Thursday, March 06, 2008


I recall reading comments, last month, at SCC that a recruit class was sent home until further notice. I assumed that this was just some rumour as a lot of comments are on the blog. A commenter actually clarified what actually happened. The commenter downplayed the sending home of the recruits and implied that all other comments were just uninformed bullshit. The recruits would be back in class during the week. End of story, right? NOT!!!!
I found this tid-bit on Police

On Wednesday, city officials confirmed the training class for some 50 recruits was postponed from Feb. 19 to May 19.

How in the hell does the department/city justify this?
The reason for the delay, city officials said, was to get more "seasoned'' cops on the street.

Over the next three months while the recruit class holds, the city will move officers working desk jobs back onto the street, said Wendy Abrams, spokeswoman for the city's office of budget and management. Money will be spent to fill those "administrative" positions until the recruits start in May.

What an absolute crock of SHIT! You assholes may be able to fill out an ethics form but you surely can't practice being ethical. These men and women had jobs and put in their two weeks notice to take the job you offered them. How do they pay their rent/mortgage, groceries, car payments and all the other expenses people incur just to survive during this 3 month hiatus?
It is already March and we don't expect a class until 19 May, so don't expect a new group of 50 until mid November to be on the street. Keep in mind we have an attrition rate of about 600 a year...........Unbelievable!!!!

For all you FOP haters, there is nothing they can do about this, these poor souls are not covered by the bargaining unit. All Donahue can do is express his displeasure.


Anonymous said...

Chicago Police Department is a joke I would apply to suburbs if I were these recruits better working conditions and actual chance at promotion if you are European American.

Anonymous said...

welcome to shitcago

Anonymous said...

Shows the ultimate hypocrasy of this City, the Daley administration, and this Weis guy... Lets screw over a bunch of people who are now sitting there with no jobs until May. Why? Because we need to "fix" the academy. The only thing they need to fix in this city is Richard Daley.

Face this guys wants less policemen. He thinks we are all drunken crybabies and he could give to shits about us. He isn't going to replace the people who are retiring. He expects the current policeman to do more with less. That yes-man Weis is only a figurehead to put Richie's plan into motion. Open your eyes fools!!!

Anonymous said...

Chicago Police Department is a joke I would apply to suburbs if I were these recruits better working conditions and actual chance at promotion if you are European American

That's what you think, the politics in the burbs are just as bad, if not worse; go to their blog and see what they have to say.

Anonymous said...

Hi SCS, I'm one one your regular readers, and an outside lawyer too.

Your outrage is justified and colorable under the law. THere is a principle called promissory estoppel that would apply here. If you make people believable promises, and they act to their detriment in reliance on your believable promises, you are on the hook when you fail to deliver your believable promises.

Anybody who quit a job to go to the academy should have a case. Problem is, my profession would likely absorb most of any reward in fees.

Anonymous said...

Boss gonna get rid of the $250 fitness program. Will start body fat program. Saw on channel 9 news.

Anonymous said...

It really is a heartless move...I highly doubt these "seasoned" officers they are trying to get back onto the street are going to do anything other than hide (as they do during Op Closed Market). I honestly feel for these recruits, who may have families to support, not to mention mortgages to pay, etc. normally takes a couple of years before this job/city suck the enthusiasm from you. These recruits will be as salty as a 20 year guy before they leave the academy!

Anonymous said...

Weis is just a figurehead goof. You think he cares about these recruits or for that matter any sworn member of the dept.? All he cares about is making himself look good for three years. He thus provides a gravy train for more of his FBI goofs, who want to collect their FBI pensions and get big dept. paychecks. Goofy Jody has to perform this dance for 3 years and he will leave the dept. close to a million dollars richer.

Anonymous said...

Problem is, my profession would likely absorb most of any reward in fees.

Fri Mar 07, 10:31:00 AM

The problem is that it would take forever while your profession racked up the fees and the City dodged any accountability....and the poor plaintiffs still wouldn't be hired.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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