Sunday, September 20, 2009


Yes sir, I'm voting no. My initial reaction to the city's offer was absolutely not! Nothing that I have read here has even remotely swayed me to side with the yes vote.
Lets be honest here, the city hasn't made us an offer, they have given us an ultimatum.
They are offering a select group of members a benefit that they themselves have claimed would be a money saver for the city.
The city of Chicago and the Fraternal Order of Police have agreed on a change that will allow officers to retire five years earlier with full medical benefits--providing millions of dollars in savings to the city during the current budget crisis, officials said. July 22, 2009
However, it is incumbent upon us to accept a contract with an offer of, no raise, a fitness test to be promoted to sergeant and alcohol testing on and off duty with levels far below federal standards.
We have been without a contract for 2+ years and this is what the city deems their best offer.
A small portion of our membership would benefit from the retire at 55 and no medical cost. What about the rest of us? This is not a contractual benefit and therefore no guarantee that after 3 years it would even exist.
We have a "me too clause" with or without this contract. An arbiter may award us more than the FOP and he may not. He may agree that the fitness test is not unreasonable and may agree that it is. He may allow for random alcohol testing and he may not. He may also deem that the city has not negotiated in good faith and award us what we asked for and then again he may not.
Like most of you I have a few more than 3 years to go and I'll take my chances that arbitration and "me too" will garner us much better than what we have been offered.


Anonymous said...

Good 4 U! I'm so glad to see somebody stand up for what they believe to be the right thing to do. Hope it all works out favorably.

Anonymous said...

SCS, Why dont you read the proposal?
The 55 and out they have offered us DOES NOT END IN 2012 Like the F.O.P.!!!!! Even the union board says that ours is better. The line added to the supervisors says; "for calendar year 2012 AND EACH SUCCEEDING YEAR..." That means it dosent expire. Even if the me too applies that will apply to exactly what the FOP got. a mininum number of people must apply and it ends in 2012. If anyone thinks our arbritrator will not be in lock step with the FOP's they are crazy. Would you make a fellow Sgt look bad ? neither will a fellow Arbritrator.

Anonymous said...

You are a wise man. There are a few that can't see past the 55 and insurance. I understand their reasoning but the rest of the proposal is insulting to any and all of us. It is important to remind all Sergeants to return the ballot in the envelope provided. If you didn't get a ballot by now, call the Sgt's Association. Return the ballot, don't let a few speak for you.

Anonymous said...

Right on. Our chance of gaining something is through arbitration, not through caving in to the mayor. I'm voting no, twice.

Anonymous said...

I remember as a patrolman several contracts ago (early 90's) we were pushed to vote yes on a contract to benefit the retirees. It may have benefitted them temporarily but since then have lost out. We started losing ground then as active members and went downhill from there. Now as a Sergeant, we are offered a contract that gives us absolutely nothing and wants us to give! I cannot in good conscience vote yes....

Anonymous said...

So you want to dump this because your not able to make the 55 & out . Hey tough shit Sgt. some of the other guys want it so because your just a baby you don't like it , tough shit again . Were so sorry that your Mom & Dad didn't see fit to have you earlier in life . Hang in there big guy , you might be able to retire in 20 more years ,

Anonymous said...

Unions have a history of self-destruction in this country, i.e. united auto workers, steel workers. I think police unions are reaching that point. I will vote yes because I am just grateful to have a job.

Anonymous said...

The Lieutenants Association voted 109-101 to surrender to the City, approving the terms of unconditional surrender proposed by Daley's minions.

We will now lose in arbitration, just like we did last time. The Captains and Lieutenants gave up the parity with the Detectives and it was shoved down our throats by the arbitrator (because if it is good enough for the two "higher" PBPA units, it's good enough for us).

The silver bars sold us out. Just because our shirts are the same color, don't think we are on the same team.

When will we realize that the PBPA doesn't car about US?

Anonymous said...


The free medical can be re-negotiated if any governmental body changes an insurance law....(Obama)

The free medical can be renegotiated if the price goes too high....

No more uniform allowance. "If funds are available" it will be in voucher form.....( - $1800 per year)

All new SGT's will have to pass a power test to be promoted and will have to keep passing every year. No $$$ incentive anymore. Grandfathered and no wording about compliance measures.

No re-occurrence of IOD after 10 years without a real doctor's treatment, not just ER. Medical Section determines if it is related, not your doctor. Then you can grieve and go to one of the City doctors for his/her UNBIASED!!! opinion.

If you retire with an open CR#, the Sup, can make your file read, "Retired under investigation." It is his/her discretion.

A 30 member panel will be formed with 1 person from each city union (15) and 15 appointed by the city to negotiate stuff...Including the insurance when they decide it costs too much...

Drug?alcohol testing on and off duty and for shootings.

No raise. Tied to FOP. Supervisor's quarterly is not a me-too...Nor is the 3/4 hour per day. No increase in either...

If you don't vote or vote yes for this, the Arbitrator is going to say, "No raise was good enough for the Captains, Lt's, and Sgt's so it should be good enough for the FOP. Guess what.....It will happen....

The city needs us to retire now....Don't give up everything we have worked for for this, when they need it to happen.

Anonymous said...

I am not a Sgt but I am active in FOP. You Sgts make sure you get on each others asses. Send those ballots in regardless of which way you vote. Those that don't vote have no right to bitch. Do your research and send that ballot in.

Good luck to all...

Not a Sgt.

Anonymous said...



I can't believe my own eyes anymore, please take a look at this:

Sun Sep 27 2009 21:56:11 ET

A local TV station that reported on Chicagoans NOT wanting the Olympics has been told NOT to run the report again, insiders tell the DRUDGE REPORT!

The Chicago Olympic Committee told FOX Chicago that its broadcast "would harm Chicago's chances" to be awarded the games.

The station's news director ordered staff to hold fire after the report aired once last Thursday morning, claims a source.

Chicago, Madrid, Tokyo and Rio are mounting strong bids for the honor to host in 2016.

The International Olympic Committee makes its decision on Friday. First Lady Michelle Obama will lead the in-person push.


FOX VIDEO: 'Chicagoans for Rio': Not Everyone in Illinois Wants the 2016 Olympics

Millions will now see what you have been espousing for years, that the Chicago Machine controls the "free press".

Hail Pravda!!!

Chicago makes Pravda look like a very legitimate news source!

Anonymous said...

no no no
no more test for lt
no no
merit selection for lt yes in 2010

Anonymous said...

no no no
no more test for lt
no no
merit selection for lt yes in 2010

Anonymous said...

Thank You!!
Signed 16 year veteran....4 as Sgt..

Anonymous said...

we shall find out tomorrow if the sgt's have the guts to vote no

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