Tuesday, March 31, 2009


"The taxpayers have been very, very good to public employees….Your neighbor-he or she is out of a job. Their son and daughter graduated from college [and] cannot get a job…This is a very tough economic time and public employees have to understand that. This is the real world."

Get something straight Mr. Mayor, it is not the taxpayer that the rank and file has a problem with. No sir! It is you! How are your neighbors and friends doing Mr. Mayor? I know some of them are in prison but what about the others?

Like Walsh Construction?

As for the $12.3 million, $5.5 million of it will be used to replace concrete pavement on Runway 10/28. The remaining $6.7 million will pay to widen and relocate Taxiway M, which runs parallel to O’Hare’s busiest runway.

The project is shovel ready because it’s already been bid. The lowest responsive bidder was Walsh Construction, a politically-connected company with two generations of ties to the Daley family.

Walsh was chosen earlier this month to build the third and final runway in Phase One of the O’Hare expansion project. That $79 million contract brought Walsh’s share of the O’Hare expansion gravy train totalled nine contracts valued at $372.6 million.

The taxpayers, that would be us, have provided the revenue so that the city is able to build new police stations and buy new police cars. The replacement of an aged fleet is not done as a favor to the police officer but has economic justification. The maintenance of an aged fleet far out weighs the cost of purchasing new vehicles. The building of new police and fire stations is done in most cases to replace 80 and 90 year old buildings. Maintenance and operation cost of these museums cripple the budget. And since we need to replace these buildings I'm sure a well connected or two construction companies lands a lucrative contract. Now why don't you get real?


Anonymous said...

wALSH CONST. HAS TAKEN THE PLACE OF OLD brighton const, THAT THE bOWLER BROS, OWNED ALONG WITH OLD MAN daley, this is common knowledge amongst the old timers out there, one brother drank himself to death and the other went to federal prison and the old man said he never knew them.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they will replace the uniform check with a system like the Firemen have? Exchange worn out uniforms for new? I have lots of old stuff in the garage.

Anonymous said...

Dear, Dear Citizens/Sheeple, Are all of you understanding the magnitude of the corruption and the dealing/wheeling and stealing and wasting of the dear citizen's tax thieving ways? Why is it not one investigative newsworthy reporter educating the citizens of the corruption going on right in front of our noses!

Anonymous said...

I think there are too many of us to be able to do that!!

Anonymous said...

Walsh under bids all others, but in acuality charges the city more in add on fees and other charges related to minoriy sub contractors and minotity workers. Also they charge the city for changes the city makes after he contract is signed. It happens on every Walsh contract and they know it going in so they can afford to under cut all bidders because they know city will change the work specs and therefore Walsh charges more. Its like insider trading. I know this because a family friend works for walsh doing contract bidding.

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