Saturday, May 26, 2007


4 casinos for city, suburbs?
SPRINGFIELD Gov backs $5 bil. plan, new taxes
Sun Times

Governor might take gamble
Blagojevich is open to casino package

It has been suggested that revenues from a city casino should be earmarked for pension funding. Unfortunately it hasn't been suggested by anyone political. Our unions need to start taking this subject seriously and bringing it out into the public forum.


Anonymous said...

I said that we needed the casinos some years ago to survive with the city, county and state budgets. Yes , i know people say that gaming is a vice and its not good for us.....but everyone who was once proclaiming that gospel has slowly and silently changed their minds about it. We have had it in Joliet and Aurora and Wisc. and we need the revenue here??? You make the call, just look at the county layoffs and the pension funds that NEED FUNDING.....You will see those riverboats pulling up on the river and at Navy pier real soon.

Anonymous said...

Show me the money!!!

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