Monday, May 14, 2007


In the Sunday Sun-Times Art Golab, staff reporter, makes a story out of the fact that those who live in minority areas are booted more often then those in white areas.
The neighborhood with the most cars booted per person in 2006 was the Near West Side, where 1,699 vehicles got the clamp, or 3 for every 100 residents. Though it includes gentrifying Little Italy and University Village areas -- it is nearly 60 percent minority.

And this proves what?
But at the bottom of the list of 77 neighborhoods was Mount Greenwood -- 90 percent white and home to many city employees. There, only 18 cars were booted, or .10 vehicles for every 100 residents.

Ah ha! There is a conspiracy here. The people in Mount Greenwood must surely get as many tickets as those in the Near West Side and if they don't it must be because they are white.
Reyna-Hickey said lower density (and mostly white) areas like the Far Northwest and Southwest sides have more single-family homes with two-car garages. As a result, fewer cars are on the street to get booted. She said more crowded, dense areas, whatever the racial makeup, are likely to get more boots.

Reasonable explanation.
Mr. Golab not only tries to race-bait but he wants to tug on your heart strings as well.
After each booting, Brinson has gone on payment plans, where for either a 25 percent or 50 percent down payment, the boot is released.

Though she works full time, she can't always make the payments, so she gets booted again. Brinson has paid nearly $3,000 over the past three years. "I keep getting tickets and my payment plan goes up. I told them I'm a single parent and they don't want to hear that, they want their money."

Here is a tip and clue lady........park legally! Unbelievable


Anonymous said...

What bullshit. Get off your lazy ass and walk after you find a legal parking spot.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to hear that you are a single parent also. I get tired of paying for other peoples orgasms.

Anonymous said...

let's keep up the great work writing parkers and movers
no breaks for anyone without a
drivers license

Anonymous said...

There's a flip side to this.

Not that fewer parking tickets are written in "non-minority" areas BUT that those that are written are ACTUALLY PAID.

This is just another prime example of the continued financial irresponsibility that runs rampant in the "minority community" (as written by the jag from the Slum Slimes.

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.