Wednesday, January 03, 2007


In the last thread someone mentioned "get rid of those baseball caps".
I couldn't agree more.

You have to admit in the last 7-8 years the uniform changes that have occured are a bit surprising.

The gym shoe.......probably nice for inside people. Don't have to shine them.

Sweater ........................I know guys who never wear a jacket anymore.
I'm not a stickler but the vest cover over the
sweater? whats that about?

Turtleneck/dickie........keeps the neck warm.

Cargo Pants...............One of the best changes.

Baseball cap...............along with the new star it gives a look of "heyseed"

Coolmax shirts.............comfortable

Go ahead give your opinion.......maybe suggest some changes for the future.


Anonymous said...

Poor recruits:
They now buy 5X as much as I did in the academy.
They have to even get the full black ninja suit!!!
Even the raincoat ---look like a giant fruitloop!

The department is based on tradition and they are changing almost all of it.
Technology is wonderful when it works, but it shouldn't make us look like Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane!

Anonymous said...

The part of the uniform that actually gives us our authority is the star. That star is the worst piece of the uniform that the department has authorized. They bend and get misshapen easily, and the letters fall out, making them look like cheap knock-offs bought at a county fair! Think about it... if someone came up to us on the street and said "hey, I'm LAPD", and then showed a badge that looked like an elementary school art project, would you believe it, or would you yell at them about impersonating the police? And I know it's unlikely, but god forbid a copper's safety is jeapordized because someone doesn't believe he is the police because of that crappy piece of tin! It's unprofessional and embarrasing! The old stars may have gotten scuffed, but there was no doubt what they were! And if these stars are wearing out after a few months, how are they supposed to have the 50-year run that the last ones had? Whoever got the contract on these really took the city for a ride!

Anonymous said...

Most people I know don't have a clue what you can wear with what.
We usually find out the hard way when caught in error by you know who.

Gym shoes- good
Cargo Pants- good
Knit Hat-excellent for the bitter cold.
Hat-I don't where a hat anyway
Sweater over a vest- I don't see a difference in that you can wear it over the shirt but not the sweater. Wearing it over the sweater not only keeps a tighter fit, but, makes it a lot easier to get to the pockets of the vest.
But again none these entries or opinions matter to the folks downtown anyway.

Technology...hmm we still have units/districts that are still using the old PDT's if any at all. We nickel and dime roll outs in that all units should get the equipment at once. If we ever get the new PDT's, they'll be replacing the initial ones that were previously replaced.

Want to have a safer unit? Start using voice recognition for running plates and talking to the zone. Now that would be nice. Ok, I have to refill this drink.

Anonymous said...

shut up Enis!

Anonymous said...

My biggest pet peeve is the stocking cap. THE STAR IS SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE FRONT / CENTER! The PO's that are signifying are just plain ignorant. I've told a few PO's about it and was looked at like I was speaking a different language.....Ahhhh for the good old days when that look would get slapped right off their face!

The stocking cap also looks like it has a "resevoir tip"; on some people it just magnifies the fact they are dickheads!

Keep up the good work SCS.

Anonymous said...

Just my two cents regarding uniforms: the base ball caps do look dorky, not professional at all. Wearing the sweater on top of the vest makes anyone not built like Olyve Oyl look like an overstuffed comfy chair. Wearing the vest on top of the sweater is more comfortable and allows you to access your pen, spare ammo, FOP/PAPB book, Tootsie Roll, whatever, without half undressing.

Anonymous said...

Great description of the BB cap (Hayseed). HA HA HA, The cap gives cops a more feminine look instead of looking tough. Maybe the department does not want its officers to look to intimidating. They gotta go.

Anonymous said...

Baseball caps look nice with a t-shirt while off duty at a baseball game. As a uniform item, it sucks. Also, some of the fatheads (litterally speaking) on the job (not me) can't get ball caps to fit their big heads. One size does NOT fit all.

Our regulation hat should be worn at roll call, and during inclement weather. Otherwise we should do like LAPD and just not have to wear a hat. Gym shoes are a good idea leaving dress shoes for just that, dress.

We should look professional, not like a bunch of Barney Fife's. One more step in the right direction would be a navy shirt for everyone below the rank of commander. But none of this will happen, at least not in my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

What is the point of a hat anyway? There is absolutely no reason for us to wear the stupid thing. So I say. . . get rid of the hats except for parades and funerals.

