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A letter from a reader
Hey SCS,
We all know that the state of policing in this city/country is bleak and deteriorating fast, but I’ve been bothered by several observations lately. The police on the ghetto streets are unprepared. I’m not sure who to blame for that - my list of suspects is long. Regardless, these young guys and girls need to step up their game. Too many times have I seen officers taking a load of shit from street trash that have no business handing it out. I’m not saying they should kick ass every time. Obviously those days have long since passed. However, we have books filled with remedies for just such situations. All it takes is a little time, a little typing and a little thought. Lock these people up! It is critical now, more than ever, to hold our ground.
This is a simple fact that has been true forever and bears repeating: if he gets away with m-fing you and your partner then he will surely up his attack with the next coppers he encounters. If he runs from you and is caught and set free because he ditched some unknown contraband, he has won. He will run every time, there has been no consequence. If he shoves you out of the way in order to run, come on. That’s an easy one. If he threatens to beef or sue and is subsequently let go, then whatever your reasoning was for not making the arrest, he will think it’s because he scared you with his threats. You’ve got good intentions, we know, but you are doing a disservice to the rest of us.
If you need to make a ‘pimpy’ arrest, so be it. These blogs can be our worst enemy. No one wants to be called ‘the hair-gel police’ or ‘the two-year wonder’ or ‘the pissing/drinking/crack-pipe police’. There are a lot of heroes sitting behind their keyboards making it sound like the only arrests that should be made are the ones that result in a prison sentence. Not so. Sometimes you just need to house ‘em for a little while to prove a point. You have a great power. Restrict their freedom for just a little while and you remind them of that. Take their shit when you have the authority to do so. You don’t need to be heavy-handed or use ‘creative writing’ or to use any other measure that would compromise your integrity or your job. Use what is at your disposal. You should be hard pressed to drive by any vehicle traveling in the ghetto, any person standing on a corner or any group of thugs walking down the street and be unable to find a handful of laws being broken or ordinances being violated. If during an encounter with them, they seem to be begging you to set them straight, by all means, comply.
Obviously this doesn’t just apply to street trash. Perfect point is the Alderwoman that attempted to bully the coppers on the north side. Sounds to me like she pushed, and thankfully, they pushed back. It needs to be done. We cannot send the message that we lose. Ever.
So thanks for allowing me to ramble. I just wonder where are the supervisors sending these officers out on the streets every day. Why aren’t they insisting on smarter police work from their officers? These coppers are smart, brave and professional and I personally expect a lot from them. What I don’t expect from them is that they become punching bags for anyone. That includes the mutts on the street, business owners or politicians, ASAs or even other cops or supervisors. Come on guys, stand up for your people and remind them that it’s ok to be the police. That they can be ‘modern’ police and still be effective. If you can’t guide them or advise them when they need it then maybe you need a little reminder of your mission, too.
And before anyone begins with the litany of criticisms, no, I’m not a company guy. I could give a rats ass about Jody or the mayor or anyone else that far out of my loop. It’s not about making numbers to make someone look good. It’s about holding our ground and doing our part to send the message that the police will not be stepped on or around. It’s about trying to keep a few coppers from getting their asses kicked or worse.

I couldn't agree with you more sarge.

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Anonymous said...

You're right about the critics. I think that's got a lot to do with it. POs get shit from other POs, Sgt and even WCs, then L/U keepers when they make a 'pimpy' arrest. I don't get it. I have NO PROBLEM telling another PO to stfu. Maybe we need more of that.

U haven't been anywhere unless you have been dumped before said...

Was it in the late 1990's that NYPD adopted the "broken windows" theory of policing. Not ever arrest has to be a felony. And we all know that a little violation usually becomes something much more. Why let these shitheads get away with expired plates, no plates, tinted windows...etc Ask your self" I did the same thing what would the Dept do to me?". I have a lot of respect for p.o's that come in on a regular basis with warrants and other misd arrests. I think a warrnat especially a Leads Warrant puts more a crimp on the shit heads than a pcs arrest. PCS yes they will go to county and have to wait fot prelim, but they consider it just a price of the job.

Anonymous said...

I agree! Many moons ago my partnes and I used to make 20-30 traffic stops on slow nights just to keep busy. Most were attitude checks. The people that were courteous were advised of their violation and sent on their way. Hopefully making afriend for the CPD. The ones that came out of their bag on us were always written up and pat downs name checks, and car searches if they got out of their cars. These people were never going to be our friends and screw them. The end result was a lot of warrant arrests and recovered guns. Yes sirred and no sirred them all the way to the lockup. No beefs sustained.

Anonymous said...

Great "open letter" to the troops!
Unfortunately, in the highly politicized atmosphere that has become today's CPD, it's just no longer feasible to go locking horns with today's arrogant local street thug. Everyone knows that our powder puff Suot and his merry band of bobblehead dolls which make up his inner circle have ruined the job. As long as the mayor condones the current bunch of assholes leading this Dept., they've left aggressive policing to being a thing of the past.

Anonymous said...


Teen posing as a Chicago cop charged as juvenile,w-teen-impersonating-chicago-cop-012509.article

Anonymous said...



AMEN BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with almost all of your points, but I think many of today's officers and Sgts. are cowards as I have seen them driving the other way when I am heading to calls of danger. But what you said needs to be said more often by more of the "real police" such as you and I.

Anonymous said...

This kind of shite reminds me of the drunk in the academy t-shirt who threw a punch at me on the street. Fuck you and your "show anybody you don't like that you're in control"

The weird thing is Chicago got a lot safer from 2003 to 2007, and you guys all pretend like you're working in 1982. "Oh, we're not allowed to use the heavy-handed tactics, so crime is sure to skyrocket." Bullshit! Pure bullshit!

Anonymous said...

Real warrants, like 06:02:00 pm. That's real policing, if you're not making shit up.

The guest poster who rattled off about "any person standing on the corner" is just a thug himself masquerading as the police.

Anonymous said...

I watched former mayor bodyguard deputy JK take a verbal whipping by a drunk male subject on new years eve in front of a crowd of officers and "citizens". There were many directs threats made by the male, but my favorite was when he told JK that he's gonna rip that star off his chest and shove up his butt. JK walked away silent. No officer did anything because JK didn't. Those are the exempt role models of today, so can you blame officers or lower ranking supervisors?

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