Monday, July 14, 2008


I have lacked motivation lately to post anything but I hope to start back to publishing on a daily basis.

Don't allow yourself to be treated like shit by these ignorant assholes anymore. Back each other up and when the opportunity arises lock these fuckers up. Don't do it for Jody, the Deputy, your Commander or the W/C, do it for yourself and all the others who have to encounter the piece of shit in the future.

More and more I see coppers not locking someone up after a shitty encounter with these wretched assholes. They lack any respect for the law and any respect for you the police officer. Inconvience them, take away their cars take away their freedom, even if its for only 8 hours. Do it!

I had to get that off my chest.

See the video of Taste Of Chicago on Second City Cop.

Be safe everybody.
Lock'em up!


Anonymous said...

Do yourself's a favor, DO NOT WORK ALONE AFTER DARK!!!

I don't care how macho you are, it is always safer with a partner nearby. Working 99 cars is not OK!

CPD Brass has gotten away with this trick for far too long.

If there is an extra body, put um on the desk or make a 3 man car or put um with a Sgt.

I don't see any 1 man Tact Cars rolling around, they sometimes have 3 people in a car.

It is just too dangerous these days to attempt to work alone after dark, you are pushing your luck and someday it runs out!

I pray for the family of Off. Francis and I know he will be watching over us.

10-4 guy!

Anonymous said...

With all do respect......NO CONTRACT NO WORK!!! And even if we do get a good contract (HAHAHA) I wont do anything but the minimum until Daley and J-Fed are gone!!!

Anonymous said...

The Cozzi Decision:

The courts took a step in the right direction with this decision. There have been a slew of good honest police officers that were unjustly stripped,suspended and fired in an attempt to satiate the demands of reformers. The problem is that the officers that were UNFAIRLY disciplined were all honest working coppers without "CLOUT".

The SMALL minority of officers that caused all of the scandals were exempt from discipline,while those without "CLOUT" were viewed as disposable and tossed to the wolves.

This is one of the primary reasons that the morale on the Chicago Police Department hit rock bottom. Police officers will not work in an environment where good cops are hungout to dry.

If they start reinstating officers who were unjustly disciplined they will improve morale,which will reduce crime.

Working officers are watching all of what is occurring and what has occurred very keenly and will NOT tolerate disciplinary injustice within the ranks.

Everyone should be subjected to fair and impartial justice,including police officers.

Anonymous said...

Cozzi is just one of the many officers that have been jammed UNJUSTLY,stripped,suspended and fired on the CPD.

Until they start reinstating and compensating those other officers too I am not going to do shit.

I have seen alot of good coppers getting the shaft for horseshit. I have also seen the "clout babies" pull outrageous stunts and it is overlooked.

Keep shafting the good guys and you will have nobody doing anything on the CPD.

Bring the good coppers back and we will know you are serious about morale,otherwise watch as crime surges and morale plummets furhter.

We are one,all for one and one for all. True Blue forever!!!

Anonymous said...

Finally, some common sense. I have never been one to lay down on the job, but right now I am hesitant to do any proactive police work. But, back talk me when you are dirty, no holds barred.
These new coppers and some of the 10 year people don't seem to realize that we are still the police. Try and act like it.
You don't hae to set up on a tip or chase every little fucker that runs from you on Polk, but when that little fucker ups the pistol, kill him. When he wants to fight, beat his ass. When he wants to get in your face: Beat his ass. When he decides that you are just like the rest of the pussy Po Po he has encountered lately, show him that you ARE A CHICAGO POLICE OFFICER and that you are not going to take any shit from anyone that is wrong. Have some pride in yourself and yourfellow coppers. Fuck Jody and Daley and the no good supposed reverands. Do it for yourself and other coppers that think being berrated by some jagoff is OK. Make sure you document everything on paper so you don't get jammed up and don't start batting people over the head with an ASP because they tell you to fuck your mother. Let these motherfuckers know that we are "Choosing" not to enforce the laws at this point because of the times. They should not take this as sign of weakness, but as a sign of strenght and unity.

Anonymous said...

I disagree.

Let Rome burn! Only then will the public and politicians know our true collective worth.

We've locked them up for the past six years, lowered both the homicide and overall crime rate, and what do we get? Shit on!

I cannot in good faith advocate that officers do proactive police work in this anti-police environment.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarge!

I received this today courtesy of our FOP Lodge email blast.

The sons of bitches that assassinated our brother Mike Ridges want out of prison.