Also, I think supervisors should be able to wear a black shirt. It's hell trying to keep those lilly white shirts clean.

Have it Better Than Most (I guess) said...

Looking at them seperately:
gym shoes.......don't care either way

Sweater....tied for one of the best things, except for this hangup up about the vest over it (I don't see a problem with it and wear it that way too)

turtle neck/dickies... nuff said stay warm

cargo pants....know several old timers that despise them, but they are excellent and I won't wear the other style if I can avoid it

baseball cap....ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! Having said that I still feel that we shouldn't be mandated to wear any hat on the street, officers choice would suffice there

coolmax shirts....won't wear the other style any more in the hot weather...

Knit cap....haven't bought one, but then again if everyone was wearing all kinds of BS, they did the right thing to approve one and that's want to wear a knit hat it's the CPD or nothing..

My one new topic for uniforms...allow us to wear the nylon duty belts....

Anonymous said...

When the baseball caps first came out I kept looking at the guys who wore them trying to figure out what was wrong. Finally I realized they are "girl caps. Perfect for a blonde chick with a ponytail. Anyone else who wears them just looks stupid in the cap. And what has happened to out haircut standards ? It seems all the chicks now have ponytails and no one says a word.

Anonymous said...

Why call anything we wear a uniform. Uniform was meant to be just that: A select number of clothing items set to specific standards that EVERYONE wore....wait for.........wait for it..............wait for that WE were uniform. The entire department. We have no uniform anymore. In one roll call you will see at least ten differet officers wearing all looking different in dress, but all perfectly within the guidlines.
Baseball cap is fine for short pants (in summer/bikes, etc)
Sweater--everyone seems to like.
Gym shoes: Best authorized item in my opinion, functional and doesn't look bad if clean.
Cargo pants; too expensive for my tastes
Elmer Fed hat: only bought one after my inspector beef.
Skull cap: I actually like the idea (being a bald guy) until I saw them. Haven't seen officers wearing them representing, but haven't worked south or west in a while.
One uniform for all non-exempts would be fine too. Less separation between the ranks and still identafiable by chevrons/bar/bars etc...
No hat should be ok.

Anonymous said...

Thu Jan 04, 08:29:00 PM

Mirage makes a Sam Browne belt that is baked cordura and looks exactly like the ones we wear. It's authorized, much lighter, and more durable. I know the link won't take, but copy the URL and paste it into your browser.

Crimefile said...

Trash the baseball cap. Design another for only special assignments other than patrol.

The new stars suck big time!

Gym shoes are great for assignments other than patrol.

Cargo pants and dickies are fine the sweaters look crappy.

I hated the old Hill Street Bluse series because not to cops wore the same uniform. Uniform means uniform. Some of those vests worn on the outside are in dire need of an oil change.

Chicago cops are looking like minimum wage security guards these days. That's NOT a good thing.

Okay, I wore my older shirts and pants on the midnights.

Anonymous said...

The different options with the uniform are to make us more comfortable and give us some choices as what to wear. All you guys complaining about a uniform has to be uniform would be the first complaining that you dont like this or you dont like that. Any change in the uniform for your comfort would mean everyone else would have to suffer if they didnt like it. Be happy that we have some choice in the attire we have to spend 8 hours in. As far as the vest outside the sweater, I dont have a black vest cover so I dont do it, but it does make the pockets more functional and any little bit to make the day easier is a good thing.
If anybody looks at us as unprofessional, its not because one guy is wearing a jacket and the other is wearing a sweater, its probably because of the way some of us act.

Anonymous said...

"Ahhhh for the good old days when that look would get slapped right off their face!"

Keep Dreaming Sarge, but you left out the part when you actually tried that stunt and the PO handed you your head in an F'ng Basket.Then you go hobbling into the WC's office stating you were jumped in the parking lot by several unk M/1's

Anonymous said...

That star is the worst piece of the uniform that the department has authorized.... if someone came up to us on the street and said "hey, I'm LAPD", and then showed a badge that looked like an elementary school art project, would you believe it, or would you yell at them about impersonating the police?

That star was personally designed by the finest Superintendent we ever had. I know he was the finest because Ralph "The Chizzler"zewski told me so when Hillard was standing between us.

Anonymous said...

I think the knit caps look ridiculous. Most people have a bad head for them.

Baseball caps are good, just not the one we have to buy. The design looks like shit. Though I agree with not having to wear a hat at all except for parades or funerals.

