Tuesday, December 30, 2008


An interesting little lawsuit is coming out of Belleville, Illinois.
Man sues after "POLICE" t-shirt arrest
By Nicholas J.C. Pistor

A Belleville Police officer arrested a St. Charles man for wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the word “POLICE.”

Now, Adam C. Weinstein, of St. Charles, has sued the department for what he calls the violation of his constitutional rights.

Weinstein was arrested in 2006 outside a bar in Belleville for “impersonating officers.” He was wearing a t-shirt with the word police striped across the front and back under a sweater. The t-shirt became exposed when he removed the sweater because he was hot. continued....


Anonymous said...

Chgo Fire starts new LT. class on 05 Jan 09

Anonymous said...

I've seen non-police with those CPD ball caps. Is it wrong?


Mixed feelings on this one. PO V
should lighten up. But mr. stein doesnt deserve to be a millionaire off of this.
With what Ive seen over the years, perhaps mr stein was in a bar that he knew off-duty guys would be in.
At some time or another he exposed that shirt for everyone to see, knowing an O.D. would make a call.
Wouldn't put it past some whore parasite to set this up.
You've got to be a complete moron
to wear anything L.E. and not be legally armed; nor should the smart Police be sucked into a scam like this..

Anonymous said...

Sad to say it, but the t-shirt wearing goof played us on this one.
He's got a case, and he's going to get paid.

Anonymous said...

This is just dumb. They sell Federal law enforcement logos on everything in DC. Likewise the NYPD and the NYFD.

The arrestee might be a clown, but some in the law enforcement community need to get a grip.

Anonymous said...

"The arrestee might be a clown, but some in the law enforcement community need to get a grip."

OK FBI dude- stay off the blog!

Believe it or not-some bad guys impersonate police to do bad stuff-we take the heat whether it's us or not. So we like to lock up people who impersonate us-get over it.

Lighten up- tell us that again when your granmother gets scammed/robbery/beaten or your teenage daughter is pulled over by "fake" cops.

And my bet is- if you're not a fed- you're a civilian.

Ooops-same difference!

Anonymous said...

This is very simple, it's the law in black and WHITE. the judge should throw this out fast. not even they can fuck this up.

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.