Monday, May 18, 2009


Detective Larry Miller of the Evanston, IL Police Department has taken up an admirable cause.


I am an 18 year veteran Police Detective with the Evanston, IL. Police Department. On March 21st, 2009 4 Oakland California Police Officers were murdered by Lovell Mixon. Days later there were crowds in the streets of Oakland calling this murderer a hero of the community. That incredible sight prompted me to act. I put together a simple fundraiser to help raise money for the now 10 fatherless children of these fallen Officers. I am selling "Support Oakland" t-shirts on my website 100% of the proceeds will be forwarded to the established trust funds for these children at the conclusion of this month. I have had great success up to this point however, I want a strong final push in these last few weeks. Could you please assist with mentioning this fundraising effort in some way? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,

Larry Miller
Evanston P.D.

You are doing God's work Larry.


Anonymous said...

Great job, SCS,
I will be ordering 3 shirts

Anonymous said...

Just placed an order for 2, I like this idea.

Anonymous said...

OT: Any word on new Sgt. list? I heard soon. More importantly when is the a city wide bid for districts? It usually comes out before the class is promoted.

Anonymous said...

pathetic blog

Anonymous said...

OT: any word on city wide bids since they made this class of 30.

Anonymous said...

Gang Intel, or is that a contradiction of terms?

This is very disturbing and shows that the street gang element is making great strides in weapon technology and tactical thinking.

What is more shocking; is that this is centered out of the affluent suburb of Mount Prospect,Il.

Times have changed, the shitheads are truly everywhere, our suburban brothers and sisters will soon have a major wakeup call.

Who is on the video at 02:25 minutes?

Stay alert,stay alive!!!

Stay safe!!!

Anonymous said...

from a rtd Cpd copper thanks vets. was a Guam Seabee in 1950s and proud of being American,

Anonymous said...

be aware, turncoat fire fighter let his house out ay 108th and whipple to section 8 rats, and i hear that they are brazen and confrontational as hell. who was this fool,

Anonymous said...

There is a guy in A4 Gangs that is selling shirts that are better than the one in Evanston. It lists not only the Oakland coppers but the ones killed in Pittsburgh as well.

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