Sunday, May 25, 2008


Freedom Is Not Free
I watched the flag pass by one day.
It fluttered in the breeze.
A young Marine saluted it,
and then he stood at ease.
I looked at him in uniform
So young, so tall, so proud,
He'd stand out in any crowd.
I thought how many men like him
Had fallen through the years.
How many died on foreign soil?
How many mothers' tears?
How many pilots' planes shot down?
How many died at sea?
How many foxholes were soldiers' graves?
No, freedom isn't free.

I heard the sound of TAPS one night,
When everything was still
I listened to the bugler play
And felt a sudden chill.
I wondered just how many times
That TAPS had meant "Amen,"
When a flag had draped a coffin
Of a brother or a friend.
I thought of all the children,
Of the mothers and the wives,
Of fathers, sons and husbands
With interrupted lives.
I thought about a graveyard
At the bottom of the sea
Of unmarked graves in Arlington.
No, freedom isn't free.
- Kelly Strong


Anonymous said...

I heard in a speech by some dumbshit liberal politician the other day that we should elect Obama president so we can send the right message to other nations.


Why do we need to send a message to any other nation? Who gives a rat's ass what they think? Whe they need something they come crying to us no matter who is in the White House.

Anonymous said...

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." --- Thomas Jefferson

Anonymous said...

God Bless all Veterans, and RIP to all the fallen veteran heroes! I thank all of you that have served for my freedom!! Thank You!!! and again God Bless!

God Bless the USA said...

To my son in Baghdad
To my son at Fort Campbell
To the guys I served with in the Army in the late 60's - early 70's
To my Dad, Army Air Force Sgt, WWII, B-24 gunner
To my father-in-law, Navy CPO, WWII, 3 campaign stars, Purple Heart
To my grandfather, Marine Pvt, served in Nicaragua
To my wife's grandfather, Army Pvt, WWI, wounded in France
To my great-great grandfather, Union Army Cpl, died of wounds 1864

To them, to all who stood with them, and to those wearing ACU's today, my hat's off to you...

I salute you.

leomemorial said...

Thank you for taking the time to post this Sergeant. My Uncles served in Korea & Vietnam, my ex-boyfriend and friends - all the Gulf Wars and are still overseas... today.


Anonymous said...

To all veterans and current heroes,
God Speed and God Bless You All!!!

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.