dimaria said...

cmon u cant do better than this....

ur specialty is sergeants and u post a newspaper article?

nothing about the silly resignation...lie?

who the new appointee is?

is there going to be an audit?

r the sgt's going 2 vote again on the contract?

is the pbpa putting a lien on his house.... i know u guys will figure it out after he files for bankruptcy...

see u guys at the fop meeting ill vote to let u guys in!

Anonymous said...

This puts a blemish on the entire board. A special election should take place within 120 days and elect an entire FRESH BOARD!

Anybody who sat on that Board was Negligent for letting it happen.

A total house cleaning from top to bottom. Then if you want to re-elect the same members, you get your wish.

Anonymous said...

we should demand another vote on our contract , let the 55 & older retire rumor is city will take away our 45 min a day overtime and
quarterly overtime checks

Anonymous said...

please do not post any information on this is a public want information or have comments please attend the next general meeting in December...SCS please do not allow vital information to be posted on this topic.

Anonymous said...

This puts a blemish on the entire board. A special election should take place within 120 days and elect an entire FRESH BOARD!

Anybody who sat on that Board was Negligent for letting it happen.

A total house cleaning from top to bottom. Then if you want to re-elect the same members, you get your wish.


Once again, you are just another stupid cop who doesn't know what’s going on.

Out of 1280 sergeants, how many are eligible to run for a board spot?
Remember, you have to attend at least half the meetings each year.

ANSWER: Besides the current board members who give up their time to do this shit for free..
perhaps 3 or 4 other sergeants that I see at bi-monthly general meetings.
I am willing to bet that YOU are not one of them.

SUGGESTION: Shut the fuck up.

BY THE WAY.. why don't all of you "know-it-all-assholes" read the Union By-Laws instead of continuing to spout off stupid shit!

Anonymous said...

Attorney Robert Kuzas, who is representing Pallohusky, on Friday denied his client's wrongdoing. "I don't believe he misappropriated one penny of the union's money," he said.


Kuzas' job is to initially represent an accused member.. however, since this is a case of alleged theft against the union; J.P. is securing his own attorney.
OUR attorneys are only there for the bond hearing etc. It's in the best interest of OUR union.

BY THE WAY . . .
insiders on the department are saying this is a major cluster fuck. [as most financial crimes are]
NO MONEY has really been discovered missing..
it's really a case of misappropriation of funds. Not even sure if all this shit adds up to a real crime???

The bottom line is J.P. should have NOT even taken UNION checkbooks out of the office for personnal use.
From now on I say at least 4 board members agree to sign off on every penny spent. It's a pain in the ass however the only way to build a trust with the members.

Anonymous said...

All PBPA officials should resign including all the area directors. I mean everyone!

The only problem is who would run the union??

The Bylaws (PBPA and FOP) state that P.O.s/Sgts/Lts/Capts who wish to run for a position need to attend AT LEAST HALF the general meetings a year.
In the FOP there are plenty of people who attend meetings.
Only a handful of regulars out of 1280 sergeants show up to meetings.

I KNOW FOR A FACT that many of these sergeants on the board would be more than happy to step down. Being a board member is a THANKLESS JOB and IS NOT WORTH THE BULLSHIT.
Sergeant board members DO NOT get $400.00 a month like the FOP trustees get.

I suggest IF YOU REALLY care .. push yourself way from your computer and come to meetings
. . . run for a position in the next election.

Stay in involved and make POSITIVE changes . .
just don't hide behind a computer and bitch like an old lady DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!


Anonymous said...

All union officials from The Sergeants Association have to go. They should be man enough to resign and not make us hold a emergency meeting and dump them all. They either were involved or were too dumb to figure out what was going on. Either way they have to go. We no longer want them in office.



The problem is this..
What 15 other sergeants are going to take there place ??????? You???

Answer: NO ONE ! ! !

No one takes an interest in the union ..
do you understand moron???

As for being too stupid not to see what was going on with the theft of the funds . . the answer to that is it's IMPOSSIBLE to know what's happening to the union cash unless you are sitting in this clown's lap and watch every move he makes with the various checkbooks.

The only answer is their union will have to spend big money every year to have outside accountants go over every penny spent.
That was their mistake in not having this expensive set-up

HOWEVER, YOU, "Mr. Know-it-all Blueshirt" has all the fucking answers..
unless YOU are willing to run for a board position with YOUR union.....


