Thursday, December 27, 2007


I recall reading comments at Second City Cop that stated the author would welcome a Federal consent decree. Some theories have Jody being named superintendent just to keep us out of Federal receivership. Here is the latest from LAPD via Pajamas Media
A new regulation will require “regular and periodic financial disclosures” by all Los Angeles police officers “who routinely handle valuable contraband or cash.”

In the seven years they have operated under the consent decree, LAPD officers have seen millions and millions of dollars and countless man-hours devoted to complying with its many provisions.

William Bratton may be the LAPD’s chief, but in reality the department is run by lawyers and auditors. A new computer system demanded by the consent decree was intended to help supervisors monitor their officers, but in reality it is little more than a generator of worthless busywork, keeping those supervisors glued to computers in the stations rather than in the field where they might actually interact with the officers they’re supposed to be monitoring. And far too many honest and hardworking officers have been disciplined for making the smallest and most inconsequential of errors in reports that are now endlessly and ludicrously scrutinized.


Anonymous said...

CPD it is your destiny.

Anonymous said...

If that is where we are headed, why would any ploice officer do a, friggin thing. Also, why does anybody want this shitty job anymore.

The View said...

SCS: Unfortunately, we have brought it on ourselves. Poor to nonexistent supervision is far too prevalent on many Police Depts. the inevitable scandals that follow tend to maximize big brother's foot in everyone's asses, the guilty as well as the innocent. We all pay the price for poor supervision, one way or another. I've said it before here, and I'll repeat it: tests alone are not a good measure as to how effective a supervisor a prospective Sgt. will be. And we all know as Sgts. that some of us will do everything in our power to avoid confrontation with someone who obviously needs guidance. Maybe FTOs should be sought out first as Supervisor material. At least they have been trained to train others, and have some supervisory experience. I'm not saying it's a cure for what ails our dept., but it's a start.

Anonymous said...

FTOs are individuals who have no partners. They work alone because of their inability to work with others. Furthermore, have you seen the officers produced by these fine FTOs.

Anonymous said...

WE did not bring this upon ourseleves! If you think that somthing YOU did brought any of this upon US then it is YOU that is at fault.

Other than YOU seeing something and not doing anything about it, then yes it is YOU that has brought this upon US.

Do not fault the majority of the dept for the faults of a FEW. And the faults of a FEW was brought upon us by the poor supervision of looking the other way supervison of a FEW.

I can say for a fact that all this crap that is going is not the fault of ME cause I or the one's I know brought this to OUR door.

Anonymous said...

I never get in trouble, written up or anything because all I do is answer my calls and write paper.

Its easy...nothing in = no problems A DUH!

waiting for retirement said...

"Maybe FTOs should be sought out first as Supervisor material."


I was an FTO and now I'm proud to say I'm a lazy piece of shit sergeant.

I do nothing for the savages in the ghetto were I work and take my check like it is welfare.
Fuck the savages, fuck the city and fuck you if you don't like it.

Anonymous said...

29 December and I still don't have my 2008 date book...what a great union.

Something to Think About? said...

"This is beeeeeeery interesting:

'Daley should love the reformers who got the legislature to drop the petition signature requirement from 25,000 to 12,500.

Without that change in the law Daley would not have been on the ballot at all.

He only presented 19,000+ signature in the post Sorich conviction era.

And the challenge brought his number down to 14,000.

If we had had the money and people to continue challenging his petitions, he probably would have NOT been on the ballot at all.

I was there for the challenge and I saw bad signatures approved by the Board of Elections employees who were doing their best to drag the process on and keep da mare in power.

Posted by: MACK | December 31, 2007 10:29 AM'

from ChicagoClout, courtesy of MACK and Patrick McDonough.

Are all the honest citizens beginning to see the light?"

How about it, boys and girls in blue?

Who amongst you can get 12,501 valid registered voters to sign a petition to nominate you for the mayor's job in the next mayoral election?

It would be nice, wouldn't it, to have an honest man, or woman, as the mayor of our great city?

Also, what's to prevent you guys and gals from putting together an actual ticket of candidates? At both the city and county levels?

To avoid getting denied ballot access, you boys and girls in blue would be the ones most capable of ensuring that each and every signature you get is sworn to and notarized, thus, 'cock-blocking' the dicks at the board of elections before they even have a chance at challenging your petitions.

I can't think of a better source of citizens I'd vote for, here in the City That Works (for crooks) and the County of Crooks, can you?

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.