Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Saw this one in the Chicago Tribune today and the term "nanny state" comes to mind.
Chicago reigns supreme when it comes to treating its citizens like children (Las Vegas topped our rankings as America's freest city). Chicagoans pay the second-highest cigarette tax in the country, and the sixth-highest tax on alcohol. Chicago has more traffic-light cameras than any city in America (despite studies questioning their effectiveness), restricts cell phone use while driving, and it's quickly moving toward a creepy public surveillance system similar to London's.

This study even takes into account other variables.
And, for good measure, we also looked at the cities' gun laws, use of traffic and surveillance cameras, and tossed in an "other" category to catch weird laws such as New York's ban on unlicensed dancing, or Chicago's tax on bottled water.

The author ends with this advice...
So, let's turn our backs on a Windy City Nanny State. Chicagoans didn't need sage aldermen to tell them how to live their lives when the city was populated by farmers and meatpackers. There's no reason to go wimpy now that the city is home to traders and tech geeks, either.


Anonymous said...

Fireworks are illegal here too

Anonymous said...

Funny Indeed

BERLIN -- No one had ordered strippers for the 30th birthday party -- but the two policemen who arrived to quiet the raucous celebration found themselves greeted by applause.

The two officers arrived about 12:45 a.m. Sunday.

''It took them a while to realize they were real police officers,'' Hoffmann said. ''It was a bit funny for all sides.''

Anonymous said...

What happened to the A5 dic last Friday who was attacked rdo and stabbed? Who/ what? when ?where? why?

Anonymous said...

OT Can you print the lawsuit filed by the PBPA? It is not on the union's site yet either.

Anonymous said...

Illinois isnt the land of Lincoln,its the Shakedown State.

Anonymous said...

did anyone have this thought: why would the PBPA file a law suit against the screwed up test (in the next few weeks) when the test was posted and then promoted from last December? the lts promoted will have nearly a year before we even set a foot in a court room? shouldn't we have set this up when the announced the retest? The minute there was a class-get in court? How much money if this going to waste??

I became a sgt to become a lt and to escape the nonsense in the FOP...and now this?


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