Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Contract 2007-2011 Update: 15 December 2008

Over the past several weeks we have met with our attorneys and have drafted a counter proposal to address issues the City wants to incorporate into our next contract. Listed below are the major changes the City has proposed.

5 year contract

Inadequate wage & benefit package.

No increase in Watch Bids within District Law Enforcement (currently 5 per watch)

Changes to section 8.4 of the current contract.

Maintain sustained C.R. numbers for the entire career of the officer.

Inclusion of on-duty random alcohol testing

Mandatory alcohol and drug testing for any off-duty incident involving the discharge of a firearm.

Audio recording of all statements given by officers to I.P.R.A. and I.A.D.

We have presented our counter proposal to the City’s negotiating team. Our next scheduled contract negotiation session with the City is 18 December 2008.

It had been my hope to be able to present a contract to our membership for their review by the end of 2008; obviously this is not going to be the case in light of the City’s current position. While we have made substantial progress on reaching tentative agreements on several issues, especially maintaining the structure of our current health insurance benefit, we still need to resolve the above captioned issues before we can bring a contract back to our members for their consideration.


John Pallohusky

Chicago Police Sergeants Associations


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Anonymous said...

Maintain sustained CRs forever....if that happens you can hang up being promoted meritoriously unless you have very heavy clout. As much as they want to say they won't hold it against you they hold any sustained # against you no matter how petty the allegation was. The merit board doesnt even know what the allegation was when they get the packages, they only see you have a sustained number and what the rule violation is.

Anonymous said...

The merit board doesn't even know what the allegation was when they get the packages


BITCHES get made by Merit.

Not Sustained said...

Anonymous said...
Maintain sustained CRs forever... if that happens you can hang up being promoted meritoriously unless you have very heavy clout...

Thu Dec 18, 03:26:00 PM

So, I'm thinking, AVOID SUSTAINED CR #s ? I did it for 27 yrs.

Yeah, I know! A good cop can't avoid getting CR's; I had plenty of CR's... just not sustained ones!

Even after 17 yrs as a Sgt, I only had ONE CR that I investigated that I was forced to sustain... that being the failure of a PO to purchase a city vehicle sticker. Not much I could do with that situation when the officer sez "come on Sarge, I didn't get the city sticker. I don't have an excuse!"

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