Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Does anybody in Daley's staff ever prepare him for a press conference?
When asked about the time it took for a breathalyzer to be administered to an off-duty officer accused in a fatal hit and run, Daley responded:
Asked if officer Richard Bolling got favored treatment from fellow officers after his arrest, Daley said, "I hope not. I know the [police] superintendent will be looking into that as quickly as possible."

Reminded that the delayed test showed a blood alcohol level of .79, which is just below the legal limit, Daley said, "It would raise a question, yes. . . . They will have to investigate it. Definitely."

All he had to say was that he wasn't familiar with DUI arrestee processing and referred further questions to the superintendent. But no!!!! He continues on speaking without thinking and blurts out this gem.

Asked Tuesday whether the department is doing enough to weed out problem drinkers, Daley said, "You try to. [But] alcohol is always a problem for fire and police departments in the country in general. Any people in uniform, even in the military, it's been a problem as well."

He added, "People in stress positions, many of 'em take alcohol and many take drugs. . . . Especially today [with] a whole new generation. We think it was alcohol, but many times they do take drugs. That's what happens to people. . . . It's uncalled for. But remember — we have 14,000 police officers. He's just one of the [14,000].''

This idiot just smeared the images of policemen and firemen throughout the country and the United States Armed Forces. Do everyone a favor and just shut up!!!!
By the way, since when do we have 14000 policemen? The ramblings of a moron.


Phil Schitz here said...

As a member of the media, we can't tell him to shut up. We always wait for him to stick his foot into his mouth.

As a young reporter Phil Schitz remembers the time when Daley spoke at a campaign rally in late 1980's. It was a rowdy rally, which really got rowdier when Daley was up at the podium and screamed:

"You want a white mayor to sit down with everybody".

At that exact moment, the first thought that came to this Ace Reporter's mind was: "The rumors are true. This guy is stupid. Looks like there ain't going be any Daleys in the mayor's office for a long time".

The next day Daley denied saying anything about a "white man". Instead, he informed the media that he said, "right man".

Anybody else remember this?

Anonymous said...

He refused the criminal test!!! Why is the administrative blow BAC smeared all over the news? I thought that was inadmissible in the court proceedings. Guess not anymore!

Anonymous said...

Stupid is as stupid does!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

14,000 officers maybe in the 70's when his father was Mayor

The old mayor never criticized the police in the news

Anonymous said...

Daley is old, his brain never really did function well, even when he was younger, and he should consider stepping down, before the whole city is in flames because of his greed, arrogance, and gross incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes.

And this was the moment that the prick confirmed to himself what his father had told him: 'da people are dumb, son, especially the ones over by dere. Use dat to your advantage.'.

Anonymous said...

God Bless this officer, may he survive this attack.

A Chicago Police officer was shot in the head in the Englewood neighborhood early today, officials said. The officer was shot about 12:25 a.m. in the 6000 block of South Hermitage, police said. The officer, who was not immediately identified, was taken to Stroger Hospital in critical condition, police said.

Anonymous said...

Screw this mental midget of a mayor. I hope he, his brothers,his son and his nephews all end up behind bars where they belong. And for the record,

And for King Short Shanks record, I spent 22 years as a military police officer and I do NOT have an alcohol or drug problem.

Cardinal Richielieu said...

Maybe Mister Prince Richie SHOULD be on some MEDs... for TOURETTES! Now we have to bury Officer Alex Valadez- MURDERED by ANIMALS in the line of duty- gee Mr. Mayo', I wonder why COPS are STRESSED?!? Fuckface! Which facet of your Tri-Polar countenance will slavishly lavish praise at AV's wake?!

"Tourettes Syndrome when they suffer from motor or/and vocal tics for at least 12 months. Uncontrollable movements are defined as motor tics and vocal disruptions by vocal tics. These vocal tics can be also followed by swearing or calling names (for example racial). They also can suffer from an irresistible desire to tour the globe in search of a bid to host a Summer Olympics, to assuage a need for a "legacy" possibly also accompanied by a desire to have a statue of one's self (& possibly their Daddy) cast in honor thereof". Silly, just silly. Oh, and learn to count- more like 7,000 Cops, NOT FOURTEEN-THOUSAND you Mendacious McGillicuddy Shanty Irish Toadstool!

REST in PEACE Officer Alex Valadez! Godspeed, we will look after your loved ones- Please do so for all of us still stuck down here on this mortal coil from up in Heaven...

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