Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Rest in peace


Anonymous said...

That photo is bone chilling

Anonymous said...

That is a touching photo.

I have a question, I am a former military member, and I have always respected my uniform, and I enjoy drill and ceremony, how do I join the CPD Honor Guard?

Is it a phone call unit? is it a try out?

Does anyone know??

Just would like to use the skills engrained into me by my D/I and pay respect to the members of the CPD at ceromonies, funerals, etc.

Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

was thinking the same thing, i've done silent drill with the marines and have to say our marching is unsat.

Anonymous said...

I was one of Rick's sergeants a few years back. When everyone says he was a great guy, believe them. Rick did his policing with a wry smile and a twinkle in his eye.

He'd 'been there, done that', got the t-shirt to prove it and then gave it to someone who really NEEDED a t-shirt.

A genuinely nice guy and a good heart. The watch is sick to their souls. We all lost more than a friend that night.

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