Sunday, April 13, 2008


I am a big advocate of the use of helicopters for law enforcement. I have written about this before and the Chicago Police Department lags way behind departments a quarter of our size. With that being said, I would like to applaud the work that is done by the crews of the aviation unit despite their limited resources. A couple of evenings ago helicopter 1 monitored a pursuit in the suburb of Burnham and proceeded to assist. The vehicle being pursued was involved in a robbery in Hammond, Indiana. The driver crashed his vehicle and fled on foot. The helicopter was able to locate the offender and radio his location to officers on the street. (Story on Fox) Well done guys.
Sergeants don't be reluctant to request the assistance of the helicopter and don't be discouraged if you are denied. Remember these crews are working with limited resources and at this time of year weather plays a big role.


Anonymous said...

Great job by the CPD/CCSP helicopter crew!!! Way to go!!

Anonymous said...

Wait, they can assist Burnham but not US???? WTF!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Houston, TX PD around the same pop. as Chicago? How many choppers do they have? They seem more advanced then us.

Anonymous said...

Helicopter was actually clearing "selling drugs" calls in 11 a few weeks back, come on now, that's a complete waste of the resource.


If they can't assist you, it is probably due to the fact they aren't up in the air. Not being up in the air is usually weather or mechanical related.
I have on occasion monitored a foot pursuit and the helicopter unit happened to be also monitoring our zone and assisted. I have also asked the zone to request their assistance and they have shown up.
Being a prior service member (military) in an aviation unit I understand the inability (beyond their control) of the helicopter to respond to each and every request.

Anonymous said...

If they are not up in the air because of mech or weather that is one thing, but to have only one in the air for the city our size is crap.

There have been a few articles in the paper in which the unit was praised for their us. The two that most come to mind is this one and one I believe at the end of last summer in which the unit was used in a far south suburb, past Hazel Crest I believe.

I have not seen any news in which this unit has been helpfull to the City of Chicago. I know there might have been times, but I have not seen it in the news or heard from it from other officers. I also understand it is not just for city use an the county funds part of it as well, but what the fuck?

It will always be more avail for use on the southside because of the brain trust in the city who built the facility on 95th years ago for the CPD/Coast Guard. Who the fuck places a facility on the far end of the city and more central? The CFD has to travel from there to the middle of the city or north end for water rescue, and that is where a majority of the lakefront use is!

I work on the westside and have been involved in and heard on the radio car chases for major crimes that have continued up to 10 minutes and not once has the unit been able to assit, not once!

There needs to be more helicopters but even before that the hanger needs to be brought back to a central point in the city

Anonymous said...

Off Topic: Any idea on how many Lt's they will promote?

Anonymous said...

The helicopter unit always assists units in the field . I hear them all the time responding to men with gun calls ,touring level 2doc areas and yes they do assist suburban police dept.

Anonymous said...

Houston P.D. basically has their own air force. It costs, and $s are an issue. But, better results with air support than community (I FEEL GOOD!)Policing.

Anonymous said...

What it comes down to is money. City Hall wouldn't spend the appropriate amount of money for an appropriate helicopter for the police department.

The fire dept, on the other hand, crashes their Huey (back up helo) and they are given over 9 million for a kick ass B&H 412 to use as a back up to their existing 412. Trying to get under 2 mil for the police helo was like pulling teeth.

Daley hates the police and loves the fire department. plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

We need V-22 Ospreys.

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