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Anonymous said...


Here is a huge scoop for you and the G. There was an article printed in today's Chicago Tribune:

Off-duty Chicago cop admits drinking before fatal shooting 2005 car chase led to driver being shot 16 times by officers

By David Heinzmann |Tribune reporter
December 9, 2008


Please read the comments and the times that they were published, ironically some have already mysteriously disappeared:

Note this was posted at 0300hrs:
David Heinzmann and former Tribune reporter Maurice Possley, now a Sun Times reporter, only know how to take money from attorneys suing the Chicago Police Department/City of Chicago.

They dirty up the water by dragging good officers names through the mud in the newspapers. I have very good evidence of said, might it be time to haul you **** in for a federal deposition???

Police Officers have friends, money and investigative talent. You will soon find out that taking that money from the attorneys and those who provide the INSIDE/UNCORROBORATED TRUTH can be very costly in a multitude of ways.

There is an established pattern and source. Remember, when people are squeezed darkness becomes light.
Note this was posted at 0600hrs.
Miss Mortonthal,

The above comment runs along the unbiased, nonpartisan lines of politics. There is NO affiliation to Anita Alvarez or to Anthony J. Peraica, implied or explicit.

What was stated above is the truth and will result in the ensuing financial destruction of the Chicago Tribune. The slander/libel civil suit(s) will be forthcoming.

Is this why Maurice bailed so quickly from the Chicago Tribune? Did word reach Sam Zell? The Chicago Sun Times will discard his irresolute allegiance when this becomes an established fact.

It was in extremely poor taste to advertise the premature demise, of senior managerial Chicago Tribune officials. Maurice, the Tower is not haunted and one should never display bravado, about the self-inflicted death of a human being.

It is imperative that journalists maintain a sense of integrity and honesty. Journalists should not be beguiled, by an attorney's stature and the unethical gifts/monies summarily received, to defame someone.

It is also unethical and immoral for a journalist, to knowingly and willingly, leak uncorroborated news; from unauthorized senior CPD exempt ranking officials. This is a gross violation of journalistic ethics and is in violation of the Rules and Regulations of the Chicago Police Department too.

David Heinzmann and Maurice Possley may soon find themselves as the poster-boys of some serious litigation. It will be quite amusing to observe Maurice answering a federal civil suit.
Here is Terry Ekl's reply posted under the screen name Fast Eddie from Glen Ellyn:

No you are wrong.
Where is the proof that anybody has taken money from lawyers?
Of course there is no proof only your postings what a bunch of lies!
We have all kinds of evidence that shows cops killing, beating, raping, and robbing people then covering it up.
We have video of cops beating people up at bars. Then we have other cops covering for them. You are worse than the criminals because you commit these crimes with a badge.
just this wek FBI arrested cops who where paid by drug dealers as gaurds.
These cops actually gave advice on security to the drug dealers.
So you go take your BS and try and peddle it elsewhere. We all know how you bend the rules for your friends and families and you break the law to enrich yourselfs.
So do not try and make it out that the media is out to get the police. You know that the media has hardly scratched the surface of all of the police officers criminal activities!
How do I know? I worked in Police Stations and Prisons for 20 years!
Governor Rod Blagojevich and his Chief of Staff, John Harris were taken into custody at approximately 0610hrs. John Harris was the former Chicago Police Department Deputy of Administrative Services and is being represented by Attorney Terry Ekl in his federal indictment. Terry Ekl is the attorney representing Emmanuel Lopez's family in the 9th District shooting linked above. Terry Ekl is also the attorney representing Karoline Obrycka in the Anthony Abbate case. Terry Ekl has sued the City of Chicago countless times all involving alleged police brutality cases. Terry Ekl, is a former prosecutor with close ties to the DuPage County establishment

Attorney Terry Ekl has been arrested and charged with the domestic battery of his second wife.
Citizen is in possession of a medical report on the emergency medical treatment of Carrie Ekl, wife of attorney Terry Ekl. The Medical Report states that she was injured by her husband, Terry Ekl, by his throwing a VCR tape at her, causing a head wound.