Members of the CPD 016 tactical unit heard the flash either by ISPERN or it went out over your air as an all-call. They stopped the vehicle in 016 and got all of the offenders and I believe the murder weapon. We are grateful to Teddy O. and the other officers (who I don't recall their names, sorry)on your PD that made the pinch. I tried to call Ted who was last working at the Grand/Central range to let him know about this, but I got no answer down there today.

We would appreciate it if you could do a new post about this matter. I am sorry that it doesn't fit the Cozzi matter, but nonetheless it is still urgent.

Better still, read about the Ridges incident on the LEO Memorial webpage. It is a chilling story of how a policeman was conducting a surveilence on a house when he happened upon the offenders who were going to commit a contract murder and were prepared to kill everyone in the house. Killing Mike seemed to be child's play to them. Just savage!

Please act now to keep these cop killers behind bars.

On Thursday, July 17, 2008, Ira Jackson [Inmate #N82059] may walk out of jail as a free man after serving only half of the 40 year sentence he received for the killing of Cook County Sheriff's Police Investigator Michael Ridges.

On Wednesday, August 27, 2008, Allen Falls [Inmate #N80634] may also walk out of jail as a free man after serving only half of the 40 year sentence he received for the killing of Cook County Sheriff's Police Investigator Michael Ridges.

On behalf of any family members, loved ones, and fellow police officers who want justice and fairness in the honor of Michael Ridges we are asking that concerned citizens call, write, or visit the parole board to ensure that these cop killers remain in prison for the duration of their terms.

The cases are currently in the hands of the Illinois Prisoner Review Board. They can be contacted at:

319 East Madison Street
Springfield, IL 62701
(217) 782-7273

The Illinois Compiled Statutes, Chapter 730 Section 5-5.5-30(a)(3), regarding the application of good conduct by the IPRB states that, "the relief to be granted is consistent with the public interest." Letting the murderers of police officers out of prison cannot possibly be within the public interest.

We thank you for any help or assistance that you may be able to provide in this matter.

Best regards,

Cook County Sheriff's Police FOP Lodge #4

Anonymous said...

Gun'em down!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I am not not doing a damn thing. Contract or not. Fuck this city!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me!!!! We finally have their attention!!! We finally as Chicago Police officers are sticking together and saying in a loud clear voice!!!! FUCK YOU!!! This is the police department they wanted. "When he wants to get in your face: Beat his ass." Are you fucking kidding me....get caught on camera doing shit like that!!! Civil rights actually think J-Fed will back you after what he did to must be delirious!!! I know a copper that defended himself. This piece of shit charged at this police officer. Shit head gets his nose busted up a files a federal lawusit. The jury makes officer pay this piece of crap $8,000 from his pocket. Remember where you live. Crook county!!! If J-Fed, Daley, of these liberal Judges dont get you...these liberal jurys will!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"When he wants to get in your face: Beat his ass. When he decides that you are just like the rest of the pussy Po Po..."
You know how you avoid all that? YOU DONT STOP HIM!!!!!!! And if you feel you need to....go look on the FOP website under contract should change your mind about stopping the shit bag in the first place. HARD ASS!!

Anonymous said...

Teddy is on days at Area 3 range.

leomemorial said...

I say don't do anything at all until this city allows you to do your jobs.

Have you ever seen the difference between city and burb officers? My friends are out in the burbs. In some of the suburbs, whenever an officer makes a stop for whatever reason, there are typically several more cars that show up. Some of these burb cops are notorious for making things "really hard" for people.

Anonymous said...


USA Patrick Fitzgerald just held a press conference on the 17 monthlong federal civil rights investigation conducted at the Cook County Jail.

It seems that Sheriff's Correctional Officers are up to 40%+ undermanned at the jail. Patrick Fitzgerald even stated that Chicago/Cook County pays the highest taxes in the nation,where is the money going????

He stated that something is wrong. It seems that the money and manpower issues are popping up everywhere. There is MUCH MORE to come.

The ISP is seriously undermanned too,where are the troopers at? There is no way that they can deploy ISP Troopers to the city,they don't have them to spare.

They can't use the Illinois National Guard either,most are on overseas deployment in Iraq,Afghanistan,Gitmo,the Horn of Africa,etcetra. God Forbid something serious occurs in Chicago,we will hurt badly.

Anonymous said...

Chicago May Need National Guard Help,Governor Says Chicago,'Out of Control"

This is hot on the national wire and soon to go international. This will be on the worldwide wire shortly,the world will see what they have done to the CPD.

You reap what you sow...