Cargo pants, sweaters, turtle necks/dickies are also good.

I don't like having to wear ties also.

Nylon duty belts would be good too. Being able to use ASP's w/o training too. We were trained with the baton already. There can't be any difference in the use.

Anonymous said...

Here’s the new uniform if I make Superintendent:

POs and sergeants were ALL navy blue shirts and pants. Real police hats like they do in New York. No baseball caps. No sweaters. Vest is to be worn out the inside. EVERYONE wears the same thing.. Just like the NYPD—check out their uniforms.

Anonymous said...

Forget what should be allowed or not allowed -

Just make the uniform items quality items. The quality should match the freaking prices we pay for them. Yeah Yeah Yeah, I know we get a uniform check, but if anyone in the entire state of IL paid $100 for a sweater that fell apart the second time you put it in the washer, that company would have been out of business a long long long time ago.

Make QUALITY, and I won't mind keeping up with the current standards.

Anonymous said...

used to go thru 4 pairs of pants a year now on my second year with only one pair of the cargo pants will never go back. As for the ball cap, well, never wore the hat anyway so the best thing was making it optional.Havent seen anyone carrying the old baton in years. do they still issue them?

Anonymous said...

Haven’t seen anyone carrying the old baton in years. Do they still issue them?

They still make the kids in the academy by them as well as a metal one. They have to spend over $3000 bucks when they come on.

R&D should have their grants people figure out how they can get money from the federal government to subsidize the cost of the PPOs equipment like New York does. However, the city or department probably don’t give a damn about new Police officers coming on.

Anonymous said...

The best thing about the baseball hat is if it gets lost (I prefer thinking it as lost rather then left in the vehicle and stolen by fellow officers) you dont have to take a day, just go out and buy another.

Have it Better Than Most (I guess) said...

I think the recruits would be happy if it was only $3000.....I heard it is as much as $5000 coming on....They have to even buy their helmet now....

Anonymous said...

Just a word of caution to anyone wearing the vest over the sweater. At this point in time the dept. is not sure the manufacturers warranty will be in affect. The vest is made to be worn snug to the body and the extra space caused by a bulky sweater may cause a problem. The warranty may be voided and your life may be in danger.

Anonymous said...

The ballistics of the vest merely depend on a "surface behind it" Up against the body "snug" is WRONG. Nice try but you should have at least some knowledge of the ballistic demands and the fact that layers of clothing ENHANCE the performance. Nice try though

Anonymous said...

From a woman-

What idiot came up with that whole ensemble anyway? Baseball cap, cargo pants ....and button down shirt with a collar?! What a retard. It doesn't even go together. If they want you to look so casual you should have a polo type uniform shirt. A button down dress shirt should be worn with dress pants.It doesn't go together. It's gotta be one or the other.In the meantime you all look like a bunch of mismatched dorks.

The View said...

First of all, the sweater should NOT be washed, dry clean it! You really should own two of them, if you intend to use it as your official outer garment. After a six day wear, it needs cleaning.

Personally, I don't have a problem with anyone with a black vest cover wearing the vest OVER the sweater. It only makes sense, since there's no way to have quick access to your pens, FOP book, field contact and traffic stop cards, and other things you routinely use.

Although I own a bb cap, I've never worn it. Just didn't like the way it looked when I put it on in full uniform and looked in the mirror. Too unprofessional for my taste, but that's just me.

I guess I'm just old school. No dickeys, no cargo pants, no black gymmies, just high gloss shined Rocky boots for me.

The View said...

Regarding the ASP, yes, you do need some training before you carry it. Extending it, retracting it, utilizing it, it is different from carrying the standard CPD billyclub, and MUCH more practical, in my opinion. So, if you want to carry the asp, and it's a good idea to switch over, then go down to the Academy and let them hook you up. The training doesn't take too long, and you'll feel more confident carrying the damn thing after you complete it.

Anonymous said...

First off why doesn't the department do like the fire department and the state police. Have a uniform commissary and when an item wears out replace it. I'd even take a uniform allowance cut for that. Second the issue of the asp. If you can be trained and carry it, why not allow us to train and carry the mag light again. The asp is no less lethal than the mag light if used in the wrong way. And if saved many coppers lives on midnights in a dark alley or yard when we did carry them. Plus they last a hell of alot longer than these piece of shit stinger flashlights. They are worthless for the price they charge.

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