Attorney Terry Ekl has in the past sponsored a "Cocktails and Hors d'oeuvres" party in honor of Judge Robert Thomas. Would attorney Terry Ekl be attempting to influence Judge Thomas? Citizens suggests that the public perceives actions of this type by an attorney to be an attempt to influence a judge.

Terry Ekl may be a bigamist too.
An inspection of the record of the divorce case, Terry Ekl v. Carrie Ekl, case no. 94-D-01978 (DuPage County) indicates that the purported divorce is probably a sham divorce. Did Judge C. Stanley Austin, and subsequently Judge Michael Galasso, receive a bribe to issue and enforce a purported sham divorce proceeding?

If Terry Ekl has married while still purportedly married to Carrie Ekl, is he not a bigamist?


Terry Ekl is upholding meritorious clout appointments on the Park Ridge Police Department and assisting Park Ridge,Il Mayor Howard whitewash it at public meetings:

On June 28, 1998, criminal damage (reportedly a bombing of her automobile) of Carrie Ekl's automobile was reported to the Lombard Police Department. There is a great suspicion that husband Terry Ekl was probably involved in the criminal (bombing?) damage to the automobile.

On January 11, 1999, the records of the Clerk of the DuPage County Court showed that attorney Terry Ekl is behind on his court ordered payments for child support in the amount of $1500.00 plus arrearage charges.

Chicago Police Head Retires Amid Scandal
Chicago Police Superintendent Announces Retirement Amid Scandals Over Officer Violence

CHICAGO — The city's police superintendent said Monday he was stepping down as head of the beleaguered department, but he would not say what role two videotaped beatings involving off-duty officers had in his decision.

Last month, prosecutors filed felony charges against an officer accused of beating a female bartender. Six other officers were removed from street duty after being accused of assaulting four businessmen in a bar.


"There is no question in my mind that the cover-up of bad police behavior could not exist in this city unless the mayor wanted it to happen,” said Terry Ekl, the attorney of the female bartender beaten by off-duty officer Anthony Abbate.

Terry Ekl literally destroyed the Chicago Police Department by utilizing unethical influence ($) with the media, particularly Maurice Possley and David Heinzmann. Thus, ensuring that the image of Anthony Abatte; would be forever visualized, when the words Chicago Police are mentioned.

Terry Ekl, is only one of the parasitic attorneys who feed on the police. Kevin and Tom Peters of Peters and Peters, Locke Bowman, G. Flynnt Taylor and Jan Susler of the People's Law Office and Lawrence Jackowiak are some of the more prominent ones. These parasites live royally, upon the maligning of officers. Many of these attorneys have sources that they unethically compensate (BRIBE), within the CPD and the media.

There are established CPD and FOP leaks/links going back to Dave Bayless, John Harris and ironically, Phil Cline himself. If you have evidence of said please submit it to the proper authorities and contact an attorney.

This is why Chicago forks over more money in lawsuits—especially lawsuits against the police—than LA, Houston, Phoenix, Philly, and Dallas put together. This is why innocent officers are unjustly stripped, suspended and fired on the Chicago Police Department.

Anonymous said...

Read this,world government is here. The 2nd Amendment will be thrashed by the Communist Global Dictator.


Anonymous said...

Something for all the Dimocrats to ponder while they're stroking each other on the buses to the Jan 20 Coronation:

Obama loudly endorsed Blagojevich - not once, but several times in front of numerous organizations. He NOW says he had very limited communications with the Rodster. If Obie knew so little about Rod, how could he be so strident in his endorsements?

This isn't just a minor mistake. Obama is a product of Illinois' corrupt executive branch, and it shows that he is (pick one):

1) Lying
2) Clueless
3) Both

Again, I predict that in 2 years you won't be able to find ONE person who willl admit they voted for him.

Anonymous said...

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Black Helicopter says---

I know who the first poster is. I will be watching him.

Anonymous said...

Blago is not crazy. This is just business as usual in Chicago,Crook County,Illinois. The players change but the corruption continues unabated.

Is this scandal, the one that Vice President-Elect Joe Biden was referring to, about Obama's first 60 days? I believe that everyone and their brother, knew that Blago was about to be indicted. The Machine did not want him to select the next Illinois US Senator.

Attempting to portray Blago as insane, is a desperate attempt to deflect how CORRUPT Illinois is.

