Monday, March 23, 2009


Chicago Olympic Bid Slips To Last Place

CHICAGO (CBS) ― Hopes and preparations for the 2016 Olympics have been dominating public discourse and city planning for more than two years, but now, the latest ranking of the four finalist cities for the games shows Chicago has now slipped into last place.

And then this...
Tokyo Continues to Lead Tight Race:'s BidIndex
Chicago recorded the only BidIndex decline since the last update in November allowing Madrid to leapfrog ahead into third. Both are very close to the leaders and remain important factors in the race. Madrid scored 58.73 (up 0.10) while Chicago tallied 58.37 (down 0.41).

“This is an exceptional race. For 2016, BidIndex hasn’t revealed any clear division between the candidates. It seems that all four bids are equally qualified to come in first – as well as last place in the voting”, explained Producer Robert Livingstone.

For the previous 2012 Summer Games bid, BidIndex scores clearly illustrated a division between the frontrunners London and Paris (London beat Paris on the final ballot) and also-rans New York and Moscow (both eliminated on early ballots) – reflecting reality.

While hundreds of factors are combined to determine a city’s BidIndex, Chicago’s recent decline could be blamed in part on record-high estimates for sponsorships, especially during the current economic crisis when sports sponsorships are on the decline. This combined with the fact that Chicago is the only candidate without 100% public government guarantees, might make the city a tough choice for the cautious.

Additionally, the recent reshuffling of United States Olympic Committee leadership might leave an IOC member or two feeling alienated in a campaign where personal relationships are extremely powerful. It’s likely that ballots will be won or lost on margins of just one or two votes.


Anonymous said...

Rahm Emmanuel = Marxist Gun Grabber

Rahm wants to take your guns away and label gun owners as terrorists:

Anonymous said...

Michael Sneed

Incoming State Police chief Jon Monken may take cadet training
West Point grad, Iraq and Kosovo veteran will definitely take weapons training, seeks to avoid uniform issues Jody Weis’

Sneed is told new State Police chief Jon Monken, 29, who now has more than 3,600 people under his command, may undergo State Police cadet training.

The upshot: "That's certainly something I'd be interested in," said Monken --who claims he will definitely go through State Police weapons training.

• • The buckshot: Gov. Quinn's appointment of Monken stunned many because his top cop pick has no formal police background . . . a la Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis, who was a career FBI agent.

• • The backshot: Monken, a graduate of West Point, served two tours in Iraq in the Army and one in Kosovo before becoming a mortgage banker and then a recruiter for the Illinois Army National Guard.

• • The clothes line: Weis drew criticism from the rank and file for wearing his police uniform. Now, he only wears it at special police ceremonies.

• • However, Monken feels he shouldn't wear the uniform "until I earn the uniform. If I could know in advance when the good days and the bad days are going to be, I'd wear the uniform on the good days to make sure [State Police troopers] get the credit, and the suit on the bad days, so I'd take the blame."

• • The final shot: Monken has no plans to make immediate waves: "Some of the best advice I got in the military was, 'When you are a new leader coming in, the best thing that you can do is go in and observe.' And that's what I plan on doing.",CST-NWS-SNEED24.article

So far this soldier is showing the troops leadership and is NOT making the same mistakes that J-Fed made. I think this combat hardened soldier will lead and that the ISP will follow.

Anonymous said...

I hope a certain someone has a seizure over this when shitcago loses.

Anonymous said...

I don't care whether they have the Olympics here or not, because I will be retired and long gone.

However, if not getting them deflates Daley's ego, I'm all for it.

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.