Sunday, February 15, 2009


NYPD reloads after Mumbai with training program

Associated Press Writer

The nation's largest police department launched a counterterrorism initiative this month to train a new team of officers with semiautomatic rifles loaded with armor-piercing bullets. The officers also are being trained in tactics for close quarters combat and rescuing hostages in hotels and other high-rise buildings.


Anonymous said...

This department will only send the "clouted" up pos.

Anonymous said...

Send your children to college so that they can be brainwashed and indoctrinated into liberalism.

One thing that today's college academics seek to do is limit critical thinking ability and demean conservatives.

This professor deserves to be fired and banned from the profession of academia.

Student: Prof berated me for gay marriage stance,w-gay-marriage-same-sex-free-speech021609.article

Anonymous said...

I got to wipe the dust off of our carbines today. How cool was that?

Anonymous said...

More Xbox fantasy approach.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to be certified on the carbine? You know if the crap hits the fan they'll be mustered and sent into the shit. They probably have a list of who's qualified.

Anonymous said...

Mr. SouthSide says---

"...they'll be mustered and sent into the shit..."

You must be from the north side. Isn't that what we are here for?

Anonymous said...

So what's the use of having SWAT guys? Every time they are called all they do is stand around. If they are so hardcore, let them charge in. Regular cops can just stand around outside if that's all they do.

Anonymous said...

WHY arew we not training Patrol Division officers (i.e, BEAT GUYS & GALS) to do this in all of the Districts? WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR, J-FED?

An Old Sergeant said...

In your spare time, you may wish to take a look at SECURING THE CITY by Christopher Dickey. I shows what can be done (1) with adequate manpower and (2) when an ex-fed boss is able to throw his weight around and DEMAND and RECEIVE the assistance and co-operation of the feds (and not sit there waiting for something to happen

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