Anonymous said...

The real problem with the union is retired Sergeant Jim Cosgrove, the financial secretary. Great job looking out for the membership.


You think Jim Cosgrove retired?

Once again, you are just another stupid cop who doesn't know whats going on.

BY THE WAY.. why don't all of you "know it all assholes" read the Union By-Laws instead of continuing to spout off stupid shit!

Anonymous said...

Plans are being made as this is written. I cannot go into too much detail, but it would be safe to say that the entire board will probably be impeached. The National chapter WILL be involved. The local PBPA may be decertified and if all goes as planned others will join John Pallohusky with handcuffs on their wrists. Unfortunately Mr. Kirchner and others in the PBPA do not have enough spin control to fix this mess. The damage is done and a very large investigation is underway. Stay tuned for the fallout!

1.) There is NO ONE else involved.

2.) This thing is so FUCKING COMPLICATED no one can find $600,000 not to mention a dime missing.. it was only shuffled around and “played with” according to some insiders on the department. Perhaps only money laundering charges will stick. J-Fed was so hungry FUCK a copper not to mention a POLICE UNION PRESIDENT the entire investigation was only a week old…. Looks like J-FED FUCKED HIMSELF!!!!
3.) There is NO National Chapter .. the PBPA is an Illinois operation. (Not a great one at that.

4.) The PBPA cannot decertify a local unit.. THEY WOULD NEVER ask to get rid of the sergeant unit because they have almost 1300 members full strength and bring in a shitload of money to the PBPA.

5.) Pallohusky had no power to write checks for the PBPA/Springfield office

Anonymous said...


Employees who no longer want a union to represent them . . [decertify] . . several hundred take place in a typical year.



That would be a $10,000 mistake!!!!

If a union is decertified THE CURRENT CONTRACT is void and null.

The city WILL NEVER let us have the 200 hour comp-time sell back.
City negotiators have made that admission in the past. They 'fucked up' in letting us have that benifit.

Attend a least half the meeting and run for a board spot.
Whether we are FOP, PBPA its the same "ballgame" . . .
Just make sure the best officers are elected.

By the way .. we would be FUCKED if an "outfit" like the Teamsters took over.


Anonymous said...

Is it any wonder outside agencies are laughing at us and/or our once great department? Damn this turns my stomach.

Anonymous said...

To "Not dimaria", the first post.

Did you even read the statement? The statement itself answers your first 3 questions. He did resign? Answered in the statement. Who's the new appointee? He signed the statement with his title. and it states in the body of the statement that they have ordered an independent audit.

Thanks for you input.

Anonymous said...



November 23rd 2009

The Executive Board of the PB&PA of Illinois regrets to inform you that Financial Secretary John Pallohusky, the
President of the Chicago Police Sergeants' Association, Unit 156A, was charged Friday with one count each of felony
theft and money laundering involving the funds of his local unit.

Despite the internal safeguards in place to protect State Association funds, upon learning of Pallohusky’s arrest, and in
an effort to be exceedingly cautious, we immediately conducted an internal audit of our accounts. We also requested that
our outside accounting firm review all transactions since our last financial audit. No discrepancies were found.

To be clear – while John Pallohusky served on the State Executive Board
he has never had access to or been a signatory for, any of the PB&PA of
Illinois bank accounts. None of the allegations against him involve State
Association finances.
The following is a summary of the information that we have at this time.

It bears noting that allegations are just that – allegations. As police officers we all know things that are reported in the
press often turn out to be far different than the truth. According to news reports, in August, a bank “flagged” suspicious
bank transactions involving Pallohusky and the Sergeants’ Association accounts. The Chicago Police Department was
subsequently alerted and an investigation was launched. He was arrested at home Friday morning and is expected to
post bond sometime Monday.

Pallohusky's wife, Mary O'Toole, is Treasurer of the Chicago Police Sergeants' Association. She has not been charged
with wrongdoing. According to statements attributed to his attorney, Pallohusky insists he did not misappropriate any
money. Attorneys who work for the PB&PA are not representing John Pallohusky or Mary O’Toole regarding this matter.