Stop,unjustly firing,suspending,disgracing,indicting and stigmatizing innocent police officers!!!

Anonymous said...

How do I get out of area 2?

Anonymous said...

How do I get out of area 2?

Start driving west, going east is a dead end.

Anonymous said...

You generally take a very laisez faire approach to the internal dynamics of Chicago,Cook County and Illinois politics but the charade is becoming an absolute joke. Management(if there is any left on the CPD)needs a voice to be heard over this insanity.

The last week truly shows that the CPD is rudderless and captainless. What the hell has happened???

Anonymous said...

Off Topic

This Automated Case reporting is going to be a management nightmare. Some Officers are still having problems with ETRACK, and now they'll be forced to use this, after training themselves. Great way to roll out an application.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
How do I get out of area 2?

Fri Jul 18, 07:39:00 AM

Start buying raffel tickets,make your donations to select Demcratic party members.Playing tea party and porkstick swallowing always help.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
How do I get out of area 2?

Make a right at the light go straight into the night, then boys your on your own.

Anonymous said...

20 lts to be promoted in Oct......

Anonymous said...

A comment on State Police coming into Chicago:

A few years back when ISP took over the Chicago Expressways, downstaters were detailed up to work. I went and worked the Ryan. An old Sgt. asked me, "Rookie (I had 10 years on), you want to make criminal arrests?" "Sure, Sarge." "When a car comes by with a load of babies in it, stop it, the driver will be Wanted."

I thought, how could he possibly know that?? But a POS car came by and I could see 3 kids in it (at 1:30am). I stopped it and the driver was Wanted.

That's when I found out how DCFS works in Chicago. I was tied up for several hours with them contacting parents (who allowed their babies to be *borrowed*). Turns out that most Chicago guys knew about that and would give them a pass rather than get tied up.

It was a long time ago and I'm retired now, but I never got the chance to say, "Thanks, Sarge!"
You taught me a lot.

Anonymous said...

recall a incident years back in 006 where the guys thtreatened a job action as fact due to fact they were going to break up partners, guys stated they wouldnt go out on street untill problem was resolved, glorious tact team went and put on uniforms and told guys we hope they fire you cause we will do your job etc, joe healy had to be called in from furlugh to straighten it out, guys went back on patrol, that nite the guys and tact team went out drinking together, i for one stated these guys were going to take your jobs from you, they couldnt see the difference, cops are goofs that deserved to get screwed.

Anonymous said...

Mon Jul 21, 08:33:00 AM

Enjoy your retirement Trooper,funny story too. Did you know Trooper Dave Byrd? He was the "Real Deal" on the Ike and was always there to assist us. He would call Air One in for us,when we needed the permission of an exempt,in a vehicle pursuit. He was good for at least one good bonafide car chase a week out there in 011/015. Always kept it exciting and wild...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


you seem like a nice guy but screw this city let the animals act like animals. They aint shooting in my hood and I dont care about the people where they are shooting. No contract, no manpower and crap bosses doing anything to screw the street copper just to make themselves look godd to jfraud I hope you have a lot of red and yellow tape buddy.

Anonymous said...

The Ghetto Lottery Continues Dragging Down 7 More Coppers:

Man files suit saying he was beaten by Chicago cops in '06,0,1338763.story

Are these 7 going to face Federal Civil Rights Charges??? Remember you set a precedent with Cozzi...

Keep working boys and girls and the above is what you will get,stripped,suspended,tarred and feathered by the media,fired,indicted,sued and many sleepless nights too...

Anonymous said...

The Bogeyman says---

" will get suspended, fired, tarred and feathered by the medai, sued, indicted and have many sleepless nights..."

Yes, this will happen because I, the Bogeyman, says it will.

Stay in your corners, huddle like scared kittens, whine and eat your milk and cookies, because I, the Bogeyman, is out to get you.

Anonymous said...

Further Proof of What Working Will Bring:
The Ghetto Lottery Continues:

Dog killed, officer sued
A Northwest Side woman filed a battery suit against a Chicago Police officer and the City of Chicago after the officer allegedly busted into her Logan Square home with a gun drawn and fatally shot the family dog in front of her daughter. Fabiola Robles filed the suit Friday in Cook County Circuit Court. The suit claims that on Dec. 12, 2007, the officer forcefully entered a closed door at Fabiola Robles' home with his weapon drawn and discharged his gun inside a darkened stairway, fatally striking the family's pet boxer, Rocky, twice in the neck, the suit said. The five-count suit seeks more than $50,000 in damages.

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.