Wednesday, March 05, 2008


The Town of Cicero has decided that they will withhold the results of Commander Wesley Scott's drug test results.
Officials received the long-awaited results of the hair-follicle test last week but will not disclose them until Scott's case is adjudicated, town spokesman Dan Proft said Tuesday.

"Because we have a pending court case, rather than introducing evidence that could possibly be used by either side, we're going to hold our powder and wait for that case to run its course," Proft said.

A few weeks ago when it was thought that he had passed (the wrong test)town officials made public those results. What makes these results different than those?
Read the whole story in the Tribune.


Anonymous said...


Please look at your 01 Mar 2008 check stub. I got mine, beacuse I don't trust the city with the direct deposit. My comp time sellback had an hourly rate over 2 bucks less that it should have been. Beware of Finance....

Anonymous said...

I thougth sellback days were paid April 1. Anyone else get paid for their sellback days?

Anonymous said...

Sell back comes on the 16th Check. they have to be paid by April 1st.

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