Members of the State Executive Board are both shocked and saddened by the allegations. The State Association
remains committed to the members of Unit 156A and stands prepared to assist them through this unfortunate ordeal in
any way possible.
As a result of the arrest, on Sunday, November 22, 2009, the Board of Directors of the Chicago Police Sergeant’s
Association held an emergency meeting to discuss these events and their impact on the Chicago Sergeants’ organization.

PB&PA of Illinois’ Chief Counsel, Sean Smoot, was present to advise Unit 156A’s Board of Directors
during the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Kuzas has sued me twice years ago. I still want to slap that bitch.

Anonymous said...

I've always believed that Sgts should have FOP as their union. Most Sgts spend a number of years in FOP then they have to move on to a new union. As far as I can tell PBPS has not served you guys well.

I am no labor specialist but people have always said that if you decertify the contract is null and void.

Guess what... there is no contract now. Granted you move on to another union and the new contact would be between the City of Chicago and whoever (PBPA, FOP, Teamsters (heaven forbid)).

As far as I can tell FOP is the best choice for a police union. Some things should be changed though.

One of which is you pay your leaders more. Anyone that has been involved in union business knows that whoever leads the union will be underfire and if done right should be working their asses off. That person needs to be paid accordingly.

Old man Daley years ago gave the CPD a huge raise. With that raise there was a price. No more bribe money. I wasn't on the job in those days but have listened to those that were. You get what you pay for.

It also requires representatives to step up to the plate and lead.

If you have a meritorious hack leading your union you will be sold out. Sgts area always looking to make Lt. It helps the pension. There is another reason to eliminate merit. There will always be some prick top sell their soul for the chance to get ahead. Merit divides and conquers which is waht the city wants.

I wish you Sgts nothing but the best. After all we are all in this sinking and stinking boat together.

Anonymous said...

yawn . . .

someone wake me up. .

This blog reminds me of the majority of sergeants.. they don't give a shit about anything until something happens.

There have been at least 2 dozen emails sent out on the department e-mail from sergeants I never heard of until now.

Lets get 2 things straight. Decertification: FORGET IT.. we then lose our contract. Forget about selling back 200 hours and getting 45 minutes a day.

"Dump everyone on the board": Then, according to By-Laws NO ONE will be on the board because you have to attend at least half of the meetings and no one but retirees show up.

In the end, everyone will just go back to sleep . . . .

just like this blog.

Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell PBPS has not served you guys well.

Where do you get your information? It's PB & PA also, and if there is anything to complain about, it wouldn't be about PB PA,the sergeants union is run by CHICAGO POLICE SERGEANTS. PBPA doesn't interfere in the day to day operations, they provide a service, or several services to the sergeants ... if the union isn't good under PBPA, and it is totally run by sergeants, how could it be better under ANY OTHER UNION LABEL??? splain it to me lucy...

Anonymous said...

Off Topic:

Lakeland, Washington Domestic Terrorist Act

Nobody has thought of the obvious, this was a well planned and well orchestrated act of domestic terrorism.

Don't buy the media spin of "Mad Dog" was just a crazed ex-convict.

No, he was a self-admitted Black Muslim member of a splinter group Black Panther Party.

December 4,2009 is the 40th Anniversary of the Chicago Black Panther raid. Coincidence?

Black Muslim Group Celebrates “Brother & Martyr” White Cop Killer Maurice Clemmons, he was a fellow Muslim.

“For Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen.” BOW Martyr Against White Terrorist & Racist Police Regime (Maurice Clemmons) Adorned With Virgins, Jewelry & Crowned; “When the Battle is Over, We Shall Wear a Crown.” – Seattle Black Foot Soldiers

He intentionally went to a coffee shop owned by a retired copper and known to be frequented by on-duty uniformed PO's/"targets".

There were additional individuals who aided and abetted his escape and evasion. I believe these same individuals had prior knowledge and aided in the planning of this horrible act of sedition.

I believe that there is much more to this story than just some POS who was a "Mad Dog".

I may be wrong, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Keep your eyes and ears open and never be complacent!

God Bless the fallen LPD officers, their co-workers, families and friends!

Thank-You to the SPD Officer who stopped this animal from killing more innocent American citizens!

Anonymous said...

Pallohusky spent the money in Veagas on gambling and broads. You guys are not thinking. Pallohusky was in a position to take advantage of the finances for 3 years. 1200 sgt. X union dues = a lot of money missing. He is a shithead criminal just as bad as a m/1 or m/4 because he stole from us!

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.