Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Suspect seeking death penalty

Rejda is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Lauren Kiefer, 24, of unincorporated Oakbrook Terrace. Family members discovered her beaten body in her home Christmas Day as they returned from a party.

Rejda was arrested a short time later, after his DNA was identified at the crime scene, authorities said.

In July, prosecutors said they would seek the death penalty. Birkett said the death penalty was appropriate because Kiefer was murdered during the course of aggravated criminal sexual assault, home invasion and residential burglary.

Of course he will now receive a mental fitness exam to see if he is fit to enter into such a plea. This sort of reminds me of Gary Gilmore.
Gary Gilmore was executed by a firing squad on January 17, 1977, at 8:07 a.m., after angrily telling his lawyers to drop the appeals they had filed in defiance of his wishes

After being asked for any last words, Gilmore simply replied, "Let's do it."


Anonymous said...

Greetings Sarge,

I hate to go off topic but I read on your companion blog and in the press that there are calls for Jody Weiss to attend the CPD Academy prior to taking the helm of the department

Jody Weiss does not need to attend the CPD Academy. He will be an executive who will be setting policies and establishing a long range vision for the CPD. He has proven himself as an able law enforcement executive. A comparable analogy would be the appointment of Colin Powell as the Secretary of State during the first Bush Administration. General Powell was previously never a diplomat. The majority consensus is that he was a very respected and sagacious Secretary of State. The skills that he brought to the Department of State after being a career Army officer have been documented and praised.

Time spent in the CPD Academy by SAC Weiss would be best spent trying to develop a plan of action that would save the department from falling into oversight by the federal government.

With recent events such as the conviction of Sgt. Hermann, SAC Weiss needs to immediately clean up the department, set a course for the next ten years, and regain the confidence of the public and members of the Department. Wasting time going into the CPD Academy for even a day would be absurd for a law enforcement executive who has graduated from the FBI Academy as well as numerous executive level courses and seminars. His track record as a FBI manager is quite impressive and cannot be matched by any serving CPD manager in terms of diversity of assignments, breadth, and scope of achievement. Believe me you guys/gals are getting a public sector executive who ranks right up there with Warren Buffet in terms of management skills and vision. His salary barely matches his worth and what he will do to revolutionize the department.

You can bet that with the appointment of SAC Weiss the department will emerge much stronger, more responsive to emerging crime trends, and respected as a world class law enforcement agency.

GOD Bless the CPD!

Former CPD 222 Driver / Working 1811 FED

Anonymous said...

I don't think Warren Buffet would make the "take him out" comment regarding a whistleblower who exposed the FBI's incompetence in handing information about potential terrorists taking flight lessons. I think Warren Buffet got to where he was by doing the smart thing-not the political thing,

Anti-corruption? Saving the CPD? W'd be better off in receivership and run by a judge.

The FBI is a fallible bureacracy and those that do well in the those worlds should be looked at with some serious scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

TO: Former CPD 222 Driver / Working 1811 FED

Please stop with the nonsense posts defending our new FBI chief executive.

You don't work here anymore and have no idea what we put up with on a daily basis. I seriously doubt that Weiss is going to contribute anything of note to this Department during his tenure. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that he don't last past the expiration of his contract.

Now, Former CPD 222 Couldn't Handle Being The Police Now A Fed Who Thinks He's Important, go solve some real crime and indict Al Sharpton. If you pull this off, you'll have earned my respect.

Anonymous said...

no mental exam needed for Redja now.

Anonymous said...

The FBI is a fallible bureacracy and those that do well in the those worlds should be looked at with some serious scrutiny......

You are very correct and I respect your comments. One thing is a given, a fresh set of eyes focused on moving the department forward will certainly not hurt. The same guys/gals who practiced the same clout driven decisions for the last 40 years would not have bought forth change to the department. Ninety-nine percent of the CPD exempts be they, black, white, hispanic, or asian owe their rise to dark political forces withn the city. I cannot imagine a city council thug, any of the reverends, or the SouthWest Side/ NorthWest Side Political Tongs having the balls to come sideways at Messr. Weiss.

I hope that Weiss will look at having retired violent crimes detectives and FBI Special Agents with violent crimes experience be recruited as contractors to form coldcase squads or are assigned to combat spikes in the muder rate in affected area. This could free up the city to put more patrol officers in the districts answering calls.

Proud Former 222 Beat Driver Now a Working FED

Anonymous said...

In fact, I'd be willing to bet that he don't last past the expiration of his contract.


If Weiss being an outsider with impeccable credentials cannot leverage his strengths to change the CPD, then the department is really bad off and perhaps beyond redemption.

I still have many friends on the department and I own property on the southside so in essence a solid CPD is also in my best interest. Take care and have a nice holiday.

PS. When John Herman was in the deuce on Captain Bingham's watch I would see him when that watch came on days. I remember he would shout in a loud voice that he was the real POleese. He would also grab his crotch while saying he was the real police. So maybe you want to come up with something else. Take care pal.

Proud Former CPD 222 Beat Driver/ Working FED

Anonymous said...

If Jody rode around with some 7 year vets in 007, 005 on days, 011, 015, 006, 004, 024 to see how liberals think, 018 to deal with the yuppies,

He'd get a good idea on how the place operates and the BS the street level cop puts up with.

seven things he should do to be the fucking police

1. 3am traffic stop -search
2. a street stop in a DOC
3. A dispersal
4. Domestic battery -paper car
5. High risk mental
6. do an el check
7. TVB

Holy shit, I just realized a recuit two weeks out of the academy on graduation day has more experience then this guy when it comes to police work.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. "former 222/now Working Fed:"
You may recall that the great Retired Col. Powell eventually walked the plank and abandoned the George Bush sinking ship in Iraq. For all of Col. Powell's good intentions, the leadership of the Presidency left him in a constant quandry. Lying about the "weapons of mass destruction" didn't stomach well with Col. Powell either. I would have to agree with the other poster (using better grammar), I doubt if the great J.P. Weis will be around to complete his 3 or 4 year "deal" with the Mayor. One can only hope his contract provides a housing stipend, so he can actually save some of that huge salary of his.

Traveler said...

"Let's do it." If only more offenders manned up like that!

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that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.