Thursday, June 26, 2008


The Second City Cop site seems to be down and like Crimefile I too will hold an open post for SCC readers.


Anonymous said...

Thank You SCS

Today is a great day for Freedom in America,Thank You Supreme Court!!!


Concerning todays Supreme Court 5 to 4 ruling on Guns:

Geez, I wonder which way Scalise voted? (yuk yuk yuk yuk)

Thanks for pickin' up the slack SARGE.....................

Anonymous said...

This profund piece was posted on the Chicago Tribune website today,please pass it around:

People please don't be mad at us,we really try and protect you and we do respond to your calls as fast as we can. There are only 7,000 policeman in Chicago now,there are supposed to be 13,500 but the Mayor won't hire anymore because he is spending all the money on the 2016 Olympic bid.

Are hands are tied now due to the actions of a few bad apples that have tarnished our image,the wild lititgation that the city pays out on,even when they know it is complete BS and they keep suspending and firing innocent officers that are hard honest working policemen on trumped up charges.

Morale is at an all time low on the Chicago Police Department and everytime we confront an armed offender trying to kill us and win we are tarred and feathered in the media.

If they gave us a decent contract and stopped indiscriminately firing officers for political expediency,quit playing the clout game with unit assignments and promotions and hired a few thousand more officers things would be much better for the citizens of Chicago. The way it is going now it is only going to get worse. I do my job but that is all,I can not take a chance of being sued,stripped,suspended,fired or criminally prosecuted for doing my job or being too aggressive. I have a family to feed and need my job,I know this sounds horrible but it is the truth. The days of the hardcore Chicago Police are over,the criminals are running the streets now,this is the truth,ask an officer how bad things are on the CPD.

I am happy that the Supreme Court upheld the 2nd Amendment,I believe that citizens have the right to defend themselves and their property and I know that the police can not be everywhere.

Please support the Chicago Police,defend us against media abuse and demand that the Mayor give us a fair contract,stop arbitarily firing us for doing our jobs and the he hires several thousand more of us to replenish the ranks.

Thank You Chicago Citizens!!!

Anonymous said...

Got my fingers crossed that the stuttering midget will have the "BIG KICKER" now that he can't outlaw guns.Saw him on the news,looks like a volcano ready to erupt!

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Anonymous said...

Off duty P.O. shot last night at 82nd and evans. Was robbery victim, returned fire. The handgun the offender had was illegal. So how did the city gun laws protect the victim? They did not, the only thing that saved his life was the legal handgun that he as a police officer was permitted to carry off duty. This example says it all, and you Mr Mayor are an idiot and self appointed dictator of no one. What gives you the right to say that you know better than the constitution of the United States or the supreme court? You won't even allow retired officers to register new handguns they purchased after giving this city 3 plus years of their lives protecting others. You want them to be sheep and subject to your will. It just makes you fume at the thought of anyone going against your will. Hitler had nothing on you Mr Mayor. He banned guns also. If you would have done your research, the wild wild west as you put it was safer than present day Chicago and had less handgun violence. This is a fact backed up by statistics based on population you ignorant fool.

A wife and friend of the CPD said...


I want to extend a “Thank You” to the excellent and heroic work done by the two tactical officers from the 5th District, and the one tactical officer from the 22nd District, last night at SXU in their attempts to save a young man from drowning in Lake Marion.

Officers, your actions were selfless, commendable, and heroic. Hold your heads high as you have nothing to be sorry about. Your actions made me and my two little boys proud to be the spouse/family of a CPD Officer. You tried your hardest to save that boys life, I know, I was there and saw you, and I commend you for going into that water and when so many others just sat and watched. My sons were so excited to tell their father when he woke up for work about seeing the police officers in the water when we got home last night.

After seeing the news last night and then reading the paper this morning, I realize that the reporters think it was members of the CFD who jumped in to save him and not the members of the CPD. I guess you guys in the CPD will never get a break from the media, especially if it is something that is commendable.

I just want to let you know that I, and my family, appreciated your efforts and we are thankful that you are out there for us. I am sure if people asked you, you would just say you are doing your job, but I know that was not the case. You did so much more then just your job. I only wish that the public could see and hear about all the fine work that the CPD Officers do, day in and day out, that receive so little fanfare or even a mention at all.

Thank you!

A wife & a friend of the CPD.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, SCS, for maintaining, along with SCC, what amounts to our own version of the Voice of America.

As the USSR fell, so shall the Chicago and Cook County versions of petty dictatorships fall.

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Fri Jun 27, 03:49:00 PM

Anonymous said...

I guess the gun teams will soon be charged with Civil rights violations in Federal court due to their seizing firearms unlawfully from citizens during home invasions. (search warrants)

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.