Thursday, June 05, 2008


One P.O., from 25, was arrested on federal charges for insurance fraud. Read the entire story at the Tribune.
Work special, get a side job do something but don't compromise your integrity.


Traveler said...

OT- Many city employees were told that if they went to the olympic rally downtown today they could get paid for it. Surprised? Why, this is king Daley's little baby why wouldn't he pay his workers to go campaign for him and his will? Was Obama there too? He was advertised as going to be there. City workers getting paid and getting comp time to go to a olympic rally and just fill the seats so it looks like there are many supporters. Sent on department email too. Any news talking heads going to mention this? Doubt it, as usual the liberals will sweep this under the carpet so the sheep can go about their lives unaware of the corruption and use of their tax dollars as our budget spirals downward and taxes reach historic highs. Anyone have a copy of this email?

Anonymous said...

I would have gone and worn my MCCAIN FOR PRESIDENT button.

Anonymous said...

Hey, SCS, I think that copper in 025 did have a side job...until the Feds got wise!!!!

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