Tuesday, March 03, 2009


An increase in the use of “patrol carbines” in law enforcement

Some agencies prefer to call them “patrol carbines”; others refer to them as “tactical rifles.” But whatever you call them, rifles based upon the AR-15 are becoming increasingly common as a weapon deployed to police officers outside of SWAT units, for some very logical reasons. AR-type rifles extend the range at which patrol officers can engage armed criminals, and because rifles have more practical accuracy than pistols, they can potentially reduce the number of shots fired to neutralize a suspect. Paired with the right kind of ammunition, the .223 Remington/5.56mm caliber rifle also has surprisingly less over-penetration, theoretically reducing threats to civilians who might be downrange. Each of these weapons will also require officers carrying them to fire hundreds of rounds in training each year, and in a city that rotates rifles from one shift to another among their patrol units, this can necessitate tens of thousands of rounds of training ammunition.
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The U.S. is in trouble said...

Good post Sarge-

There's an ammo shortage because people know that the Leftist Democrat agenda is to completely disarm the public and make them subservient to the government. (It's the Chicago way.)

We live in a Constitutional Republic that is quickly disappearing. Since Reagan left office we have let ourselves become weak and flabby in our thinking and have elected a succession of stooges, with the latest bunch the absolute worst. We have a Treasury Secretary who cheated on his taxes lecturing us that we must pay more taxes!!!

Eric Holder, the racist Attorney General, will soon turn his weapons on gun owners. He tried to do it under Clinton and was stopped by Newt Gingrich. But he will win now because he's got the support of a Chicago-trained President and the most corrupt group of miscreants ever to inhabit the US House & Senate.

This is why people are buying up guns and ammo and creating the shortage. Add this fact: since 1980 more than 2 dozen ammunition manufacturers have moved overseas where they provide good jobs for untold thousands of workers. We don't assemble much ammunition in the U.S. any more.

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe they are downplaying the fears of the "Average Joe".

We are in horrendous economic times that are projected to get much worse, the North American Union is becoming real, distrust of Uncle Sam and the policies of Marxism run rampant.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Rosanna Pulido on her victory, as the Republican candidate for the 5th District.

The men and women of the Chicago Police Department appreciated your support, your ardent defense of the 2nd Amendment, your defense of life and your advocacy of the imposition of Federal laws to combat the illegal invasion of the USA.

We urge all politicos to pay heed, we were supported and we responded in kind, Good Luck Rosanna!!!

The Democratic Machine was handed a stunning defeat tonight with the election of Mike Quigley as the Democratic candidate, despite all the millions of dollars spent by the Machine contenders.

Alderman Patrick O'Connor's and Mayor Daley's futile attempt to utilize an Irish surname backfired. The "Machine Muscle" and the endless cash stream, failed to bring victory to state Rep. John Fritchey or to state Rep. Sara Feigenholtz.

Mr Quigley don't scorn the power of organized labor!

Rossana Pulido is prima facie evidence of the power of a united and disgruntled electorate and a energized organized labor base.

It is time for real change in the 5th District. Vote for Rosanna Pulido and vote for less taxes, better law enforcement and a preservation of your Constitutional Rights and the American Way of Life.

Anonymous said...

Hoarding is also where lots of the ammo is going. The fearmongers think the end is near, so they buy all they can.

Anonymous said...

ot most supervisors would be willing to sell back overtime over a 3 - 5 year period

Anonymous said...


Due to the horrible defeat the "Chicago Machine" incurred yesterday; Chicago Board of Elections Chairman, Langdon Neal, seeks to initiate mail special elections in Chicago.

For mail special elections (VOTE FRAUD) this proposal needs to pass as legislation in Springfield and change Illinois state law. They are using the old low voter turnout and expense, to justify this ploy, to commit vote fraud of unprecedented levels.

Board of Election (Machine Hacks) would be responsible for counting the ballots. They would be unsupervised by PO's, ASA's, USA's, Attorney General's or election judges. CAN YOU SAY VOTE FRAUD?

This is madness and an outright ploy to directly manipulate elections. VOTE FRAUD!

Please call your state representatives and state senators today and demand that they vote this down.

This must be stopped dead in its tracks, before the "Chicago Machine" gets carte blanche to commit VOTE FRAUD!

We need the help of all Illinois state Congress members and state office holders to stop this.

Anonymous said...

Add this fact: since 1980 more than 2 dozen ammunition manufacturers have moved overseas where they provide good jobs for untold thousands of workers. We don't assemble much ammunition in the U.S. any more.

Tue Mar 03, 06:57:00 PM

Thats complete BS.Remington,Federal(ATK),Wichester,Hornady,Speer,CCI are all still here.There many more smaller companies like Blackhills,Hunting Shack Munitions,Corbon and like.

The problem is that there is only ONE Arsenal that makes small arms ammo,thats Lake City.

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan have taxed our ammo makers in recent years.The US Military for the first time in history had to go to outside vendors for small arms ammo,IVI(Canada),IMI(Israel),PMC(South Korea).

Police aren't shooters,and are not consuming that much .223/5.56.

Yes,since November 15th 2008 Obamination has caused a nationwide rush on ammo.

The increased cash value for lead,tin,zinc,brass,copper in recent years has also caused ammunition prices to rise.

Anonymous said...

How about getting those 22 adapters for the M16 rifles like they had when Carter was president?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
How about getting those 22 adapters for the M16 rifles like they had when Carter was president?

Wed Mar 11, 08:19:00 AM

Those are OK for plinking but not for duty use.Most of the adapters are a bit finicky in the reliability department.

The .22RF(rimfire) round uses a 40 grain lead bullet typically.They work best with a barrel twist rate of 1/16(one turn in 16 inches).AR15/M16s made between 1965 and 1983 have a 1/12 twist.Govt issue between 1983 to present is 1/7.Many commercial AR15s us a 1/9 twist.

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that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.