US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald was directed from above, to stop the investigation and make the arrest. This was to avoid any further Machine politicians, from being snared in the investigation and revealing the corruption of Illinois.

After reading the complaint several times, the federal case is Weak at best. Why didn't they conduct a full investigation and catch as many of this thieves as possible? Blago is just the very tip of the iceberg.

The real losers in all of this, are the taxpayers of Illinois. Until the cancer of corruption in Illinois is removed, we all continue to be made fools of.

Anonymous said...

There is but one political party in Illinois, the Party of Corruption. The labels,Democrat and Republican mean zilch.

Anonymous said...

There is but one political party in Illinois, the Party of Corruption. The labels,Democrat and Republican mean zilch.

Thu Dec 11, 09:03:00 AM

Amen, can't agree with you more!

Anonymous said...

I wish a speedy recovery to this officer shot this morning. I Thank God he survived this potential assassination.

This is yet another fine member of the Chicago Police Department shot this year, the second this week. The Chicago Police Department is in desperate need of 2,000+ sworn officers and is on life support. Three Chicago Police Officers have been murdered this year. What will it take?

Chicago is now the MURDER CAPITOL OF THE USA! Are we on a quest to be the MURDER CAPITOL OF AMERICA?

How many officers must get shot and die? How many innocent children must be shot and killed? How many citizens must be shot and killed before this manpower shortage is addressed? Will you be the next casualty of the skyrocketing violence in Chicago?



Anonymous said...

Black Helicopter...

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Anonymous said...

no to chicago 2016 wrote:
Gos speed to the officer. I hope that this does not taint his career and he resigns.
We can ill afford to lose another police officer in the city.
With Daley's only push being the Olympics and funds being geared toward that, the citizens of Chicago need to send a strong message to Daley that the crime that is so out of control in this city needs to end.

Who will be the next victim, you or or loved one?

Anonymous said...

god bless this officer.i wonder why the ministers and all the cease fire people are not marching through the streets demanding justice? Oh yeah i forgot,they only march when a police officer shoots someone. if this officer would of fired back and shot someone,the police experts on this blog would be outraged and say it is another example of cpd out of control and the officer sohuld of shot him in the leg,the arm,the pinkytoe because you can not have the police shooting someone even if the offender fires back.god bless this officer and stay safe my fellow first responders and always remember it is better to be judged by six than to be carried by twelve.

Anonymous said...

Recruit or oldtimer one never knows when the Grimreaper will take a poke at you.
Be Safe!!!

Fuck all Feds... said...

Hey Robert Grant, FBI dickhead who told the world, "If (Illinois) isn't the most corrupt state in the United States, it's certainly one hell of a competitor."

Where the fuck have you been for the last 5, 10, 15 years? Chicago is a cesspool of corruption but the only guy you can catch is Blago, and only because he fell into your lap!!

And your case is so weak Blago's laughing at you! It is obvious you and Fitz (another uselss Fed who's been sitting on his hands for 4 years) engineered the arrest and case to shield the Messiah, thereby protecting your jobs and guaranteeing yourselves lucrative speech and book-selling opportunities for years to come!

You know the morons in the media won't call you out but any seasoned investigator can see what you've done! Rot in hell you worthless strokes!

Anonymous said...

This is considered ethical behavior? Doesn't seem to much different than Blago rushing to fill his campaign coffers before Jan 1,09.

Biden is out there strong-arming the world as part of the Obama/Clinton buyout/hush money.

They really think we are blind:

$$$$: Vice President-elect Joe Biden has a job!

• • Translation: Sneed is told Biden, whose duties have yet to become publicly outlined as Obama's veep, has been asked by his boss to help . . . Hillary!

• • To wit: It's deadline time! Obama wants Biden to help erase the massive presidential campaign debt of U.S. Sen. Clinton, his next secretary of state, which was tabbed at $7.5 million to vendors. Most of it is the $5.3 million owed to top adviser Mark Penn.

• • The buckshot: As the nation's top diplomat, Hillary needs to erase the debt fast to escape any conflict-of-interest burbles.

Anonymous said...

Black Helicopter says---

Speak English son, this is America!

Anonymous said...

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hellopeople this is a great forum hope im welcome :)

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.